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    TLS Rating Site Blows

    Seasons over, I played four matches, and I’m still “Not Applicable” lol. I really don’t care what my dynamic rating is months after the fact. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What’s it with all these College Players and the Isner thing?

    Anybody else watching the NCAA championship now? Saw one player doing the Isner Shapa between the legs bounce thing before serving, but the announcer said he played multiple sports and he was 6’5” so I figured he was a basketball player. Now J.J. Wolf is doing it as well. Is this what all the...
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    Head Intelligence Radical Oversize

    Just snagged one of these off the Bay. Anyone knows how it plays in comparison to the TiRadical and the Liquidmetal Radical OS? Was the Intelligence series solely made in China or some Czech Republic? Need some history... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Are sandbaggers really just the best players at level?

    Anyone here friends with someone who’s gone 12-3 “at level”? What’s their personality outside of tennis? I taught a lesson to a woman clearly in my mind a 4.0 and she was all excited about a 3.5 nationals trip. It just seems crazy to me. Is it that enjoyable? I guess I am just curious as to the...
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    Radical OS Users

    Just bought a Head Ti Radical OS, Liquidmetal Radical OS, and “Candycane” OS— which one is your favorite and why? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Anybody have one of these?

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    Have we played before?

    Lol, is there gamesmanship behind this question? I know personally, I remember everyone I play, but if the person doesn't recognize my face or name on the drawsheet I'm not going to remind them we crossed paths 3 years ago so they can remember what worked/did not work last match. Do some ask...
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    Effect of a Self Rated Players estimated dNTRP on a C rated player down the road

    So it looks like a Self rated player gets a dynamic Rating estimated after each match and by their 4th match they are treated the same as a C rated player from what I've dug up online in TT forums from years ago, but how does this effect the C rated player? I get that after a C player plays a S...
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    UTR (p)

    what does the (p) mean? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G928A using Tapatalk
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    Pickleball Nation

    Okay, so we already have had a discussion on pickleball lines being painted across tennis courts across the country, but does pickleball play trump tennis on tennis courts? Enough is enough. Tennis courts were built for tennis. I already have to kick kids off who are skateboarding and biking...
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    Trash talking among friends, healthy behavior or constant annoyance?

    So I have this one hitting partner I met off one of these tennis game arranging websites about 3 years ago. No need to mention level here, but when we met up years I would consistently win 8 times out of 10, sometimes fairly easy like 2 and 3. He has improved over time, but along with that he...
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    Resumes for WTA hitting partners

    This is a great job. I know there are some strong players in here. Would you have what it takes? I'm not talking about the top WTA players entourage. I'm talking about the women in the top 100, trying to cut through to the top 50. I love walking the practice courts of tour events and...
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    Must there be 4 active players to conclude a doubles match?

    Recently I watched an Alabama college basketball game where the team drew penalties for leaving the bench, as well as an injury taking place to cut Alabama down to 3 players. Surpringly they were able to cut the other teams lead by playing zone defense. It was a competitive game of 5 on 3 to...
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    Appropriate Coin Toss/ Racquet Flip

    I'm sure this has been brought up before, and I really don't care about losing the flip since I usually elect to receive anyways if I win but how are you or your opponents doing this. More significantly I've played some tourneys where my opponent will hold the frame of the racquet with the...
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    Tournaments; NTRP Events versus Age Division/Opens

    Curious to know everyone's thoughts on which events they like to play. A few years ago I would enter any tournament around to get as much matchplay as I could, but noticed a lot of strong players don't play the NTRPs as they don't really validate bragging rights because there's always another...