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    Multifilament vs Synthetic Gut for Different Level Players

    If money is not an issue, meaning they don't mind paying for restrings every 4-6 weeks, NXT or YTEK MicroFiber-X would be my first recommendation.
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    Strings for different level players

    Pro Tour is the lowest power poly I think I've played with since I started stringing. It works great for me since I'm swing heavy sticks. I can't think of anybody I string for or see on the courts regularly that could hit with it and not tear up a joint because they either lack the swing...
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    Strings for different level players

    THIS ... Before I started stringing I overplayed with a thick poly - probably didn't have the stroke mechanics then and I wanted to save $$$ - and tore up my elbow. Went back to Sgut and was playing again in three weeks with no issues. Unfortunately (or fortunately), that was the gateway to...
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    Strings for different level players

    When it comes to strings, I pretty much try something new at least once every other week. From playing with a new strings or string combinations to playing a hybrid, with the main or cross or both, at differents tension to see if it plays better. The last month or so I have been play testing...
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    Tier One Sports

    I tried GW as a full bed and for me it was underwhelming. Really didn't feel like the strings could 'grip' the ball. New balls tended to slide across the string bed. Tried it at two different tensions. It might be a difference experience if one hits with a flatter ball. Volleys were not...
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    Tier One Sports

    I think both RIP's texture and slick surface really do accentuates spin potential with just about any string. Yes, for me in hybrid set up, RIP does play well at higher tensions 65# and over as a main. I've played with it as high as 75# in the mains and 65# when strung as a cross. For about...
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    Do you call a footfault

    Honestly, I don't see how any tennis player foot faults when serving. It is the only part of the game a player absolute control on their body and technique.
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    Should the Mains be tighter or Crosses?

    A +/- 2 lb differential probably won't be noticeable by the average rec player during match play. Players simply adjust their strokes to compensate. At 4 lb (and beyond), depending on the string, changes in launch angle, depth, spin, touch and etcetera become evident to me. With most strings...
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    Firewire initial thoughts

    @beltsman Not only that, but the tension you play FW at drastically changes how it plays, too.
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    Firewire initial thoughts

    So you did a full bed of Firewire (black) right? Firewire mains with tour status crosses is nice. I think you will see a little more predictability on your FH in a hybrid, no matter what cross string you use, and you won't sacrifice the great spin FW produces. IMHO, full bed or hybrid, one...
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    I have no idea what string and tension would fit me best.

    Did the person who strung the racquet three years ago, string it this time? Did they both use the same stringer?
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    Backup Racquet

    You might as well buy a third. You will want one in your bag for days when there a extreme temperature or humidity change. Is your new purchase the exact same weight and balance as your first?
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    Strings for different level players

    My guidelines FWIW: 1. Not until you played with the string for at least 30 days, strung it in at least two hybrid set ups and or played it in two different frames. If you don't know how a string behaves in different setups, you really can't give objective advice. If someone is wants a...
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    New firewire fan!

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    Where to start trying new strings?

    I second this piece of advice and say get a third. Side by side comparisons are much easier to analyze.
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    Higher tension in poly

    Tier One Strike Force RIP, YTex Quadro Pro Twist
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    String help!!

    I'm with @Lefty5, find a new stringer. He's use to string for women with less coordination and upper body strength. One thing you might consider is adjusting the balance and making it a wee bit head light. Take the grips and cap off, add a half ounce of weight inside the shaft of the grip...
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    Tier 1 Black Knight

    My starting point would be to string mains at 55# and QPT at 52#. Normally, I put my cross string 6# below the mains, but QPT is a lively string so I'm putting it in a little higher than normal.
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    Yeah, I wouldn't do a high differential on a Head or Prince frame. Just not enough meat on the bone so to speak. Babolat, except for the Aero line, can handle the differential IMHO with ease, but I think that is primarily due to its woofer system.
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    String broken in 2 days?

    You can't put anything less than 16g string in a spin effect and expect it to last. I strung one with 17g and a 12 y.o. who hit with lots of spin and pace for size and age broke it in a week. Went to 16g when I restrung it and it lasted longer, but it wasn't long before he popped it. Now, I...
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    Tier 1 Black Knight

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    Search for a smooth poly string

    Try Tier One's Strike Force RIP as a cross string. Not as comfy as Ghostwire, but it feels a lot slipperier.
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    String breaking problem- looking for a durable poly

    Try a set of Prince XC Tour. IMHO, it is the last step in poly before making the jump to Kevlar.
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    Tier One Ghostwire

    Hmmm... Interesting. It was a pertinent question only because open pattern sticks tend to burn through string faster. Yeah, you might try bumping both cross and mains one gauge. Out of curiosity, how many hours of play are getting before a string pops?
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    Tier One Ghostwire

    What racquet?
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    What is the correlation of the number of edges in a shaped poly have to do with spin potential?

    Oh, heck no! :eek: I describe the process here: String mains first and pull tension on the current cross string after pushing it against the previous tensioned string. I'm hoping it was too much...
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    What is the correlation of the number of edges in a shaped poly have to do with spin potential?

    When it comes to gripping the ball, I think triangle, cube then rough - in this order - judging by the ball fuzz left in the string bed during a hitting session, are the most effective shapes. While I don't think these shape provide much in the way of grip, it does stands to reason that hex and...
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    What is the correlation of the number of edges in a shaped poly have to do with spin potential?

    Start with @TierOneSportsOfficial Firewire as your main string. Put in whatever cross you string you want. I've tested nylon, sgut, multifils, kev and poly as crosses. Multifils won't last that long because Firewire (and any other triangle shape) will shave your cross with each stroke. Sgut...
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    What is the correlation of the number of edges in a shaped poly have to do with spin potential?

    I agree with the first three points. On string shape, IME, I believe triangle shaped polys out perform squares. If the mains are strung the right way, so that one of the three hypotenuses lays flat against the cross string, the spin potential seems much greater due to the sharp edges facing...
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    Tier One Ghostwire

    What gauge did you play with? Did you play in hybrid?