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    Did Nadal have a one handed backhand?

    Thats what this article says ... bg
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    Two nice articles from USO 2002

    Just thought i will share this for those who havent read it yet bg
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    Doubt regarding ranking points in 2009

    I am not sure if this has been addressed in any other thread. anyway, here goes ... How exactly are they planning to manage the ranking points in 2009, since many tournaments now have double the points from previous year (2008), BUT not all. For eg. in 2008, Doha will have 250 points and...
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    Federer withdraws from Tokyo

    The reason being fatigue. Either he is getting old very rapidly or the Japanese havent offered him enough appearance money. Anyway Nadal has a chance to overtake Federer now. Maybe Federere did this to make things interesting at the TMC ;) bg
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    Anybody watching Novak?

    seems to be in full flight. would like to hear some comments if anybody is indeed watching him. mouth-watering 4th round match coming up? ;) bg
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    Article : Federer: sportsperson of the year

    Here is a nice description of that amazing BH Half-volley against Blake in the TMC final, among other things. Instantly Roger Federer would have noted the flight, assessed velocity, estimated topspin, calculated the ball was going to land almost on the baseline, on the backhand side, and...