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  1. woodje12

    AO Open tickets and suggestions?

    Burned some miles on a big award sale from United and we're headed to the AO (after stopping in New Zealand -- this is our first time west of Alaska)! Would appreciate any tips or tricks. Looks like single tickets are going on sale soon (I did sign up for a Ticketek account a few days ago but...
  2. woodje12

    French Open personal experience = meh

    Don't get me wrong, Paris in the spring is pretty spectacular as is the RG landscaping, but I have to say RG was a disappointment in terms of pure tennis. I would put my fan experience at 2017 Indian Wells far above it and probably even 2015 Cincinnati above it. Here's why: 1) Scheduling --...
  3. woodje12

    Adidas Fast 4 Challenge Event and Boost Barricade review

    So not to brag, OK maybe a little, but had a chance to play in this amazing Adidas event in Atlanta last night. (This almost makes up for ONLY having a 3rd tier ATP event in what is Mecca for adult tennis leagues) Anyway, it was a free one night doubles tournie where you played to 4 games...