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  1. joekapa

    Wimbledon 2019 final - Novak's/Roger's turning point.

    I don't know what it is. It is obvious that yesterday's final was special. Very special. Mental fortitude. But I have this gut feeling that this will be the turning point to where Djokovic finally get's the respect he deserves from the tennis establishment, and fans alike. Yesterday Djokovic...
  2. joekapa

    Marcos Baghdatis to retire at Wimbledon

    Good luck to a man with text book strokes, and the best smile the game has ever seen.
  3. joekapa

    Where is the official Rome ATP thread ? I cannot see it !!!!!

    Can someone either provide a link to it, or can the moderators please explain why I am having trouble seeing threads in this section ?
  4. joekapa

    Cilic out of Madrid !

  5. joekapa

    Janko Tipsarevic Interview - The Tennis Podcast

    Perhaps one of the best interviews I have ever heard by a tennis player. Listen to the WHOLE interview. Controversial views, but articulated so well by Janko. If only other tennis players (especially the big-3) had the guts to be so candid. His views on tennis politics were FANTASTC. David...
  6. joekapa

    The Roar that marked the greatest comeback in tennis history.

    Will never forget it. Awe inspiring.
  7. joekapa

    Does anybody have the post-match video ? Djoko 2019 Wimby.

    Is there a post-match video floating anywhere in cyber-land. The customary video where the winner walks to the clubhouse, and greets the guests and officials. There are bits, here and there, but I want the full video........until he raises the trophy on the balcony.......
  8. joekapa

    Dominic Thiem: 'Novak Djokovic was the best I ever played'

    http://www.**************.org/tennis/news/Novak_Djokovic/50452/dominic-thiem-novak-djokovic-was-the-best-i-ever-played-/? 'I think now it's against Rafa on a clay court, it's unbelievable', said Thiem, who lost to Nadal twice in 2017 and got the "revenge"...
  9. joekapa

    Nadal takes underhanded swipe at Federer/Murray " Nadal took a veiled swipe at great rival Roger Federer and local favourite Andy Murray while lashing organisers for what he sees as preferential...
  10. joekapa

    Head Graphene XT Prestige S Racket Has anybody ever hit with this racket ? Any views on it ? What does it play like. I play with a Prince 100P. Does it play similar ? I see that it has low stiffness, which is good on the arm...
  11. joekapa

    Djokovic - Peugeot

    Have they split ? Noticed that he no longer displays Peugeot on his shirts, at Doha.
  12. joekapa

    Djokovic is finished.

    I am a fan of Djokovic as most of you probably know. But after todays post on his Instagram account, I will say this. His career is finished. He looks gaunt, and unhealthy. He has lost a tonne of weight, which is evident from his sunken eyes, and I am afraid he is reaching the point of no...
  13. joekapa

    Interesting podcast They talk about Djokovic's demeanour during the final, and how he was "depressed". What amazes me about this podcast, which I have been listening to it for a while now, is how the commentators (David Law, Catherine Whitaker), have started to...
  14. joekapa

    WTF London 2016 RR - (Battle of the Serbs) Djokovic vs Raonic

    Will the Balkan bruiser, take out the watered down Canadian Serb ? Will the Canadian serve his way to his first win ? Thoughts please.
  15. joekapa

    DJOKOVIC GOING FOR HISTORY, RETURN TO NO. 1 IN LONDON Interesting aspects of the article : That’s putting it gently. And along with success, Djokovic has embraced his role as a leader for the sport. At tournaments, he’ll lead kids’ clinics and greet...
  16. joekapa

    Prince Apparel Japan

    Why does Prince sell different apparel in Japan, than they do in either the US, or Europe ? Looking at the following link, the Prince apparel looks FANTASTIC compared to the stuff available for sale on TW.
  17. joekapa

    Joma Apparel

    Will be putting an order through for some new tennis apparel. Shorts and tops. Would like to know about Joma apparel. Is it cheap for a reason ? Will it last ? I really like the basic, yet stylish look of the tops. How do they wear ? I am 185cm, 85 kilos (will get to 80 kg soon). Medium...
  18. joekapa

    Prince Phantom

    New racquet coming from Prince ? This company...
  19. joekapa

    Prince Textreme Tour 100P vs Wilson Blade (18x20)

    Hey guy's. I have been playing with a Wilson Blade (18x20), with Luxilon Alu Power string (@22kg) for the past 6 months. I like this racquet a lot. It provides ample power, and an unbelievable feel ( I know exactly where the ball will go as soon as it leaves the racquet. I recently bought a...
  20. joekapa

    Djokovic - Grass Season

    Can someone please tell me why Djokovic does not play any of the pre-Wimbledon grass tournaments ? Wouldn't it be preferable for him to play ?
  21. joekapa

    What are the chances of RG Final on Monday ?

    Any news/whispers from officials ? There is no way the top half can play 3 matches in 4 days.
  22. joekapa

    If Djokovic breaks/equals Federer's 17, what would that mean to Fed's "deals" ?

    Easy question. Perhaps someone who is involved in marketing could answer this better. If Djokovic breaks/equals Federer's 17 slams (not that they mean much anyway, in my book), what would it mean to his sponsorship deals ? It would be a MAJOR "spoke in the wheel" in his overall "aura"...
  23. joekapa

    Murray - Rado ?

    I have noticed that Andy is not sporting his usual watch brand (RADO). Does it mean that they have parted ways ?
  24. joekapa

    Rafael Nadal: ´Novak Djokovic the Toughest Opponent I Ever Had´

    http://www.**************.org/Rafael-Nadal-Novak-Djokovic-the-Toughest-Opponent-I-Ever-Had-articolo25800.html ""To me, playing against Roger Federer has been a honour. There has always been a lot of respect between us. We lived together some of the most important moments in our careers. Our...
  25. joekapa

    Prince Textreme Tour 100T VS Prince Tour 100T Racket

    Hi guys. Have been wondering if anybody has tried either the Prince Textreme Tour 100T, or the Prince Tour 100T. I am looking to purchase either of these sticks, but don't have the luxury of testing either of them. I currently use a "Prince EXO3 Black Team" (I know, it's old), and have been...