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  1. kabob

    Watching Thiem vs Dimitrov reminds me of Federer in 2013

    You sense that greatness is there and juuust around the corner but why the heck is he missing so many service returns and struggling with defense and rallying? Shouldn't their serves be more effective? No surprise that thus far they've both achieved about as much as '13 Federer. Great for a pro...
  2. kabob

    A moment of silence for Roger Federer's back...

    PSYCHE! But... but.. Roger, what about your back?
  3. kabob

    Did one of you write this post-match post mortem on Federer?

    I mean, it has all the earmarks of one you Hand Wringerers: bad back worries, not giving the opponent enough credit, hypercritical if Fed's play, etc. Fess up, we won't judge :D
  4. kabob

    WTB 2 (two) Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Sig 4 3/8

    Would prefer unstrung or with either Wilson NXT Control 16G or a quality gut/co=poly hybrid only, Please no offers for an L2 (4 1/4)/L4 (4 1/2)/bigger grip size. L3 (4 3/8) size only. Looking for two but if you have three for a good price, I'll consider it. Have for offer in trade plus cash...
  5. kabob

    shaneno, honest quick shipper!

    I got a BLX Pro Staff 95 from him for an excellent price and he had a tracking label for me as soon as payment was made via Paypal. Racket arrived in the exact condition mentioned in his classified thread. Thanks!
  6. kabob

    FINALLY, a journalist hits the nail on the head: Why is America so angry?

    This guy is my hero. He articulated exactly what I think is at the heart of the issue and the backlash behind Serena Williams' tirade last night. Bravo!
  7. kabob

    Buy from Kenn and you'll be super satisfied

    He might be a newbie but he's mroe than on the up and up! Guy is a tester for Pacific and not only sent me a nearly brand new KBlade Tour 93 with a fresh Tecnifibre stringjob for a fair price, he sent me two extra packs of strings and a Nike compression wristband at no extra charge :shock...
  8. kabob

    FS/FT: Two (2) Donnay Pro One Int 95 with 4 1/2" grips

    Racquets are about in 8.5/10 condition (some scuffing around the hoop from doubles but nothing major and no cracks). Both racquets are strung with Klip Legend 16g natural gut crosses and Babolat Hurrican poly mains at midrange (55 lbs). Synthetic grip was replaced with Wilson leather on both...
  9. kabob

    Wanted: Wilson KBlade Tour (93) in L3 4 3/8

    I am willing to pony up $120 shipped via Paypal for an 8.5+ condition KBT with the original leather grip (or a suitable replacement leather one). Not interested in purchasing or acquiring any other frames. Also willing to trade a pair of Donnay Pro One Inter 95's in 4 1/2 grip size that are...
  10. kabob

    FT: Head MG Prestige Pro L4 4 1/2" (for K Blade Tour)

    As the title says, wanting to trade a 9.0 condition (no scuffs or abrasions on the paint, just normal scuffs on the CAP) Head MG Prestige Pro with L4 4 1/2" grip for a K Blade Tour with same size L4 grip. NOTE: not the KTour, I'm asking for a K Blade Tour. Do not care whether it's strung or not...
  11. kabob

    FS/T: Prince Original Graphite POG and Diablo Tour Mid (4.5")

    Graphite Original Mid 93 is a new version that I purchased from TW last month. It is strung at midrange with 16g Klip Legend gut crosses and 17g Hardcore mains (for those that remember, this was Klip's Adrenalin hybrid setup that TW used to sell). Original leather still intact; 8.5 condition...
  12. kabob

    Wanted: Head Microgel Prestige Pro (4 1/2 grip)

    What the title says. Not interested in any other racquets. Just want a Microgel Prestige Pro with the 16x19 string pattern in 4.5" grip. Prefer that it be unstrung, if possible. If it has a leather grip, awesome, I'll be your best friend. Willing to pay cash (reasonable offer) or trade for...
  13. kabob

    What's going on with the Bryan Brothers?

    Is it just me or does it seem as if the Bryan Brothers are struggling to win titles ever since they switched from Wilson to Prince? Having the Tennis Channel at home, thankfully I've been able to watch their matches at a couple of tournaments now, including the Aussie Open, and it just seems...
  14. kabob

    Need POG mid and Gamma G325 in L4 (4.5"), wanting multiple rackets!

    I want to buy either one or two POG mid with the original leather grip intact, if possible. I'd prefer the newer "Tour" versions of the POG but if you have an older 4-stripe in good condition at a decent price, I'd be willing to consider it. As for the Gamma G325, I'll also take one or two but...
  15. kabob

    <Jay> is an awesome seller :)

    He responded to my e-mails promptly, was flexible on price and sent me high resolution pics on request. I bought a pair of Prince Graphite Originals from him and they looked barely played. Good guy!
  16. kabob

    Wanted: Tecnifibre 335 16x20 in 4.5" grip (maybe 2)

    No, I don't want the 320. No, I don't want the 18x20 pattern racquets. If you have an 8.5 condition or above TFight 335 in 16x20 and an L4 (4.5") grip, let's negotiate :) Please reply here or e-mail me at
  17. kabob

    Can someone give me a review of the Technifibre 335 16x20?

    I'm not a fan of 18x20 racquets and have an opportunity to get the 335 16x20 for decent price but I have to jump on it soon. Can anyone that hits with it regularly give me their thoughts? I've been playing with the nCode Tour 90 and the PS 6.0 85 but the small headsize is becoming a...
  18. kabob

    F/S or Trade: Wilson nCode Tour 95 18x20 in L4 (4.5") grip

    Racquet is strung at midrange (I think 55 lbs.) with Babolat X-Cel Premium 17G. Synthetic grip has been replaced with Wilson leather although I will swap that with a brand new synthetic grip at buyer's request at no charge. Racquet is in 9.0 condition as I almost never played with it. Does...
  19. kabob

    For Sale/Trade: Two Wilson PS Tour 90 in L4 (4.5") grip

    **sold *** Sold *** Sold ***
  20. kabob

    (1) Wilson nCode six-one TEAM 95 (18x20) in L4 (4.5") grip

    Looking for the heavier American version, not the Asian or Euro version. Not interested in the overly-spinny, too-light 16x18 standard version, either. Racquet needs to be L4 (4.5") grip and if it's regripped with leather, I'll definitely buy. I request you name your price for consideration...
  21. kabob

    F/S or Trade: Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 Stretch MidPlus in L4 (4.5") grip

    Racquet is in excellent 8.5/10 condition, just the usual scuffs associated with play. No rashes cracks, abrasions, etc. Has brand new Wilson replacement leather on her but I can replace that with a synthetic grip of buyer's choose at no extra charge. Also has Babolat X-Cel Premium 17G string @...
  22. kabob

    PS 6.1 Classic (leather L4 4.5" grip) and PS Tour 90 (L4)

    The PS Classic 6.1 is in excellent 8.5/10 condition; no rashes, cracks or abrasions. This is an older white buttcap model (stiffer, slightly heavier than newer). Strung with Wilson Sensation 16G @ 55 lbs. Brand new Wilson replacement leather overgripped with Tournagrip (can remove on request)...
  23. kabob

    Hybrid stringing with Pro Staff and nCode Tour 90

    I have been playing with Babolat X-cel Premium 17G all around with my Tour 90s (both Pro Staff and nCode) but the strings start to move after only a few hours' use and then break within 6 weeks' time. I bought the econo 12-pack of Gosen Micro Sheep 16G to use for hybrid purposes with the Babo...
  24. kabob

    Wilson nCode Tour 90 in L4 (4.5") grip -- may buy 2

    Must be in at least 8.5 condition with the original leather. If willing to part with for $220 shipped for a matched pair, will buy two. Otherwise, just looking for one and will pay up to $120 shipped depending on condition and if it's strung. Sorry, not interested in trades. Please send...
  25. kabob

    Testing the water: Wanting to trade 3 Pro Staff Tour 90s (4 1/2) for nCode Tour 90s

    I have three Wilson Pro Staff Tour 90s with the original leather replaced with Wilson replacement leather (a little thicker and only a few hours played on each... all 3 are overgripped with tournagrip xl, anyways). L4 grip size (4 1/2"). One is in 8.5-ish condition (very minor scuffs and...
  26. kabob

    F/S: Wilson Jack Kramer Pro Staff 85 (St. Vincent) in L4 (4.5") grip

    Racquet is in 9.5 condition with original leather (almost no scratching on hoop, "Fairway" gold inscription still visible on grip). Not sure what strings are on the racquet (bought it used) and if buyer wishes, I can cut them out to save on shipping. Asking $85 + shipping. Send inquiries to...
  27. kabob

    F/S: Two Fischer Pro Tour Extreme FT 95 racquets L4 (4.5") w/ covers

    **Racquets have been sold**
  28. kabob

    Disgusted that the non-Federer/Nadal semi isn't airing live on broadcast TV

    Instead, NBC is airing the Nadal/Ferrer 1/4final for the 3rd or 4th time :confused:
  29. kabob

    Nike Shox Ace review

    I got a pair for $80 shipped from **** and I am a consistent NTRP 4.0 singles/doubles player for some background :) Day 1 After two hours of play, I'm a little disappointed. And the problem is one thing but that one thing might have me chalking up this purchase as a loss and scrounging...