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  1. Fairhit

    I'm pretty sure Travlerajm thought I was going to rob him

    OK, full disclosure, I'm not saying @travlerajm said or do something that gave me that idea, I'm not saying that he actually thought that, all I'm saying is that after the facts I think that at some point the thought must have crossed his head, he was such a nice guy that I have to make it very...
  2. Fairhit

    PS97 to RF97A

    I'm sure you've heard this a lot but here we go again. I got a sweet deal on a couple of 2015 PS97, and sweetening the deal I also bought a RF97A, also 2015, those three racquets for US$165, Im happy with the PS97 and just bought the RF97A because of the price and because I wanted to give it a...
  3. Fairhit

    Is more entertaining doubles than any WTA match

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the WTA but one of the greatest players loses a final in under an hour and an hour later the doubles final gives the emotion lacking in at least the final 5 matches on the women's side. You don't see close matches let alone rivalries, is so many ups and downs and...
  4. Fairhit

    Little by little a weapon is showing itself

    I´ve been playing for two years and i´ve said it before here, i think i´m not that bad, i´m working on a more straight forward game, i used to chip and slice too much, i am quite a junk baller, i drop shot from anywhere and i´m not bad a it but as i climb and play against better rivals, i...
  5. Fairhit

    Avengers: Endgame excellent but...

    I expected more, it is an amazing movie all around but I think the massive hype hurts the enjoyment of the film. What do you think?
  6. Fairhit

    Is this Zverev's true level?

    Failing to reach his supposed potential as one of the ATGs?
  7. Fairhit

    TE With Ultra Tour.

    Apparently this is an odd one. Last year I started to train more, I doubled from two sessions to four per week, I played this schedule for two months and started to feel discomfort in my elbow all of that time I used the Wilson Ultra Tour and I thought that the increased hours of playing were...
  8. Fairhit

    How to customize a Wilson Ultra Tour to a Blade 98 2015 specs?

    Here's the deal: I bought a Wilson Blade 98 18x20 2015 a year and a half ago, I enjoyed so much that racquet but unfortunately it was the last one son I didn't commit to it, a Pure Strike and Ezone later I found the WUT and loved it but it is lacking power so I research and one thing that...
  9. Fairhit

    What is the absolute best model in any line?

    I've been playing for less than two years so I don't have that much experience with that many racquets but I was wondering what model is the best in every line? I've heard many people say that a model from 10 years ago was better than any that came after so I'm intrigued, is there any iteration...
  10. Fairhit

    One of those days...

    Today was my last training day of the year and it was the worst, shanks every other shot, poor movement all around, long shots, net shots, you name it, I didn't want to have this feeling as the last one of the year, it is a feeling that you are not good enough, that tennis isn't your thing, that...
  11. Fairhit

    Everyone dislikes this frame but you

    What is that frame that seems to be loathed by everyone, the one that was discontinued due to poor sales, the one that seems to be liked by no one, the frame that only you liked. For me it is the Pure Strike 2014 18x20, I don't know much people who like it and it was a poor selling frame but I...
  12. Fairhit

    If it happens to you

    It's just out of curiosity but, what would you do if you are mugged and there's a police officer watching you get mugged, you go to the officer and ask why he let you get mugged right in front of him and he answers "every one gets mugged every time, why should I pick this especific one to stop?"...
  13. Fairhit

    What´s the best PJ?

    What´s the best PJ you hacve ever seen? the one that made you buy a racquet just because it looked great, I´m not talking about anything other than the PJ, it doesn´t matter if the stick is garbage or the brush of the tennis angels.
  14. Fairhit

    Kyrgios is fascinating

    Yesterday I was watching Wawrinka - Kyrgios and had to leave so I taped it, I left at the end of the first set. At night I finished to watch and it's like watching a blimp burn, it is fascinating to see Kyrgios implode, I don't know what is it, if it is mental weakness, if he simply doesn't...
  15. Fairhit

    Why he is not the best

    Why do you think either Federer, Nadal or Djokovic is not the best of all time? I've heard that their respective fan base call them the best but I want to know what each fan base think is the reasoning behind saying that Federer or Nadal or Djokovic doesn't belong with the greatest
  16. Fairhit

    Who is the most out of shape

    Player in WTA and ATP history?