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  1. NoQuarter

    Accused of coaching...but was trying to correct an error

    So here's the story...I went to an away match of my Wife's 5.5 combo doubles team. She is a 2.5 but has been around tennis for a long time and does know the rules fairly well. The courts were setup 3 in a row with no barrier in between each court and my Wife's team was playing #2 line and on...
  2. NoQuarter

    Question for the Coaches

    Ok...I have, or never have pretended to be a tennis coach. I work with my direct family one else (because I am self taught). And people see me at our club working with my wife and daughter...and always tell my wife that I should work with everyone (since my wife and daughter are...
  3. NoQuarter

    Medical break?

    I was reading the thread JackB1 on the break after the 1st set and it inspired me to ask this question because I do not know the answer and it is not addressed in The Code (or at least I do not see it). Here is the situation (and it happened last night in my wife's 2.5 league match) wife's...