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    WORLD NO. 1 (by year)

    I agree. That's not Vilas's problem if Borg wasn't there. Connors didn't play the French during a long time and no one questions Borg's victories, while Connors heated Borg on clay in US Open 1976 ! And if you compare, except Grand Slams, the tournaments won by Borg and by Vilas in 1977, Borg's...
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    WORLD NO. 1 (by year)

    Borg was certainly better than Vilas in 1977 also but the number one is the one who has the best results. In 1977 it was Vilas, who had better results than Borg or anyone.
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    Stats for 1982 RG final (Wilander-Vilas)

    Yes, Vilas was very tired since the second set. I think he trained too much the day before or the morning + bad tactic during the match. I think Tiriac made mistakes when he prepared this match ... But Vilas was very unlucky because he had a second set point
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    1HBH topspin lob - who had a good one?

    Vilas is the best one for this.
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    Remembering Vitas Gerulaitis 25 years on

    Great player. 1 Grand Slam, 2 finals, wonderful volley, very elegant on court. Borg, Connors, Vilas, McEnroe, Gerulaitis : the golden age of tennis. The best period ever.
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    Yannick Noah - scouting report.

    True. Vilas invented the tweener, which is called "gran willy" in Argentina.
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    Anyone remember Kent Carlsson?

    Typical clay-courter. Great topspin. Wen to the net only to shake hands. Often injured. I think he was in the top 10. I remember he beated the "old" Vilas in Monte-Carlo in 1987 : very very long game ...!!
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    Most Overrated and Underrated ATGs

    Tanner beated Roche, Dent, Rosewall and Vilas ! It was a real slam. And he was finalist in Wimbledon. Much better than Isner. That's not a shame for Borg tb be defeated by him.
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    Most Overrated and Underrated ATGs

    Impossible to compare Tanner and Isner. Tanner was a Grand Slam winner + finalist.
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    Unbeatable records

    Matches won on clay : Vilas 679 Win streaks : Vilas 46
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    Do you think Guillermo Vilas will win in the trial and be recognized as number one?

    No news about that. Is there still a chance ... ?
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    Top 20 players (men and women) of the Open Era

    Sorry, I don't agree, Vilas's results are objectively better than Courier and Murrays's results + Vilas is much more important in tennis history ...
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    Top 20 players (men and women) of the Open Era

    This final is a black spot in Vilas's carrer, that's true. He was very unlucky because he had a second set point and his winning return was just out.
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    Top 20 players (men and women) of the Open Era

    I don't agree about the 2 AO of Vilas. First, those who are absent are always wrong. And for Vilas, winning on grass is a great performance. And he beated very good grass players in these AO, like Lewis (Wimbledon finalist), Roche, Dent ... For me, it's an urban legend to say that these two AO...
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    Top 20 players (men and women) of the Open Era

    Vilas is better than Courier, Murray, Ashe, Smith, Hewitt and Wawrinka !!
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    Who was your first tennis 'hero' and why?

    Vilas too, for me. Courage, romanticism, combination of strength and fragility, and he worked so hard to win all these tournaments and become number 1 (whatever ATP says).
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    Check out these old greats on vid

    Great match and great volleys by Vilas. He worked very hard to win the AO.
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    Rank the 3-5 slam winners

    Vilas is the best.
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    Who is the 3rd best clay courter of the Open Era?

    Unlucky because he had a second set point and his winning forehand return was judged out (was it really ?).
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    Who is the 3rd best clay courter of the Open Era?

    Yes, Vilas should have won against Wilander. He was very unlucky in this match ... But Vilas's results on clay are great, so he can be number 3. He won 2 Grand Slams (FO and USO) + all the big clay tournaments (Rome, Monte-Carlo, Hamburg, Madrid ...).
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    Don’t Forget Forget

    Very elegant player, but not very solid in Grand Slams. Great match in FO 1986 against the "old" Vilas, but Vilas saved one match point.
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    Best player to never reach #1 or win a slam?

    Vilas was number 1 a few weeks in 1975 and 1976, even if ATP refuses to recognize that fact. So, he's not concerned by this thread.
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    Johan Kriek's 1986 French Open Run?

    Vilas should have won this match. I think he was tired after his great match against Forget. But Kriek played very good.
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    Nastase - Vilas: Who was the best player?

    Monte-Carlo 2 times for Vilas (and even 2,5 ... because of the 1981 final).
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    Nastase - Vilas: Who was the best player?

    Slam finals : Vilas 8 Nastase 5 Slam victories : Vilas 4 Nastase 2 Tournaments won : Vilas 62 Nastase 59 Vilas results are better, of course. Only important point for Nastase : he won 4 Masters, and Vilas just 1.
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    worst one slam wonders

    Edmondson was not so bad. 1/2F Wimbledon 1982 (beating Gerulaitis) and 1/2F AO 1981 (beating McNamara).
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    Best player to never reach no.1?

    ATP is really ridiculous to refuse to recognize that fact.
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    Who are the best "smasher" all time?

    Vilas for the backhand smash. He created that (and also the gran willy)
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    worst one slam wonders

    Johannson. Gomez was a great player, he won a lot of tournaments, was top 10 during several years and had a wonderful game, he deserved to win a Slam.