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  1. johnwah

    Fred gives Fog advice

    i dont doubt a god....
  2. johnwah

    New Laver Cup RF97 for 2019?

    when is this going on sale?
  3. johnwah

    To Get Better At Singles, Play More Doubles...

    This advice has worked out well for Jack Sock...
  4. johnwah

    Two Handed Serve

  5. johnwah

    Federer Uniqlo outfits: full catalogue

    now they just have to make more socks and theyre set... and release his jackets....
  6. johnwah

    Uniqlo Wimbledon

    i think marcus has a mass in his brain that requires an xxl hat as well.. any word on when the fed wimbledon jacket is coming out?
  7. johnwah

    Anyone work out on a total gym?

    i cant believe chuck norris is nearly 80...
  8. johnwah

    Uniqlo Wimbledon

    i do work out... and the only thing that happened was i had to buy bigger underwear and shorts... they just kept getting torn off...
  9. johnwah

    2019 Wimbledon - Gentlemen singles

    dimitrov... talk about implosion...
  10. johnwah

    Why has Dimitrov not lived up to the hype?

    hes too good lookin to win... its the anna kournikova syndrome... can you imagine the marketing monster if he were great??
  11. johnwah

    nick and amanda

    hes finally got his head on straight... :p
  12. johnwah

    Uniqlo Wimbledon

    i dont know why companies dont make more medium sized shirts instead of 4 million xxl shirts... sold out of everything...
  13. johnwah

    Federer can win Wimbledon

    Name another professional sport where the 38 year old is considered the favorite.....
  14. johnwah

    2019 Roland Garros Semifinal: Nadal (2) vs Federer (3)

    either way ladies... appreciate this moment.. it will likely never happen again... fed is playing amazing.... however nobody beats the king of clay..... on clay...
  15. johnwah

    Neo or John Wick?

    keanu doesnt age....
  16. johnwah

    Fed FO 2019 Outfit is out!

    haha.. sorry I mean its... um... a nice shirt.. yes thats the ticket...
  17. johnwah

    Fed FO 2019 Outfit is out!

    is it me or is none of the fed clothes on the uniqlo website available except the ugly shirt... how do you get the jacket??
  18. johnwah

    String weights between Mains and Crosses...

    Hey guys sorry i didnt respond earlier. I have been working outside in my booth at the festival of folklore and dance.... they dont have any local internet here. I really appreciated the Vapor X shoes you gave me.. I got to wear them a few times and I must say I like them... I was attempting to...
  19. johnwah

    Hurkacz - Murray reborn

    murray died and he didnt even get to retire yet...
  20. johnwah

    Djokovic Kohlschreiber

    wow im floored...
  21. johnwah

    Beastin' 24/7 initial thoughts on Beast Pro 100 LB

    anybody else read LB as pounds? cmon i cant be the only one...
  22. johnwah

    String weights between Mains and Crosses...

    It was good hitting with you too.. Its great hitting with somebody different... your style is unique... Ive never played somebody that enjoyed hitting high loopy slow shots all the time... Next time ill try not to chew so much khat in advance, but its so good sometimes... try to stay longer next...
  23. johnwah

    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    i hope her elbow is ok..... :p
  24. johnwah

    Massive choke from Rafa tonight!

    that double fault at the end sealed it for rafa....
  25. johnwah

    Will Stan save tennis today by defeating Kyrgios?

    kyrgios will say something about his girlfriend and the stanimal will come out and destroy him..
  26. johnwah

    Clay inhaleation (sp).

    say that ten times fast...
  27. johnwah

    Wow that is good news! I get tired of playing my local friends. Im free most afternoons as I...

    Wow that is good news! I get tired of playing my local friends. Im free most afternoons as I only work half the day. The other half I hang out and chew khat with my buddies. Let me know when you're here and we can meet at Saba for some Yemeni fish. Its located near the tourist trap Plateau du...
  28. johnwah

    What is Wrong with Nick Kyrgios?!?!

    Just watched some highlights or should I say slowlights of kyrgios and I dont think the shrink is working... between watching this or the opelka vs isner match.. im not sure which one is worse...
  29. johnwah

    Stanimal & Shapovalov

    I do... instead of running around to hit a forehand i run around to hitting a backhand instead..