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  1. iradical18

    Great trade with OoonOoon!!

    Worked out a trade with for my Pro Kennex Ionic 5k PSE, he traded me two for my one because of the difference in conditions as my PSE is in nearly new condition. He is a great communicator, provided a tracking number and carefully packaged so that they would arrive in good condition. Overall...
  2. iradical18

    Replacement head guard for nTour Two.

    Just wondering if anyone knows a head guard that is currently made that will fit the nTour Two. I would guess the BLX Tour head guard would fit but I'd like to get more information/confirmation if this is the case. Thanks!
  3. iradical18

    Fantasy Tennis

    I know we've got the thread going on here but is anyone doing the bracket at the ATP site?
  4. iradical18

    Bcart1991 is an outstanding seller!!

    Just received a BLX Tour from bcart1991 that I bought from him earlier in the week. He's a great communicator and shipped the racquet with a tracking number the day after I made payment. It arrived as described in his listing and well protected in the packaging. I couldn't be happier, don't...
  5. iradical18

    Balance Board Question

    Didn't want to resurrect an old thread so I thought I'd just start a new one. I'm looking to make a balance board of my own and am having a little trouble in determining the placement of the tape measure in relation to the dowel. Should the dowel sit just before the 1" on the tape measure...
  6. iradical18

    FS/FT: 1x Pro Kennex Ionic Ki 5 PSE, 4 3/8, 8.5-9/10. 100$ or Trade.

    Hello all, I picked up this stick a week ago and hit with it once, it's too much of a beast for me! As it says in the title it's a Pro Kennex Ionic Ki 5 PSE in 8.5-9/10 condition with a 4 3/8 Grip. The stock leather grip has been replaced with a Dunlop Sport grip that has little wear at the...
  7. iradical18

    Prior Military, get over here!

    Just thought I'd reach out and see if there are any prior Military folks on the boards but anyone is welcome to post.
  8. iradical18

    Despo is a great seller!!!

    Just received the two Pro Kennex Ki 5 315s that I bought from him last week. He shipped them very quickly once I sent the payment via Paypal, both racquets were wrapped in paper to protect them during shipment and arrived in the condition that he described in his post. He's a great...
  9. iradical18

    Recommendation for soft, low to mid power stick?

    I'm looking to switch from my K Tours that I am currently playing with, I know it's not too stiff of a stick but I can't shake some elbow pain even with tension in the low 50's. Ideally I'd like something in the 98/100 head size to keep some of the power that I'll be losing by going to a softer...
  10. iradical18

    Hitting partners in Nurnberg/Ansbach Area

    I'm looking to get back in to the swing of things after being away from tennis for about a year since I joined the Army but no one on the post I'm stationed on plays. So if you live in the Nurnberg/Ansbach area I'm definitely down for a hit, I'll even sign you on post so we can play on the...
  11. iradical18

    Players near Nurnberg?

    Man its been a while since I've been on the boards! Talk Tennis Europe wasn't here last time I visited. I'm in the Army and stationed in Germany near Nurnberg, Ansbach/Katterbach to be exact and I was wondering if there were any players in the area that would fancy a hit one day when it stops...
  12. iradical18

    TW'ers in Germany

    I just relocated to Katterbach, Germany and was wondering if there are any TW'ers out in this neck of the woods to go have a hit if the weather ever clears up.
  13. iradical18

    Wanted: Wilson Ktour 95" 4 3/8 or 4 1/2

    Looking for a Ktour in decent condition with a 3/8 or 1/2" grip. I've got a LM Radical OS if anyone is interested in trading with some cash on top or about 100 dollars shipped but willing to negotiate . Send reasonable offers to
  14. iradical18

    Looking for a certain pattern.

    I need some help finding a stringing pattern for my buddy's racquet. He plays with a Pro Kennex Graphite Spirit 95. I can't seem to find it anywhere and I'm not quite good enough to string without seeing a pattern yet.
  15. iradical18

    Exercise related nose bleed

    Last night while at the gym doing my HIIT my nose started to bleed. I was about 20 minutes in to my workout when it happened. Just thought I would ask if anyone has experienced this or knows why it happened. I did change up my intervals a bit for the first time, instead of 1 minute sprint and...
  16. iradical18

    Does anyone know where Tsonga is playing next?

    I know he had an early exit in Marseille but I can't seem to find where he will be playing at next.
  17. iradical18

    White rice and brown rice.

    I've always read/been told that brown rice was better for you than white rice and I've only just now checked the nutrition labels so I could find out why. And my question is, Why is brown rice better for you? The labels are almost completely identical, is it the way they are processed?
  18. iradical18

    I hate barbell complexes

    Upon reading the various facts and nuggets of advice by Ano, Tricky and the other fitness experts on these boards I've decided that I need to get more serious about my weight lifting to help me lose weight. I've always been serious about my cardio and my diet but not so much about my lifting...
  19. iradical18

    Are Wal-Mart Racquets meant to be re-strung?

    So I came into work today and checked for any racquets that needed to be strung like I do everyday. There was a cheap-o racquet that you usually find at Wal-Mart so I decided that I would knock it out real quick. As I cut the factory strings and started to pull them out, the grommets fell out...
  20. iradical18

    To the experts: Various pains during cardio

    Whenever I do my cardio there are always various painful sensations that I get during the course of my workout. I'll start out with the most frequent one: A constant cramp-like feeling in my side, an aching feeling behind my left shoulder blade, a sharp aching pain in my upper right chest area...
  21. iradical18

    I won my Biggest Loser contest!

    We were have a Biggest Loser competition at my job and the final weigh in was yesterday. I weighed in at 252.2 on December 27th and yesterday my final weigh in was 229.4. I guess they didn't believe me when I told them on day one that I've already lost 100lbs and my team was going to win...
  22. iradical18

    Prince Speedport Black

    Looking to get a Prince Speedport Black in relatively good condition. I can offer 2 Liquid Metal Radical OS' that are both 9/10 condition with only scuffs on the top of the racquet, and possibly cash if that's not enough. One of which has only been played with for about 10 hours total. Email...
  23. iradical18

    Prince O3 Black

    Just got a couple of demo sticks in today and the handle on the 03 Black seems really long. Has it affected play for anybody? It's probably just me never having played with a stick like this before, I'll be taking it for a test drive later today.
  24. iradical18

    Strings in my demo racquet

    I just received some demo's that I ordered today and was just wondering what the string setup was in one of them. If I called would you guys be able to help me out?
  25. iradical18

    Online stores for stringing machines.

    I was thinking today about why companies like Babolat and Tecnifibre don't have online stores to buy their machines, only a page to find a dealer in your area. Anyone know why?
  26. iradical18

    The Kblade and the Radical line.

    How does the Kblade compare to the Radicals before it got all flexy with the MG? I was trolling TW like I do sometimes checking out stats of different racquets and the Kblade seems very similar to the FXP Rad and LM Rad. Sorry if this has been brought up a million times before.
  27. iradical18

    Stringing Wooden Racquets

    Does anyone know of a place where you can get wooden racquets strung? Maybe a service where you send them in or something?
  28. iradical18

    Prince commercial on TTC

    I'm not sure how long this has been running, but I just noticed it today. It's a little promo for the O3 line that is used at the end of programs and I thought it was funny. I was watching the Doubles Final and at the very end I heard something like this "this has been brought to you by...
  29. iradical18

    I'm looking for a new racquet for my Father.

    He's getting back into the game after a long layoff, and needs a new racquet. I made some suggestions and he decided to demo the KSix-One Team. He enjoyed it but wants something that isn't so flexy. I suggested the KSix-One Team in the first place because he wouldn't have to work too hard to...
  30. iradical18

    Gasquet vs Tsonga, who's your pick?

    I'm sticking with my boy Tsonga for an upset.