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    Critique My Serve

    You probably can already see for yourself, but you're weight is falling towards your left too much after contact. You can't see it well from this angle but you're tossing arm isn't vertical enough. Try lowering your right hip during the coil phase to naturally lift your tossing arm more...
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    Putting short balls into the net

    Depends on how far into the court you have to hit the short ball from and what height the ball is when you're making impact. If you are getting short balls that are already lower than net height, then your swing path trajectory should finish higher. If these short balls are just bad lobs by...
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    Hydrogen Sports PROTON

    Much better discussion of said ball launcher here: I submitted a pre-order and the expected delivery date is some time next summer. I'll give feedback when I finally get my hands on it.
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    Hydrogen Sports PROTON

    Yeah I found that odd, I suppose it was the most cost effective way of varying horizontal feeds. They could easily encase with a rubber cover or something to avoid court damage.
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    What NTRP are these 2 ?

    I also agree that guy doesn't seem like a pusher. There are multiple points he comes in off a slice or topspin approach to finish with a volley. The videos only show highlights so can't see how many double faults they commit vs good 1st serves. But off of just a very small highlight clip...
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    Dink serve is a free point generating slot machine

    In that video Mackie isn't pushing over dink serves, and even Mackie was double faulting trying to hit extreme underhand side spin serves into the box.
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    Dink serve is a free point generating slot machine

    You don't have to approach on a dink return, in fact probably best you don't. If they dink serve, dink return. If they lob, lob back. If they drop shot, drop shot back. Just do it better than them.
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    Dink serve is a free point generating slot machine

    Why not dink return a dink serve? Surely it's easier to put a dink return into play (off a dink serve) when you have the whole court open as opposed to just one service box? Dink the dinker.
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    Hydrogen Sports PROTON

    So it sounds like the Proton ball launcher actually received enough private funding that they no longer nee to crowd-source funds. Based on an email from them: So still a 25% deposit, but I suppose nowhere as painful as all the people who put down full pre-orders for the slinger. I am still...
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    Update on tennis serve

    You can still hit slice with the toss at 12 o'clock. But your contact point is much to far to your right, which means now your arm is fully stretched wide to the right moreso than being stretched upwards towards 12 o'clock. Thus, you're hitting at a lower height than the ideal contact point...
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    Poor Badteeth...DESTROYED once more, LOL!

    I enjoyed watching the match, you made your opponent hit a few extra shots - that slice retrieval at 1:16 was nice. Your opponent's toss is interesting, reminds me of the way ping pong players like to conceal the start of their toss with their body.
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    Bringing weak 4.0 volleyer to the net

    If you've ever read Brad Gilbert's "Winning Ugly" there's a story he recounts of a club player who loved to run and retrieve balls but sucked at net. During once exchange, basically the other club player would hit a drop shot, and the retriever would scramble up, hit a shot, and run back to...
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    Can anyone tell the speed of this serve?

    I think we are mostly in agreement. There are very few people who can perform athletic feats that we typically only see pros perform. Something like performing a dunk is an athletic feat that probably 99% of the population cannot do. But on a basketball forum, I'm sure there are some who...
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    Can anyone tell the speed of this serve?

    I agree that 115 mph isn't something everyone can do, I certainly have never done it before, but I think we have to acknowledge the variance in speed measuring techniques. A good deal depends on where the radar is placed, and whether it's able to pick up the ball right off the racquet as...
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    Can anyone tell the speed of this serve?

    I think too many people conflate raw service speed with professional tennis when in reality, the ability to hit a serve 115 mph+ once out of every ten tries has nothing to do with successful pros on tour. It's like the plethora of amateur streetballers who can easily dunk, some of them...
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    Hydrogen Sports PROTON

    Other than the slinger, has there been any other notable crowd-funded ball machines? This also begs the question, why have some of the more notable companies like Lobster or Silent Partner not target the market for smaller, lighter, and more portable ball machines? There's clearly demand, is...
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    Hydrogen Sports PROTON

    From their own FAQ section: So let's estimate maybe 6 months of "customer databasing" and then let's go with 12 months to delivery. Which brings us to around beginning of 2021, but then keep in mind most people are going to be using ball machines in the winter so it'll likely be a good...
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    Doubles server’s rare tactic to win a point!

    I've come close to hitting the opposing net player a few times, none of which were intentional, it always happens on the duece side (I'm a righty). Looks like Alize should have just not moved and the serve would have bounced between her legs haha.
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    Coco Goff started playing tennis 7 years ago.

    I don't see what's wrong with hyping Stephens, she's a legitimate grand slam champion. Osaka is technically a US citizen and is heavily marketed in the US. Additionally, she'll have to make a choice soon about whether she wants to give up her US citizenship to stay a Japanese citizen or lose...
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    Essential tennis some new set video

    Kevin Garlington competed (and won) a few futures matches in the 2000s and has been coaching tennis ever since. I'd be shocked if he struggled to be competitive at USTA 4.5. I believe Essential Tennis even made a video a while back welcoming viewers to challenge them.
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    Pickleball is spreading

    I don't have anything against Pickleball except for the fact that it seems they're taking over tennis courts rather than having their own space created, particularly for indoor tennis clubs where there is demand for both. The 'kitchen' rule doesn't really bother me. I like table tennis and...
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    Practiced the underhanded slice serve today. HOLY #$%# !!!

    1. I played a 4.0 tournament in Roosevelt Island about three years ago, one guy had an absolute bomb of a serve, where the opponent was lucky to get a racquet on 1st serves, and never attempted any topspin returns on 1sts. I've also played in USTA leagues where ex-club college guys play 4.0...
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    Practiced the underhanded slice serve today. HOLY #$%# !!!

    3.5s in general don't have what kind of control? The type needed to slice underhand? I disagree. Underhanded serving is much easier than trying to generate RHS for an aggressive kick. Given adequate practice most if not all 3.5s should miss less with an underhand slice serve than an overhead...
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    Practiced the underhanded slice serve today. HOLY #$%# !!!

    Struff didn't win the match because of one under-handed serve by Krygios, but you're missing my larger point. Most rec players (say 3.0 - 4.0) don't have strong second serves. Some players flatly bunt the ball in, and give the returner a point of contact above net level. Some slow their...
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    Practiced the underhanded slice serve today. HOLY #$%# !!!

    To be fair: 1. most of our opponents are not on Struff's return, speed, nor volley level. 2. Even Struff did not return for an outright winner 3. It's actually achievable for us to hit an underhanded serve near the same quality as Kyrgios'. Perhaps the shot with the least discrepancy in quality...
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    Essential tennis NTRP 5.0 Tennis match play

    Seems like the last part is out. Nate seemed pretty nervous and tight throughout the whole doubles match. Double-faulted at least once each service game. Nate's also been out of the game the longest. Both Scott and Nate played D1 while Ian played D2 and Kevin also played D1.
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    More Amateur Tennis [1080p 60fps]

    Impressive volleys from both of you guys. Your friend seems to like hitting slice serves a lot
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    Is playing with spin actually safer?

    Same is true for topspin vs taking RHS off flat serve for a second serve. Conditional upon hitting the piece of the ball cleanly, a high RHS topspin serve is safer than a slowed down flat swing. However achieving that clean contact requires a lot more focus.
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    No money in tennis outside of top 200

    To the OP: There may not be much money in tournament winnings of an ATP player, but what about earnings potential of a top 300 tennis coach - or even top 3,000? I'd imagine most players who've earned some points on the tour could do quite well as coaching pros or maybe even a head coach of a...
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    Defense, Thy Name is De Minaur

    Racquet head speed, thy name is Nadal.