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  1. weelie

    Monte Carlo Masters: Can you re-enter with the regular day ticket?

    Going to MC next week. Maybe will buy a ticket for a 2nd day, if I can re-enter on the same day. Meaning, check some tennis, go out to town, come back for some more. Never been to Monaco before.
  2. weelie

    Silicone tape for weight and shock absorption?

    Was looking for a sorbothane grip for my too HH racket, for weight AND shock absorption. Looks like they are ever more scarce and expensive here in Europe. But saw on the main auction site silicone tape in different thicknesses (like 0.5mm, for example). Would that work somewhat similarly? I...
  3. weelie

    Drills for serve practice ("Serving against the ghost")

    How do you practice serve, do you have some drills to keep it measurable / interesting / improving? After summer (hiatus), my serve has been off. Serving slower and more erratic than 12 months ago (as per my play stats on zenniz). So decided to do solo practice once a week for 30-60 min. Have...
  4. weelie

    More western grip for European clay, is this common or just stupid of me?

    Last summer I changed my grip for summer clay courts. And realized just the other day i did it this summer too. Mentioning it in another thread (not related at all, but the thread was about playing with a wooden racket), I felt I got a reaction that I am a bit lost... but to me, on clay court...
  5. weelie

    Is there a good free iPhone app to log matches/practice notes?

    I keep on losing (every other match), although I am making progress. In the "1h match" league I am in, I will face the same guys again. I think keeping a log would be good. Not match stats or anything that level. Instead of my free form thoughts on why I won or why I won. Like a journal app...
  6. weelie

    Tips on playing with a wooden racket?

    We'll have a (less than serious) wood racket doubles "tournament" at our club on Tuesday. I found a couple of wooden rackets and also have a 70s Head LC that I have actually played a few hours in the '90s. If am allowed to cheat a bit, I will take the Head, as I remember it being somewhat...
  7. weelie

    Any comments on my serve, then?

    Seeing so many threads on serve, and I realized iPhones are capable, I thought I will try too. I am new to the board and to this stuff, so bear with me, and guide me where needed, please. :) (beginning of the hour) (at the end of the hour) I think I should've called this thread "I need to...