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    any filipinos here?

    thanks! i've found some funny jokes and added the site to my bookmarks.
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    any filipinos here?

    jokes site? where can i find pinoy jokes sites? i googled it already but wanted to know what you guys recommend. salamat!
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    your picture...

    I know it, I don't post as much like I used to. My last post was on May 2005 and will try not post again any time soon. I just want to keep it low :) Keep this thread alive!
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    Wouldn't Jedi Knights make excellent tennis players?

    that wasn't me, that's u!!!
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    dunksmash pics anyone?

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    customize grip size?

    have you guys done customization of your grip? i have a racquet and would like to give it to my nephew who has a bigger grip size than me. is it possible to customize a racquet grip? if so, what tools do i need? are there any tutorials or guides? thanks in advance! ps
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    Caption This!
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    *Spoiler* Safin vs. Federer

    i'm a fan of both players and i'm glad that this turned out to be a great match. i was rooting for safin on this match although before the match i know that federer was unstoppable, i was wrong. good for safin, he proved himself to level with federer. this is good for tennis, at least we know...
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    Roddick In The Semis

    federer didn't have a match with a top 30 player 'till quarters, right? how about sharapova, davenport, and mauresmo? correct me if i'm wrong :) don't know why all the hate directs to roddick only. i don't think it's intentional. if it is, shouldn't they give hewitt an easier draw than roddick...
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    Insert Caption

    "i thought i was playing with a ball kid"
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    Sweet *** Pic

    damn! do you need some attention or what? how many times are you gonna post this? you already posted this here: anyway, fed will fly through the finals if marat loses his temper again.
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    RSS Feeds?

    what's the best tennis RSS Feeds? thanks in advance!!!
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    Best tennis photos?

    can you rasterbate in color?
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    Netflix has tennis DVDs for rent

    netflix is the best online rental service i've tried. i also tried blockbuster and wal-mart but it takes a while before you get what you rented. netflix shipping is way faster than blockbuster and wal-mart. blockbuster also kinda cheats, you send 3 dvd's at the same time and you get 2 at the...
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    how to beat a hard hitting player?

    thanks guys! he's actually a 4.0 - 4.5 player and yes, just like most high school players who wants to hit every ball hard. more tips are welcome :)
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    how to beat a hard hitting player?

    how do you beat a player who likes hitting the ball hard? we have a club player who's that type and would like to play him sometime. what do you think is the best stratery to beat him. here's what i observed about his style: -hits hard on every ball(mostly serve and forehand) -doesn't have...
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    i know what you meant... he did lose his hunger. i didn't want him to play with a fractured back, that's so s2pid. why not take a break then come back if the injury is gone. i know it's hard to get out of your sport for a while but it that helps, why not. don't even play if you're not giving...
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    damn! give roddick a break. the thread title says "MOYA", not roddick. i'm not a big fan of his but roddick's name has been poppin' up on most of the thread. well, that's how popular he is, good or bad. back 2 d topic. moya is a good player, not great but good. all he needs is his hunger back...
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    Federer Pic on TW Home Page

    are you talking about the federe pic where his leg is showing? if so, then i agree. that's not a good picture to use, not unless the one who chose it is in love with federer and want to see his!
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    Nadal is the new Hewitt

    really? he KO'ed roddick on his serve? didn't see that... any clips of it?
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    L@@k and V0Te: high school tennis practice shirts

    that's why he provided a link :roll:
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    Nadal is the new Hewitt

    i never saw hewitt got knocked down by roddick's serve like nadal did at the u.s. open!
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    Some guy running onto the court during Davis cup play

    they can do anything with that hat like setting it up to explode. it's not safe so why play with it?
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    your club webpage?

    do you guys have your own club web site? our club is planning to make one and want to get an idea of what to include. thanks!
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    "Federer can emulate me" Sampras

    b!tchin' ladies in the house...
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    Funny tennis stories?

    here ya go! corny or not, i don't care. i contribute! lol!!! :lol: While out one morning in the park, a jogger found a brand new tennis ball, and seeing none around it might belong to, he slipped it into the pocket of his shorts. Later, on his way home, he stopped at the pedestrian...
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    "Federer can emulate me" Sampras

    great article! where's the link?