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    Music - forgotten talents

    Post here about legends and wizards who have for whatever reason not received their due and are relatively unknown. I will start with Danny Gaton. Hailed as the greatest unknown guitarist in the world by Guitar Player magazine in 1989. Of whom none other than Steve Vai said, "He comes...
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    Halep-Bencic Dubai

    Wonderful, wonderful hitting in many rallies here by Bencic. Look how often she's inside the baseline and still striking lovely groundies with a crisp sound off the strings.
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    Edberg interview on (among other things) Federer

    Edberg was here in India and did a wonderful interview with the leading English daily Times of India, talking about his unique approach to S&V (getting close to the net rather than split stepping in the middle), his rivalry with Becker and of course his illustrious disciple, Federer. He dwelt...
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    Sampras v/s Safin - the precursor to the big upset

    Before Safin beat Sampras at the US Open in 2000 in what was then regarded as a gigantic upset, he had in fact served notice at Toronto by beating him in the quarter finals there. Interestingly, Djokovic too beat Federer at Montreal in 2007 before going on to beat him at the Australian Open the...
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    Fast swinging racquet for serving?

    I use a Yonex Tour G 310 and have done so for nearly two years now. Which is good enough time to get completely accustomed to and get the best out of a racquet (as best as I can anyway), I suppose. It's a beautiful racquet, feels like butter to hit with. I have only one problem: lifting it up...
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    I played Mischa Zverev today

    ...not really, but you get the point. Lefty and very eager to get to the net. Could hit a laser like DTL FH that kept low. Great slice BH and pretty sharp volleys too. Honestly, I have rarely ever felt the pressure of a net rusher before though I have played others who came to net. Because...
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    Two two slam winners in a year on the ATP - has it happened before?

    IF Nadal wins US Open, he would have two slams and Fed would have two as well. So the four slams split evenly between two players. Which year, if ever, has it happened before? I went up to the 80s and couldn't find any and I am pretty bad with tennis history.
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    Who is Karen Khachanov?

    This guy has beaten Berdych and Isner and is now into the fourth round. There may have been a "watch out for this young gun" thread for Khachanov, but I haven't noticed. Hit 51 winners with 20 UE against Berdych. Maybe they indicate how off colour Berdych is these days but good numbers...
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    Lord Fedr's amazing court coverage

    Check out at 0:50 in this here Wimbledon match from 2004. Pulled wide on the backhand side and Grosjean's hit the volley into the open court. Point should be over, no? ;) No 'agenda', just sharing for fun...
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    Jimmy Connors comment on racquet prep

    I am reading his autobiography The Outsider and came across a rather interesting quote which I am reproducing verbatim (emphasis mine): "My game was simple, but here are the two key ingredients. First, preparation. That was the foundation; be ready, racquet back, straight back, just like a...
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    Borg forehand grip

    I have generally heard people describe Borg's forehand grip as Eastern but at 1:20 in this video he describes it as Western. Also, his preparation and follow through is close (for that era) to the modern forehand.
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    Dunlop Power Master 95

    There's somebody who's offering to give me their old Dunlop Power Master 95 and I am trying to dissuade them from carrying it across the oceans by airplane. In the meantime, if I could get any information as to weight, RA and well, just how good a racquet was it, that would be great. I think...
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    Wawrinka v/s Gasquet Wimbledon 2015

    Was just re-watching the highlights of this epic QF clash from last year's Wimbledon. Maybe the most entertaining match of the tournament? Wawrinka was queasy on the grass but had the firepower while Gasquet was far more assured in his grass court tactics. Result, a combined tally of 119...
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    AO 2016 court pace

    No obligatory court pace thread yet? I could only catch the live telecast of Murray Zverev which was on Margaret Court Arena which looked fast-ish by AO standards. Looking at H/L of Halep-Zhang and Wawrinka-Tursunov again the court seemed to be playing fast considering it's AO. Opinions...
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    What's up with the slice?

    We saw today/yesterday (depending on your time zone) that Vinci used the slice to great effect against Serena. More surprisingly Serena did not handle the shot as well as a player of her caliber would have been expected to. Vinci is in her 30s. Pennetta who also plays a good slice is also in...