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  1. 1HBHfanatic

    BLX Blade - New Blades

    irecently got to try the 2017 and 2019 blades the cv 2017 blades 2me where a bit stiffer (now going on sale; might be a raket 2 demo for you) i like the v7 2019 blades since they feel a tad bit softer
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    Yonex Bags

    1 have the red 6pk bag its lasted me a few years now no complaints
  3. 1HBHfanatic

    Head Extreme Pro 360 / Pricing

    nice pics, looks like clean work on the DUNLOPs did you get to try the 360??
  4. 1HBHfanatic

    Post Your Most Recent Stringing Time

    thats correct, we carry Wilson.nxt.OS packs which have 44' of string, that is still would not be enough for your raket, haaa
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97 330 "Navy Blue"

    that's correct my toughts exactly, I went for the 310s, solely because I like to mod my racquets,, ALL OFTHEM, haaaa the 330s are heavy,, they have been since i came onboard the yonex.wagon starting from the i recently tried the green models!!, i had the 310 and the hd, both felt...
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    Can dumb people learn stringing?

    how did it hit??
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    Best playing Babolat of all time / but it’s not a Babolat.

    the kfactor series was one of their best I played with the kblade.tour,, but several other kfactor models come up often when people look back in time by the descriptions, I provably would have liked this one also..
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97 330 "Navy Blue"

    all the yonex sticks ive played with, needed a bit of help from LEAD tape at the edges ime the vcore pros need help at 3/9 the regular vcores and the ezones need help in the corners but to get back to topic @TennisManiac I tried it, but I hated the fact that yonex switched to the 16/19 pattern...
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    Post Your Most Recent Stringing Time

    just strung a racquet today, no where near yours (pattern wise), it was a Wilson.sledge-hammer. "4.3" i think; it had a 18/21 pattern, 135" head, ,, it was both crazy and fun,,, i ended up doing a box pattern on it and also charging the client $5 extra for the extra string we used on it, haaaaa
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    wilson ultra tour aka h19

    imo/ime lots of 1/4" lead on the head 17g or 18g synthetic gut strings
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    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    @Jouke the thinner gauges stretch a lot, ime - 18g and thinner a bit too much,, I like best in 17g ive used the 16g version and its pretty good, soft you can deduce from that, not as much stretch, the 16g wont have the same spin as a 17g cool red color when you need that :-)
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    Snapback... seriously?

  13. 1HBHfanatic

    30+ yrs of wood or why my game is sort of lame:)

    i started with my grandfathers Dunlop maxply and/or Dunlop fort once a year or so I bring them out to hit with people, we make a event out of it if you haven't already, promote this event at your local club, its a good time over the years ive collected a few more
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    Best synthetic gut

    I think, just how polys have evolved over the years, so have the synthetic gut strings!! btw I also recently notised high level players going back to synthetic gut, and it got me taking a second look at them again,, I currently have my w.ultra.tour and radical racquets strung with synthetic gut...
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    NXT drop weight vs electronic with prestretch

    go for it! don't think of it too long its a worth while investment that's not crazy expensive it pays for itself in no time lots of online videos to learn stringing now
  16. 1HBHfanatic

    Clash 98: underrated racquet of 2019.

    imo its that little extra security and/or predictability of shots you get from a 98" head vs the open pattern 100" question what tension did you all go with?? did you up the tension or stayed in the mid 40s like the manufacturer suggested?? I think the highest I went is 56lbs fb poly w.revolve
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    Wilson Clash 98 vs Wilson Blade 16 x 19 v7

    I got to the try : clash 98, 100, tour v7 blade 16/19 and 18/20 I like both models in days I don't wanna swing out, I would preffer the free power from the clash the clash 98 would be my choice, just for that bit extra of security and predictability from the 98, vs the 100/tour open pattern the...
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    Strings for different level players

    multiple factors come into play, when suggesting strings; I start with the basics: poly/kevlar for DURABILITY multis/nat.gut for COMFORT syn.gut for POWER I look at the player (age, gender, level) I look at the racquet they play with (open/closed string pattern) i then start to ask: -health...
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    Help with Nat Gut stringing for 18x20

    im with @Irvin and others who say "do not cut"!!, your gonna end up short on the next racket if you do; "been there, done that"!! babolat vs gut does no give you the full 40', they give you 12 meters which is 39.3700787 feet post #2 from @esgee48 gives you directions but just so we are all...
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    Some Chinese man is ripping gasquet....

    nooooooo,,,, the best 1HBH cant go out like that!!! its going to be a sad day in tennis when the best 1HBH retires!!
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    Pro's Pro: Aqua Zorb overgrips?

    haaa, ive done this a time or two on several brands of overgrips,, all start great, but go down quick, haaa but good enough to finish the set on a hot day!!
  22. 1HBHfanatic

    Babolat Pure drive FSI stringing pattern

    one other tricky aspect of the FSI racquets is the way the cross strings need to be installed,, the cross strings can only be started 1 way!! the starting knot indicator should be used there are grommets "humps", that the crosses need to lay ontop off,, otherwise they are flat in the "valleys"...
  23. 1HBHfanatic

    String breaker with a sensitive elbow, is an 18X20 racquet my best bet?

    agreed, Balance: 13in / 33.02cm / 4 pts HL for the v7 w.blade 18/20 I believe I added about 2'6" of 1/2 lead in the handle to take it to the 8pts HL I like the overall weight was well into the 12oz, but its handle heavy so its not cumbersome for the 1HBH but once I got it there, the swing...
  24. 1HBHfanatic

    Wawrinka's real racquet specs

    that tension on the racquet spec on post#1 was crazy!! poly/poly, 61/58lbs, on a 95" racquet,, wow
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    Kirkland shoes almost gone.....have we lost out minds on shoe cost?

    I agree, if not picky about shoes, lots of options if you look for them In the $50 price range,, non marking, tennis specific shoes,, also the "tennis shoes", have a level of support for "tennis USE specifically", latteral support is big ive seen people fall due to no latteral support and/r too...
  26. 1HBHfanatic

    Pro's Pro: Aqua Zorb overgrips?

    any indication as to a "name change", on these 2 batches you have?, or where they the same when you though you were reordering?? ive tried the first batch and did not like it, the velvet finish just does not feel good 2me when sweating, feel unsecure
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    String breaker with a sensitive elbow, is an 18X20 racquet my best bet?

    for the elbow issue, I would make or buy a racket with at least 8-10pts headlight!! I modified the 18/20 to 8-9pts head light head.gravity has mp(16/20), and pro (18/20) I would also look into the head.radicals, both mp/pro,, both of these have tight patterns, that wont be...
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    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    got a chance to hit with this one (on a trade with TTW member), its a good surpricing string!!, price to performance ratio is right where I like it.. (y)
  29. 1HBHfanatic

    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    @tomato123 pros pro black.force has my vote, the 18lg 1.19mm allows for good snapback; will let the mains do their thangg,, but really any round poly string, thinner than the mains, will give you good snapback
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    Wanted to share funny racquet comment

    I really did not notice, but it would not surprice me I would have hung around and explained how most pros don't play with the racquets we see on TV,, but when people make statements that far off from what I know to be true, then I don't bother anymore, life is too short,, and I have too many...