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  1. jm1980

    Fans not happy

    I take offense at Medvedev showing a positive emotion
  2. jm1980

    Where will Murray be ranked by the end of 2020?

    Looks like most people have him at about Top 20 I think he's too good to not get at least into the Top 10, but we'll see...
  3. jm1980

    Is it legal for your opponent to wave his racket/arms while you're hitting?

    The word comes from South African Dutch (the animal is native to Southern Africa) and in Dutch it's spelled that way. It just means "wild beast"
  4. jm1980

    Sharapova admits grunting hurts her throat

    It's worse. It's the Sun quoting Tennis World
  5. jm1980

    Wedding of the Century :)

    Was Nadal invited to Fed's wedding?
  6. jm1980

    Jack Sock at risk of being completely unranked due to mediocre performances this year - was top 10 less than 2 years ago

    Compared to the average male? Sure, but not compared to the average tennis player
  7. jm1980

    Interesting happenings with NorCal 40+ 4.5+ Nationals representative

    I honestly can't decide which is worse: the team that is built up with sandbaggers by a captain that shouldn't be captaining, but shows up anyway... Or the team(s) with friends in high places fabricating/exaggerating stories to DQ the former. How wonderful it must be to win at 40+ 4.5 that...
  8. jm1980

    Where will Murray be ranked by the end of 2020?

    Ranked outside the Top 500 just a few weeks ago, Murray has clawed his way back, and will be ranked #127 on Monday Where will he be ranked by the end of the 2020 ATP season?
  9. jm1980

    A better grass court player - Murray or Djokovic

    The comment didn't age very well either, with Nadal losing to an even older Gramperer in 2019
  10. jm1980

    Wedding of the Century :)

    It's an old picture that's been around... Rafa obviously would never have his wedding on such a fast surface
  11. jm1980

    Wedding of the Century :)

    "The first guests to Rafa Nadal's wedding are arriving. These are clearly from the groom's family." ROFLMAO :-D
  12. jm1980

    Tipsy retires from ATP

    Saved 9 MPs but ultimately lost to Sugita in the TB
  13. jm1980

    Wedding of the Century :)

    Was his pal Roger invited?
  14. jm1980

    Daniil Medvedev dismisses Roger Federer

    Whoever writes these articles for the Express will end up in the same circle of hell as the Tennis World guys
  15. jm1980

    Vid of two guys at a rec tournament, guess their level

    Plenty of 4.0s and higher make an inordinate number of errors Your typical 3.5 is not going to have the shot tolerance to hang with these guys
  16. jm1980

    Vid of two guys at a rec tournament, guess their level

    Saw a few points here and there. I'd say they look like above average 4.0, maybe close to 4.5 even Folks saying 3.5 haven't seen how 3.5s actually look like on video... Specially middle aged 3.5s
  17. jm1980

    Djokovic's signature shot

    Because your response would be the predictable "it's cherry picked!" And for once, you'd be right - a compilation of good shots doesn't prove much, but it's the exact same thing with a compilation of bad shots. You have to take a scientific approach and look at some cumulative statistics to...
  18. jm1980

    Djokovic's signature shot

    Yet many say it as if it were the truth... How does that make you feel as a Nadal fan? It's probably about the same as your claims here sound to Djokovic fans
  19. jm1980

    Djokovic's signature shot

    At least he is defending the baseline, and not the back fence behind the baseline like some do How many of Djokovic's matches that he plays against someone other than Nadal do you actually watch? Maybe we the fans, who have actually watch his matches, can see what he's actually doing, instead...
  20. jm1980

    Djokovic's signature shot

    This is not documentation. First and foremost, you are quoting the two worst tennis websites on the Internet: TW USA and The Express, the former already banned on TTW. Tennis World has this other gems from Becker alone just from the FIRST TWO PAGES of a Google search: "Boris Becker: 'I have a...
  21. jm1980

    Murray plans break from comeback

    Rafa wants to give his kid an age advantage over his rivals' children
  22. jm1980

    Djokovic's signature shot

    I have a bunch of full matches from Djokovic saved on my computer... One of these days I'll put together a compilation of every single overhead he hits in them. It's a lot of effort because it's literally days of footage. And I fully expect people who see want they want to see to remain unconvinced
  23. jm1980

    Is this the beginning of a new pro forehand era?

    Medvedev has a pretty safe FH even without all the topspin
  24. jm1980

    Do you think Men's 2019 Year End #1 will have won most titles for the year or no?

    Djokovic is tied with Nadal, Medvedev, and Thiem at 4 titles each
  25. jm1980

    Djokovic's signature shot

    Where's the "documentation"? A compilation video picking out the worst shots from a guy with more than 1000 career matches is completely meaningless, as you yourself has recognized (i.e.: "You can do this for every player.")
  26. jm1980

    Djokovic's signature shot

    Exactly. Like I said, videos like this one and the ones you posted prove nothing. Other than the fact that everyone can make bad mistakes on easy shots, including OHs
  27. jm1980

    Djokovic's signature shot

    This is like putting up a video like this to "prove" Federer is bad at all facets of tennis. This includes a few smashes missed smashes as well What do videos like this prove? That players occasionally make bad mistakes on easy shots. What a great revelation!
  28. jm1980

    Djokovic's signature shot

    If Djokovic winning 4 out of 5 points where he hits a smash "doesn't bear any resemblance to reality," then you are not paying any attention to his matches If he really did lose "most" of his overhead points, then constantly bringing him in and lobbing him would actually be a viable winning...
  29. jm1980

    Djokovic's signature shot

    What exactly would that prove? That Djokovic can put away a ball that he's supposed to put away? How pointless