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  1. Sysyphus

    Safiullin Betterer than Safin - Diamond Age Report #LXVII

    Time to see if the NextGen C team really has any potential in the upcoming Diamond Age. The NextGen field is potentially the deepest field in tennis history, very different from the top heavy big 4 golden era. I have already covered the obvious spearhead of the Dimaond Age who have big...
  2. Sysyphus

    As a Federer and Nadal fan ...

    I hope someone else goes on to win the US Open. The draw has opened up nicely for either man, and things look set for yet another Fedal showdown, a first at the US Open. But let's face it -- aren't we all a bit tired of that ****? The slam race has become a bit like one of those suspense TV...
  3. Sysyphus

    Andrea Petkovic on the charms of Roland Garros

    Despite losing pretty conclusively to Ash Barty, Andrea Petkovic managed to wax poetic about the charms of Roland Garros and of tennis. Nice to see a player show this kind of passion for the sport, beyond the bubble of their own individual career, and manage to put it into words. She's...
  4. Sysyphus

    2019 French Open: Roger Federer vs. Casper Ruud

    20 years ago, one Herr Roger Federer of Switzerland played his first ever men's Grand Slam Tournament, the 1999 French Open. Then, he lost in the first round to the more experienced Pat Rafter. In that same draw, among other players, was also Christian Ruud. Now, two decades later, that Swiss...
  5. Sysyphus

    With just one masters left, who's the current favorite for the French?

    The plot is thiccening, and surely there are more twists to come. The majority of the (very prestigious and important) clay warm-up swing has now elapsed, and only Rome remains for the big guns. As soon as last year's final was finished on Chatrier, Nadal was immediately the unrivaled...
  6. Sysyphus

    Prediction: Thiem for #1

    I say the Austrian sensation will get his hands on the #1 ranking. By Roland Garros 2020, that is. Djokovic's once so supreme consistency isn't quite the same, Nadal is never healthy for long, Federer is a pensioner and part-time tennis tourist, Next Is Not Here. Thiem is now capable of...
  7. Sysyphus

    Dead hangs for shoulder health?

    A while back, I started hearing about dead hangs as an exercise for general shoulder health, also w/r/t impingement issues (a fairly common issue for tennis players). The concept is simple: just hang from a (pull-up) bar and do nothing. At first I found the idea rather counterintuitive, seeing...
  8. Sysyphus

    my male tennis idol . . .

    is better than your male tennis idol, and has a bigger metaphorical trophy cabinet phallus as well. i think it's time that we settled this once & for all. better deel with it and move on, thank's fedr
  9. Sysyphus

    Waiting for the transition? Only one guy can deliver you.

    That's right. Forget about Tsitsipas for the moment, scratch Tiafoe, leave the Medvedev fanfic in the shelf for now (I know you have it), lay off the De Minaur bhang. Even put Shapovalov on hold. As of yet, these guys simply do not have close to the level needed to hang with the top guys when...
  10. Sysyphus

    Who will have the better career: Zed or Tsits?

    Age Zed: 21.7 Tsit: 20.4 Live ranking Zed: 3 Tsit: 13 Titles Zed: 10 (3 masters, 1 YEC, 2 500ss, 4 250s) Tsit: 1 (1 250; 1 masters final and 1 500 final). Best slam result to date Zed: QF Tsitsipas: QF Record versus top 20 Zed: 38-37 Tsit: 14-16 Versus top 10 Zed: 19-22 Tsit: 8-11
  11. Sysyphus

    Amanda Anisimova Thread [insert hype & puns of choice]

    Talented player, big-time game with some decent touch as well, modern forehand. Carries herself well. I reckon she'll make a steep climb this year, establishing herself among the tour level players and making some noise on the big stage. Currently ranked 96 and into the quarterfinals of...
  12. Sysyphus

    Who is more talented?

    The great question of our time: Who is more talented out of Nick Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic – these two mercurial, lazy, controversial, self-sabotaging but ostensibly gifted gentlemen representing the big Oz? For the purpose of the discussion, let's define 'talent' simply as natural aptitude –...
  13. Sysyphus

    Tennis player opens up about the abuse of South Korea's young athletes

    Published by Rédaction, Thursday 07/19/18 07:12 When Kim Eun-hee was 10 years old, a primary school child with dreams of tennis stardom, her coach ***** her for the first time. Then he did it again. And again. And again. The would-be South Korean champion was too young to even...
  14. Sysyphus

    Has Rafaello flattered to deceive on grass?

    (Firstly, I realize that the semi-final is far from over and that Rafaello could still turn it around. This thread is not meant as a prediction.) My query here is regarding Nadal's current level on grass and whether he's displaying peak grass level or has flattered us. There seems to be...
  15. Sysyphus

    2018 Wimbledon R4: [8] Anderson vs. Monfils

    Seems to me the most intriguing round of 16 match, and still no thread. Who will draw the longer straw in this contest for facing Lord feder in the quarterfinals of this murderer's row that is the upper half of the draw? Based on surface and current ranking this should be a straightforward...
  16. Sysyphus

    The Secret to Rafaello's Dominance on Clay (and how to stop it) Rafael Nadal is likely more dominant at clay-court tennis than any other athlete is at any one thing. Winning a set, let alone a match, against Nadal on clay can seem almost hopeless. As he nears 32 years old, he’s...
  17. Sysyphus

    Let's talk about the bottom half of the draw – who will come through?

    The top half of the draw seems all but a formality at this point. Because let's be real, it's Isner's to lose. Wait what… In any case, the bottom half of the draw seems much harder to forecast. No one is a standout odds favorite to emerge as the challenger from that side. Let's have a brief...
  18. Sysyphus

    2018 French Open R1: Nick Kyrgios (21) v. Bernard 'the Bern' Tomic

    Match of the tournament? Could be. The complexion of the draw rests heavily upon the outcome of this (obviously rigged) epic* epochal battle. * crap, that word has lost its meaning.
  19. Sysyphus

    Who will go deeper in a slam this year: Murray or Noél?

    EZ question. Who will record the best result at a single slam in 2018: the Haggis King or the Mighty Peace & Love Advocate? In Novak's favor: He looks like he'll get three more shots this year versus two for Murray, and he already has a 4th round in the bag. Higher potential level too, though...
  20. Sysyphus

    Is tennis overrated?

    As most who come here, I am pretty fond of tennis. However, after reading some of the more recent material in here, I have been overcome by the creeping suspicion that the sport may in fact not be all that great. Truth be told, it seems that tennis as a whole is actually quite overrated; on...
  21. Sysyphus

    Dominance ratio vs. % of points won

    [Trigger warning: this thread is directed primarily at those who are unduly interested in the nitpicky and trivial aspects of tennis stats. If that ain't you, this thread's probably not for you.] ——— As many of you already know, dominance ratio (DR) is a nifty little stat to show how dominant a...
  22. Sysyphus

    2018 Australian Open R3: Grigor Dimitrov [3] – Andrey Rublev [30]

    Seems a bit early to have the match of the tournament already, but so be it. Will young Andrey play his part to clear the path in Nadal's cakewalk once more, or will he let Grigor pass this time?
  23. Sysyphus

    Who is the favorite for the Australian Open Moral Title?

    While the field for the Men's Singles Title may be looking barren indeed, we might be looking at one of the strongest moral fields for some time. Let's consider the main favorites: Rafael Nadal Case for: Unrivaled experience in winning moral titles; planted the seeds of a moral AO victory...
  24. Sysyphus

    Yet Another Record for feder

    Swindlerer apparently overtakes Tiger Woods as No. 1 prize money earner in individual sports, with cumulative winnings of over $110,235,632 US dollers. He could get a nice place under stars in Central Park for that. discuss/disgust
  25. Sysyphus

    2017 Кубок Кремля (Moscow) ATP 250 — General Discussion

    Finally, after a prolonged post-USO exo-season, the most prestigious fall tournament has come upon us. Who will end up victorious? Поехали!
  26. Sysyphus

    Is Federer an All-Time Great?

    All of time has not yet passed, so how can we possibly tell?
  27. Sysyphus

    US Open 2017 quarterfinal: Rafael 'the' Nadal vs. Andrey 'Money' Rublev

    YALLAAAAAAA!! This is the showdown I dream of at night. Something something salsa ~!~ Will the Russian Roublette pick up where his grand uncle and compatriot Youzhny left it 11 years ago at the same stage, and fulfill his destiny?
  28. Sysyphus

    A telling Zverev stat

    Still yet to beat a top 50 player over best of five. Obviously bound to happen soon enough, but nevertheless. Doesn't quite match up with his ranking (likely top 5 after the Open) and BO3 success. What's the reason? Just bad luck and coincidence? tightens up on the biggest stage? not confident...
  29. Sysyphus

    The US Open 2017 title goes to

    You heard it here last — till the next time you hear it. Tsonga Will(y) tsave this tslam. @Meles, hit me with some Marseille stats, will ya!