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    Just more curiousity than anything: Any top ATP guys still using the Prestige (and/or pro stock variants)?

    Asides from Murray and his open PT57, I can't think of any pro's that use one... Seem's to be a shift towards slightly more powerful frames like the Radicals and Blades. With the juniors coming up with Pure Drives/Aeros/Strikes/Blades/Speeds and the Yonex brand making a huge splash, I wonder if...
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    Where to add lead to make a Youtek Prestige MP as close to a Prestige Mid as possible?

    Hey guys, just have a YouTek Prestige MP and a YouTek IG Prestige Mid. I know the IG and non IG will have some difference but besides that, weight wise... how do I best get the whipp-iness and plow of the Mid on the MP? Both have leather grips... On the Prestige MP, i currently have 2g at...
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    Bought a one size smaller grip size for "room" to modify. What are my options?

    Hey all, Playing around with a Pure Aero a bit. Coming from control frames, this is different but... I kind of like it. I expected the Babolat arm killer but so far... its been OK. So much bigger than al the other frames i've used so maybe I'm cleaner. Anyhow, it seemed a more head heavy frame...
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    (DR98 customizing) - What makes me love my 6.1 95 so much for doubles?

    Hey guys, Loving the re-release of the 6.1 95 18x20. Played with the 16x18 in the past. Had great results with the 6.1 this year. However, on the off season, and in singles, I just want a bit more forgiveness in terms of head size. I picked up a DR98 because if rave reviews for how it feels...
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    Platform Stance and "falling over" - Wrong foot to have weight on? Toss?

    Hey guys, Was wondering if anyone can have advice if they've experienced this before. I've "seen" video of me before (not on my device and I don't even know if the person kept it hence can't upload) but I seem to fall over to my left (right handed) slightly, even before making contact. I don't...
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    Basic question on tail weighing a balanced racquet like the Blade?

    Hey guys, Probably a really simple question for you guys who understand. I'm going to ask the question about a racquet like the Blade; a racquet that has a pretty even balance, and one that most agree can be used at higher levels of play without lead due to the fact that it has quite a bit of...
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    Shoulder pain after a serve motion modification (exp player)

    Hey guys, So I recently did a bit of an adjustment to my motion. My adjustment was to have some more "upper body rotation" in my serve. e.g. after the change, if you were looking at me from the back fence, you would see more of my chest, versus before where I was facing the net more. I...
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    ATP Stats?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know where I can get some data for ATP/tennis or even sports in general? Was actually just doing a work/personal project using some data tools and thought it would be interesting to find data i actually care about. Stuff on Google seems like its all for sale perhaps for...
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    Deluding myself for even thinking of going back to a mid?

    Hey guys, Know this can be a sensitive topic around here but don't mean it to be so I'll try to be brief! Racquet background: Started playing around 6 years ago, started with a Prestige Pro. Since then have tried and moved on from Wilson 6.1 95 16x18/BLX90. Had a long stint with leaded up...
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    Considering that Rogers has Rogers Cup - they're tennis decisions are strange

    They tape delay the Nadal match fine.. then they show the Fed match first to spoil everything and show Nadal match after? We need tennis channel. Sorry just need to rant.
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    Finally found racquets I like.."Backup"?

    Hello, Like msot on here I went thorugh quite a few racquet switch's and such over the years. I've finally reached a point hwere I like the stick, I found the tension I like and I've been hitting with it for longer than I have with any other stick consistently. And even when I'm not hitting...
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    Question for Chris regarding tension for a leaded Prestige MP

    Hi Chris, I have a Youtek Prestige MP with a leather grip, 2g in the handle and 4g split between 3 and 9 as well as another 4 at 12. Its about 358g now total, about 7-8 pts headlight. Its a hefty stick now but I like the plow through, like my BLX90 but more stable due to the size as well...
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    Prestige MP and Lead question

    Hi guys, Just have a question two about lead customization. 1) TW listed my YouTek Prestige MP @ 6 pts headlight. Currently my setup is: 2g at 3 and 9 (4g total for both sides) 4g at 12 2g in the handle. I expected the balance to be almost head heavy but according to...
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    Youtek Prestige MP: where to lead to get mass and balance closer to 6.1 90

    Hi guys, I have searched but could not find the specific answers to my question. Currently my prestige is leaded with 4g at 12 o'clock. Plowthrough and swingweight is much better than stock. However at 344g strung I still miss my mass that I had with my BLX90. What I'm looking for is not...
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    when is a backup "too different? (Prestige related)

    Hey guys, I own a YT Prestige MP and was looking for a backup. Originally was going to get another YouTek but wanted to give the IG a try. I found it softer and a bit more head heavy. Unfortunately with the short time I have to demo it I can't really tell in the long run how hard it will be...
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    String reccomendation for Youtek Prestige MP

    Hi guys, I've searched the forums already.. but didn't find any information relating to what I needed. Anyhow, some background: I currently play with a BLX Six One Tour and its my main racquet. I also have a Six one 95 - 16x18 but my issue with this racquet is the touch and feel at...
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    Djokovic's serve changes

    Was doing a search but didn't see anything specifically addressing what exactly Novak adjusted on his serve? Or was it just mental? I remmeber at one point he had a straight arm takeback but was this a result of Todd Martin?
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    Second serve help, Hitting too much through ball

    Hey Guys, I have searched and have read many second serve threads, I'm just wondering if anyone can give me any insight on my particular issue. I'm about 5'11 and serve with a platform stance and continental grip. I'm somehwat happy with my first serves but obviously always want to...
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    Youtek Prestige MP string set up or racquet vs say a BLX??

    Hey guys, I am currently using a MG Prestige Pro strung with Alu Rough I love it but need a second racquet. Since this is my first time going for two racquets I figure instead of grabbing another Prestige, i'm gonna try another racquet an "upgrade" and then grab a second of whatever stick...
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    Quick question on fatigue

    Hey guys, Thought I was in okay shape (play regularly, ski instructor in winter so I ski regularly), I also ride bikes very often in the summer as well. Today playing some sets we warmed up then rallid hard for about 30 mins, then started a set. After 2games I was feeling pretty tired...
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    Warming up Shoulder?

    Hey guys, quick question.. Before when I used to have bad technique, I used to make my shoulder sore. After fixing up the technique with a pro, I have no more issues. However, I'm still scared to go 100% (or 90%) on my serves in fear of the shoulder for the first set. After this ...
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    Having a hard time deciding between a K95(16x18) AND A mg prestige mid+

    I've demo'd both separately for the past week, and will probably try the K95 again today, just to have it fresh in my mind. I do like both frames, they seem to both have their positives and negatives, K95: the K95 seems to be a very solid racquet that feels very stable obviously due to...
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    Looking at 2 raquets to demo. Balance between power/control.

    Hey guys. Currently using a Kfactor Zen team. i like it, but its a bit too light. Before buying I just want to grab a few to demo. I like to play from the baseline, and hit with a lot of topspin, but I do occasionally (want want to increase this from occasional to "commonly") go to the...
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    Having trouble deciding between 1hbh and 2hbh

    First of all..I did search. There were only a few threads with very similar parameters and weren't many replies so i decided to post another one. Quick Intro: Basically, I first started tennis when I was 7-8. Dad been a recreational tennis player pretty much all his life so he wanted me to...