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  1. Meaghan

    Excellent transaction with rossignol

    From Austria to the UK in two days. Excellent bit of business, thank you rossignol !!
  2. Meaghan

    f/s Angell 95, Yonex rq260

    Angell 95, g3, ra 63, 320g, 10 pts hl, 9/10, £60 posted uk. Yonex rq260, g3, 370g, 8pts hl, 8/10, £25 posted uk.
  3. Meaghan

    WANTED: Yonex RDX 500 mid

    Wanted Yonex RDX 500 mid (90") grip size 3 (4 3/8) in very good condition please.
  4. Meaghan

    ls206 excellent transaction

    Thank you ls206, super duper transaction, as described rackets, first class next day delivery, very happy..... :)
  5. Meaghan

    Babolat APD 2013

    APD 2013, 9.5/10, g4, strung with sonic black edge, £110 posted excellent condition, small bit of bumper rash, selling due to grip size too big for me.... UK only please...
  6. Meaghan

    f/s...volkl x10 (325), Becker London

    Volkl X10 325, 9/10, grip 4 (feels smaller), strung recently with blackout/gut, great condition, £75 posted UK. Boris Becker London, 9/10, some bumper rash couple of small scratches, grip 3, £65 posted UK.
  7. Meaghan

    f/s 2x mantis 305 tour / volkl pb10 mid

    Mantis 305 tour: in grip 3 and grip 2, both 9/10, few small scuffs to bumper, frames clean, £60 posted each or £110 for the pair. Volkl pb10 mid, grip 2, 8.5/10, scuffs to bumper, few small scratches £50 posted. richard meaghan @ uk
  8. Meaghan

    Wanted: Boris Becker DC London

    any gripsize, 9/10+ condition (no chips)..... could exchange for Volkl pb10 mid, Mantis 305 tour....
  9. Meaghan

    Volkl PB10 mid

    any grip size/condition..... maybe trade for a 9/10 c10pro bumblebee??
  10. Meaghan

    FS/T 2x Yonex Vcore 89 tour

    FS/T 2x Yonex Vcore 89 tour, grip 2, 9.5/10 condition, strung with Yonex poly tour and with the poly tour spin in the other around 45lbs.... £85 each posted in UK or £155 for the pair..... also got a tour series 9rckt bag (black/red) for sale..... Would trade for similarly conditioned...
  11. Meaghan

    reflexace is an aussie great

    .....bought two prince sticks which arrived in good time from Australia in perfect condition as described. Easy communication and understanding. Really good transaction, would recommend to anyone. Thanks mate :)
  12. Meaghan

    Volkl tour 9 rckt mega bag

    Volkl Tour Mega 9 Racket Bag (black/yellow) One large main compartment; front pocket; racquet compartment; compartment for damp clothes; back pack function, drinks compartment, shoe compartment. Great bag, 9.5/10 condition, used for a couple of months. £35 posted in UK Dimensions...
  13. Meaghan

    Prince o3 or ozone tour

    grip 2 or 3, 8.5+/10 Thanks
  14. Meaghan

    Strings similar to black code?

    Looking to trial some cheaper black code-like strings with that full plush feel, good spin and a lively stringed..... Have used pros pro blackout and found it almost identical, what else is out there similar, looking for a geared string with a plush full feel, thanks.....
  15. Meaghan

    2 Boris Becker Legend, grip 2, UK

    2 x Boris Becker Legends both grip 2 both with Polyfibre leather grips + overgrip both strung with poly hybrids, bhb7/hyperion and tour bite/signum firestorm racket 1 has some bumper rash and a couple of small chips in the upper hoop, 9/10 racket 2 has very little wear as it was...
  16. Meaghan

    Yonex bag with silver lining ?

    Does anyone know of a yonex 9 racket bag with the silver thermal lining. I've seem some say 'thermo' but they are not silver lined...... Cheers :)
  17. Meaghan

    f/s Boris Becker DC Melbourne, grip3

    f/s Boris Becker DC Melbourne, grip size 3, 8.5/10 condition, recently strung with b5e mains/iontec crosses @49lbs. It has one tiny chip (2mm) top of frame and one similar knock at the side, some bumper rash. Strung three times. Comes with fresh volkl overgrip and BB dampener. Can leave...
  18. Meaghan

    Signum Pro Firestorm

    Just been sent this to playtest.....anyone used it, how does it play etc, looks and feels like a smooth powerful poly, supposedly Mikhail Youzhny uses it I think in a hybrid with gut..... Im probably more likely to play this as a cross with a stiffer poly main but any info would be great.
  19. Meaghan

    BB Legend prices

    Dear TWE Looking to pick up another Boris Becker Legend and noticed that your price is 170.42 euros and TW(US) is $79.99....I understand supply and demand but the difference in these two prices is remarkable. More or less 3 for the price of 1 taking into account the GBP transfer rate...
  20. Meaghan

    POLY: thicker mains/thinner crosses??

    Ive been reading up on the Jaycee stringing method and I was interested in their opinion that having thicker poly mains and thinner poly crosses gives the best performance due to the loss of tension (20-30%) on the cross strings due to friction. This is compensated by a thinner gauge cross as it...
  21. Meaghan

    dampener that covers 4 main strings?

    I know of a few, rubber band, bab rvs, prince silencer (anyone know weight) Ideally it would weigh approx 3g. At the mo Ive got a bab O with an illegaly placed rubber band covering the 4 middle mains. Works really well but would rather have something simpler. Maybe someone has a home made...
  22. Meaghan

    "used demo" Volkl dnx 10 mid question

    Hi TW I see you have this racket for sale in the "used demo" section. I wondered whether it was possible to tell me how many grip 3's you have and what condition they are in....?? Thanks Rich
  23. Meaghan

    Daniel Nestor's pro staff 95?

    Just wondered which one it was.......if anyone knows?
  24. Meaghan

    Shoe variables......

    Im after a shoe that has..... ankle comfort (nike courtballistic 2.3) general comfort (lunar vapor tour) wide lace up (barricade/cb 2.3) on yer toes feel (nike vapors) forefoot (not like cb 2.3) basically Im after a shoe that has the cushioned feel of a courtballistic 2.3 where you can...
  25. Meaghan

    Fs Head microgel prestige mid

    Mg600 for sale, grip 4, 9/10 condition, strung with solinco tour bite @ 50 lbs. UK £70 posted
  26. Meaghan

    Swap Yonex grip shape for Head??

    .......can I remove a yonex molded grip and replace it with head/volkl rectangular pallets? Any info or links to a customisation thread on this subject would be most appreciated.
  27. Meaghan

    Yonex rq180/260 info?

    Hi folks, picked up the rq260 recently in a deal with a few rackets. I've been looking at a few mids of late after playing with a pro stock yonex made for joachim johansson I was kinda smitten with the solidity and versatility of that racket and have tried unsuccessfully to get my hands on an...
  28. Meaghan

    Fs/ft Donnay platinum 94, gamma 340x, vantage bc20....

    Donnay platinum 94, grip 2, 9/10, £80 + postage Gamma 340x, grip 2, 9/10, £55 + postage Vantage bc20, grip 3, 9/10, £70 + postage (extra grommet and pallet set) Would trade for similar conditioned volkl pb10 mid
  29. Meaghan

    Wanted: volkl pb 10 mid

    Good condition, grip 3 or 4 preferably Maybe trade??
  30. Meaghan

    Wanted: yonex rdx500 mid

    good condition, two would be great......