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  1. Chingoo1255

    FOR SALE: Prince Textreme Tour 100P 9/10 $125 shipped in CONUS

    2015? Or current with twaron?
  2. Chingoo1255

    Yonex Ezone DR CLUB!!!!~~~!!!

    So I blew the dust off of them last night. Based upon where my balls were going, I felt that the DR sure seemed to swing faster than all my rackets. I was pulling most of my shots to the left. Felt like I was unable to go down the line deuce side. I went back to my regular racket and I could go...
  3. Chingoo1255

    Yonex Ezone DR CLUB!!!!~~~!!!

    I bought two on sale right before they all got gone. Had both strung with the most expensive free Technifibre multi at mid tension. I love the rackets but cannot play with them! I’m a racket-holic and have wide range of different sizes, weights, balance, and swing weights. I can gel with them...
  4. Chingoo1255

    Good/bad feeling

    Good- hitting great serves against one doubles opponent Bad- hitting double faults all day long against the partner
  5. Chingoo1255

    Enlighten me

    Thanks for resetting my thought process. I started to look only at what happens after the bounce since there is so much ado about the spin creating a kick that helps create a heavy shot. Totally forgot about the spin allowing me to swing harder and still keep ball in.
  6. Chingoo1255

    Enlighten me

    What is topspin all about? Aside from deep topspin lobs it seems at lower levels topspin is either going into net or it sits up for receiver to tee off on. It also slows the ball enough that lots of people can reach the shot. Am I using it in wrong application cause that describes my topspin game.
  7. Chingoo1255

    Looking for Advice: Stringer <$1000

    Thanks. That’s exactly what I needed to know, if the refurbishment included touching up the cosmetics or did the just happen to get a very well taken care of stringer.
  8. Chingoo1255

    Looking for Advice: Stringer <$1000

    Seriously considering one. How’s the cosmetics on scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being brand new. Just want to be sure no surprises since it’s refurbished
  9. Chingoo1255

    Matching racquets

    Funny that it’s China’s fault if the specs are off but the non Chinese company’s great QC when specs are good.
  10. Chingoo1255

    2 things/question. trouble winning and beating serena williams

    What you’re describing imho is kinda like when I’m rallying with a newer player. They’re trying to be consistent and cooperative in the rally but their less refined strokes have the balls spraying all over the place. Very unpredictable. Then I go to rally with better players with more consistent...
  11. Chingoo1255

    Is it bad to charge a low charged car battery by going on a long drive?

    I’m just ex stalker on Facebook now. Just deleted my account but while I was on there is no entertainment like what you can get on Facebook for free. Especially the medical advice
  12. Chingoo1255

    Is it bad to charge a low charged car battery by going on a long drive?

    If you think this forum is bad go pose the question on Facebook! You’ll be replacing your transmission because the starter is not engaging the blinkers by the time every shade tree gives you his experience.
  13. Chingoo1255

    Fitness trackers and tennis

    If Op has same insurance as mine and it seems to be the case, their app only works with a limited number of trackers. I just happen to already own the Apple Watch and it’s fine for most of what I need it for, which is trying to make $4 day.
  14. Chingoo1255

    Fitness trackers and tennis

    I’m same boat as you. Same insurance but with the series 2 watch. You can forget about the frequency and intensity on this platform. I’ve never gotten it to read while playing. I’ve had trouble getting a good reading while cutting grass. The tenacity seems pretty accurate based upon comparison...
  15. Chingoo1255

    How to not miss easy shots under pressure?

    A pusher? you’ve come to the right place!
  16. Chingoo1255

    I swear....

    I hit ball cleaner and have better groundstrokes when I don’t do Roger and look at the point of contact. When I do consciously look at contact point and hold head steady it’s either a frame or a flier. Anyone else have same experience? How long did it take you to get over this hump?
  17. Chingoo1255

    Best Currently Available Serve and Volley Racquet?

    I have half of those rackets. Is it time to start S/V?
  18. Chingoo1255

    Does a string pattern matter for REC players?

    For me it’s the difference in going over the net or into the net. I use mainly Wilson spin rackets PS95S usually. PS97s if I’m feeling really energetic and can swing it. If I play with the PS95 16x19 I have to always be conscious of my swing path or it goes into the net more often. With the spin...
  19. Chingoo1255

    New tennis center planned for Roswell, GA

    I mountain biked there and it is a nice park. I'd rather it stay that way and bring the clay courts to Duluth-ish. Old Alabama is too congested as it is and there aren't enough courts in Duluth as it is. I'm sure it'd be full just like Hudlow is in JCB. it's just too bad it's too far for me to...
  20. Chingoo1255

    Help Me Choose a Car

    Totally get it. I play with RFA. I'm 3.0- similarity?
  21. Chingoo1255

    Help Me Choose a Car

    Apparently a majority of BMW owners in my neck of the woods don't know what a BMW Is for too. Most drive them like they're grannies cars or they think they own the and and ignore rules and common sense. My pet peeve is the buying a BMW for its performance then taking corners in ultimate driving...
  22. Chingoo1255

    Of all the cars you have owned, which is your favorite?

    Love Tomcats - but this bad boy whistles like no other. As for cars, it'd have to be my first one. 86 Civic Si. Just quick enough for a 17 year old. Cheap to run, easy to drive. Big enough for Friday night at drive in but not too big to bring the guys too
  23. Chingoo1255

    Buying a new racket coming from the Pure storm

    Just watched ladies doubles this morning no more than women's 3.5 level. One lady had arm brace and was hitting short bunty ground strokes with no follow through and two handed volleys. What was she holding? Pure Drive with shiny black strings so assuming poly. Bad combo
  24. Chingoo1255

    Which is the most difficult technique to learn in tennis?

    It's easy for me to get it in when at any place other than the baseline. From what it looks like from server's point of view, I see shape, the swerve right to left then the bounce either straight or to the fight with kick. Once I'm at baseline, something in my subconscious snaps and I lose it...
  25. Chingoo1255

    Finally Got Hit In The Face

    I'd only been playing couple of months when I got tagged. Weak high pop up for the opponent (friends) and I was at net. Before I could turn away, full force overhead into my forehead. He was probably closer than the service line. I saw stars, felt light headed. Just glad I didn't get hit...
  26. Chingoo1255

    Enough About Our Pet Peeves. What Is Driving Our Partners Crazy About Us?

    I talk too much. Good play, nice shot, great serve. I play social doubles with friends who are way better than I am so their normal shots, serves are all great to me and just bleh to them. They hardly say a word. But when I watch them play with their peers, it's dejavue but reversed. They're...
  27. Chingoo1255

    Blaming the racket..

    I don't blame the racket. It's me at that moment in time. I do however look at rackets as tools. Some jobs determine what tools I need to use. The same job can require a different tool to perform the task at hand more efficiently given my state of body and mind in that moment. The racket...
  28. Chingoo1255

    Tennis Tutor Raised Platform or other ;upgrades'

    I just got my Player Plus and am still learning how to use it effectively. I bought mine to work on volleys and overheads. I must admit the learning curve with this machine seems quite steep. I'm having a difficult time adjusting the machine to feed balls that'll land in the service box like the...
  29. Chingoo1255

    Do you compliment opponent's good shots?

    I do all the time. I think they get tired of hearing it. They hardly ever compliment mine though. I'm thinking that since they're at a much higher level, it's a just a routine shot for them. But it's a great shot for me. So my great shots are not worthy of a compliment from them.