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  1. Third Serve

    When was the Federer-Nadal rivalry at its best?

    You can use any criteria you wish. When were both players consistently delivering the best matches? When were both players in very good form? When did they play most of their matches? Which time period was more enjoyable for you as a fan of one or both players? It could be 2007-2009, 2011-2012...
  2. Third Serve

    Tennis Player Pulls an El Shapo, gets Defaulted

    Didn't hit anyone in the eye this time, but it's enough to send the dude packing. Also, there's a commentator on a doubles challenger match???
  3. Third Serve

    Win a Masters 1000 or Reach a Slam Final?

    Take your pick. In any case, they're pretty close. If you reach a Slam final, you pick up a cool 1,200 ATP Ranking points. You have to win six straight matches to get it, though, and the high probability is that you'll have to knock off a top 10 player in the semis (and maybe the quarters) to...
  4. Third Serve

    Federer does it the hard way

    Every one of Federer's major wins has been brutal with him having to win events with ATGs from all Career Inflation Era luxury for our handsome Fedr. AO 2006 was brutal. Kiefer was playing top 5 level stuff! His strokes were amazing. Baghdatis was playing as well when he destroyed...
  5. Third Serve

    Congrats Grigor Dimitrov!

    Back into a slam semi! This win means a lot to him, and I'm hoping he can keep going with this momentum. He's been off the radar for too long now. If you recall, I said in the match thread that it would be a dark day for tennis if Dimitrov beat Federer. Well, maybe it won't be too bad. At least...
  6. Third Serve

    Age is a Valid Explanation for Decline in Form

    The number of people here who proclaim that old age is a myth in the sport of tennis is genuinely astounding and I can't even tell if some of them are trolling or just serious. Either way, this new claim is not even used to herald some scientific breakthrough or other useful developments. In...
  7. Third Serve

    Djokovic Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions

    This was already posted in the Djokovic News thread, by the way. But still, I'm not sure if they've done something like this with a tennis player before so I wanted to share it to the whole forum.
  8. Third Serve

    2013 Federer > 2007 Federer, according to a reliable source...

    It's an obscure Reddit AMA back in May 2013, but I guess this is proof enough that Federer was in his peak in 2013 and has been ever since. User PrestoFortissimo said: "Roger, if you had an upcoming match against a 2007 Roger Federer, what would your strategy be to win and how do you think...
  9. Third Serve

    Weird Tennis Moments

    I just came across this dude who uploads a bunch of videos with the subtitle "you've NEVER seen before". It sounds clickbait but the guy actually manages to come across a ton of content I've never seen before, so props to him. Just to lighten the mood around here, here are some of the weirdest...
  10. Third Serve

    Montreal is medium-fast according to CPI

    Couldn't find any other source for the image so I gotta link Reddit: Props to author of the post for getting the image but I find this pretty hilarious because the tournament director himself swears he made the courts slower and higher-bouncing to favor returners as well as servers. Hmmmm...
  11. Third Serve

    Murray could make singles return in Cincinnati Check the link. Be aware that he said "best-case scenario" so it's not likely at all that this will happen. If he can't return to the court by next month, he'll wait until after the US Open concludes. I think he should consider starting at a 250...
  12. Third Serve

    How many REAL tennis slams do the Big 3 have???

    Zero! Mere simpletons who engage in the sport of lawn tennis. Real tennis is for real men. (Sorry, @Deon Sanders!)
  13. Third Serve

    Nick Kyrgios as Religious Experience I suppose there is a reason he's #2 on my GOAT list, after all.
  14. Third Serve

    We've made some mistakes

    Remember back when the draw was first announced and people started pointing fingers at other players. "Fed's draw is weak!" "Nadal's draw will completely fall apart!" "Look at all those nextgen mugs in Djoker's half!" Little did we realize that we were all wrong, yet still right at the same...
  15. Third Serve

    Toughest Grand Slam Wins for Each ATG

    No fighting, no trolling... actually, scratch that last one. Yes, you can troll lightheartedly. As I was saying, I hope this can be a thread in which ATGs past and present get the respect they need. Now, on to the question: what was the hardest Grand Slam draw for each ATG in the Open Era? I'm...
  16. Third Serve

    Ranking Point Distribution in the Top 10 -- 2000-2019

    This post will provide the stats on ranking distribution among the year-end Top 10 players from each year starting with the beginning of the second millennium. I think I'll answer the "so what?" question before I begin. I don't really believe there is a way to accurately determine weak and...
  17. Third Serve

    What do you truly believe about Safin/Federer at AO 2005?

    Apologies, @Nadalgaenger, for borrowing the idea from the original source material. I wanted to find an even closer match to take a look at. Title is self-explanatory. What do you think? Was Safin's performance in the match that godly? Enough that even peak Federer couldn't do anything to stop...
  18. Third Serve

    Love Ivanisevic

    Guy is awesome. Miss his personality on the tour.
  19. Third Serve

    The REAL GOATs

    Everyone keeps talking about how Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic are somehow GOAT candidates. I scoff at those unenlightened mortals. The real GOATs are in the poll above. It's all objective, you can believe me on that. Who is the real(est) GOAT of them all, however? Please step up and vote.
  20. Third Serve

    Basilashvili double faults MP up but it's called in. Fucsovics took a picture.

    In his match against Fucsovics, Nikoloz DF'd on match point in the second set tiebreak. The call was challenged but the umpire overruled it. Fucsovics took a picture of the spot after the match and posted it on social media.
  21. Third Serve

    Most Promising Next Gen Rivalries?

    As we've got Zverev and Tsitsipas facing off again in Madrid, let's have a discussion on which next gen rivalry looks like it'll be the most enjoyable. You can use any criteria you want, including match quality itself, liking both players, or even meme material (you know what I'm talking about)...
  22. Third Serve

    Tomic and Kyrgios playing dubs together in Madrid

    Get ready for another episode of Tomic the Tank Engine and Friends. This'll be interesting
  23. Third Serve

    Australian Open 2022: Future Predictions Welcome!

    Thought this would be a nice troll thread idea. Feel free to post your joke predictions about the Australian Open in 2022. Here's mine: Kyrgios has dropped down in the rankings since the middle of last year, having exited the top 100. But this is a tactical tank. He uses a WC to get into the...
  24. Third Serve

    What was the best tennis season?

    We hear a lot of talk about most competitive seasons (AKA stronk eras), most dominant seasons (AKA weak eras), and such, but I wanted to create a thread to help us look back at some of the history of tennis. Which season, if there was any, do you believe was the most enjoyable for you to watch...
  25. Third Serve

    S.O.S First the AO and now this?
  26. Third Serve

    Fed moves ahead of Agassi...

    In the record for most weeks ranked inside the top 100. He sits at a staggering 1,020 weeks, 1,018 of which were consecutive. Andre sits below him at 1,019. Quite a testament to his longevity!
  27. Third Serve

    Murray Top 5 AO Runs

    For someone who's never won the AO, Murray has certainly came close. What are his top 5 AO runs, ranked? I'd like to see the opinions of some Murray fans in this matter. I'll go first. 5. AO 2016 (F, lost to Djoker 6-1 7-5 7-6) 4. AO 2015 (F, lost to Djoker 7-6 6-7 6-3 6-0) 3. AO 2010 (F, lost...
  28. Third Serve

    A Record of Skipped Masters

    I hear a lot of talk going into how Federer skipped a lot of Masters during his prime years (2003-2007) and I thought it would be interesting to list a few a lot of top players and which Masters they skipped over the years. It could give us a good chance to see in exactly which years had the...
  29. Third Serve

    The Most Balanced Slam Record???

    I promise, I'm not trying to force an agenda here. But I recently came across this answer on Quora to the question: "Which male tennis player has the most balanced record among winning all grand slams?" I disagree with some parts and the guy who answered the question comes across as a hardcore...
  30. Third Serve

    When did the Weak Era Begin?

    When did it begin, anyhow? I see a lot of people lamenting the current weak era, and then I went back and looked at some of the old and sacred TTW record books and discovered the many opinions and analyses regarding the time-frame the weak era existed in. Perhaps we can finally pin a number on...