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    At what level do you see these? Given how easy it is to practice serving, is it worth becoming one if you just care about winning?
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    Grip for high volleys (idiot baseliner edition)

    I legit have no idea how I should hit high volleys, ie. ones between 'normal' and overhead. If I keep a continental grip if find it awkward to hit them unless I turn very sideways like a serve, should I switch to eastern or semi-western for these?
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    Finally sorted out toss/shoulder turn timing

    I posted a thread on this and people didn't really have much consensus on how to manage to get a decent shoulder turn, bring teh racquet up all while tossing the ball. This was massively screwing up my toss and timing. Today I tried doing everything sequentially and it worked well: Plant feet...
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    Coordinating shoulder turn and toss (serve)

    Still not clear how coordinating shoulder turn and toss fit together, trying to do these together leads to screwups in either one for me.
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    Serve help (video, poverty fps)

    Sorry, 30fps but I don't have £750 for a 240fps camera or £300 to spend on one 8 years old. I cannot for the life of me toss consistently with a straight arm all while getting shoulder turn and bring the racquet up. Unsure if my racquet is still opening early I can't make myself not do this...
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    Non-baggy shorts

    Can anyone recommend shorts that don't look like baggy basketball shorts on a 5'10" 145lbs man (after lifting for 1 year, srs) with skinny legs? I'm a brit and us euros wear more fitted clothes as a rule anyway I think. Are Uniqlo a good bet? Djoko looks like beanpole these days.
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    Next steps for developing a serve?

    After hard work, I'm now finally at a point where all of my serves can be hit with the proper non-waiters tray motion. About 70% success rate being in/not hitting the net, power level varies a bit depending on racquet drop achieved. Serves are often one side of the box rather than all over but...
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    Keep shuffling my feet around (serve)

    I cannot keep my feet still during platform stance, I just have to weird urge to shuffle them around somehow, the serve feels too 'simple' but I want to keep it a simple motion with less moving parts. Any tips? Anyway I'm putting in the best serves I ever have now after I finally consistently...
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    Racquet lag/snap on 2hbh

    Like the ATP forehand, most of the pros have a stretch/extend with the 2hbh too. I've struggled for a while to get it to get it to work correctly but can manage it. It is a lot easier for me if tilt the racquet head forward ATP forehand style. Think Rather than Mine is a bit more...
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    Infrequent use (Babolat APD)

    The UK weather (especially in the winter) and other sports means I can go a few weeks without hitting a ball. Poor student Babolat 2013 APD Baseliner with masses of topspin (think poverty version of Nadal) Probably 3.5 because I don't play enough Are kevlar strings arm suicide in a frame this...
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    Footwork on wide 2hbh

    Does anyone have any links to good vids on 2hbh footwork for wide balls ie. wide and also full on-the-run? Differently players seem to do this differently and I have no clue how to do it properly. I usually try and plant my right foot and twist around it but have real balance/slowing down...
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    Shout out to Chas Tennis

    I have been desperately messing around with trying to learn the proper service motion on and off for the best part of a year (yes, really - I'm either a dunce or I just will not let things go). Moving to the whole ATP-style forehand thing was fine but the serve? Omg. At least 3 coaches have...
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    Serve: what turns the racquet face-on?

    I can finally get the proper edge on position in shadow swings but I'm unclear as to what exactly rotates the racquet face-on at the last second?
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    Finding a decent coach woes (UK)

    I’ve tried a few coaches now with little success - often I might was well be paying for a hitting partner. So far it seems if they come across someone hits a serve with a continental grip and don’t slice it into the next court over, SW grip and hit with significant topspin off both wings they...