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    Are extraordinary events meaningful or just random?

    Maybe a strange title for a thread, but I didn't know what to call it. On Saturday I was driving home back from picking some papers at work. It is a fairly broad road (3 lanes each way separated from a large median) surrounded by trees. There is a lot of wild life of all kinds: birds...
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    I know what the purpose of life is

    There is none. You just get through it as best you can. I hate to burst your bubble. but better that than having some false sense of purpose. Sure, try to be a good person and not hurt anyone, and so forth. But in the end there is nothing beyond. This is all you have. Enjoy, folks.
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    Roland Garros, the Grand Slam more faithful to tradition?

    No roof, no lights, no surface changes. Wimbledon is so different now that it's hard to compare this era with the 90s. Would Fed have been so dominant back then? Not really, as in the end he's a baseliner, just like Nadal and Djokovic, except on a different end of the spectrum. I guess what I'm...
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    Nadal is in a most uncomfortable situation

    If he wins the contest he will be chastised for abusing the elderly. On the other hand, if he doesn't, he will be derided for being surpassed by his senior contender. As Nadal's biggest, baddest überfan in the universe, I hope he burns his hand on a paella dish before the match so that he can...
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    Does German literature not translate well to English?

    I haven't read much in the way of German works translated to English (The Metamorphosis comes to mind.) Based on Nabokov's dislike for some authors, I have been compelled to look at their works, and one of the writers he seems to have held the most seething contempt for was Thomas Mann (of...
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    Undertaker humor: Extremely underrated?

    Dark humor OK?
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    What's the strangest thing that has happened to you while driving?

    What's the strangest thing that has happened to you, or which you have seen, while driving? The other day I had a very strange occurrence and I'm strill trying to figure out what it was. I'm driving on 580W a little past San Leandro. The freeway is busy though not packed (it was around 12:30...
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    The Movie Recommendation Request Thread

    Not to be confused with threads where people talk about movies they have seen and issue their recommendations about them. This is more like: "Hey, you know what? I feel like watching an action movie with a drama subplot about a person that is dying. Or maybe a vampire drama. Or a comedy with...
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    Does anyone else have vivid, enlightened dreams?

    Is it common to have dreams which are highly logical, vivid, and enlightened? For example, dreams which have very clear dialogue, and in many cases brilliant dialogue (sometimes even poetic,) complex and interesting plots, amazing visual imagery (like what you would see in a movie,) etc? I've...
  10. Northern

    If Nadal wins the final against Djokovic it will be a huge upset

    After watching the highlights from the Djokovic SF it seems clear to me that peak Djokovic has arrived. If Nadal somewhat manages to win on Sunday it will be a huge upset, because the momentum in the matchup is against him, he is playing in his worst (and Djokovic's best) slam, and Djokovic is...
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    The Hypothetical GOAT is...

    This is not a thread about who the GOAT hypothetically is right now, but about which player, relieved from his most egregious flaw, might have hypothetically been the uncontested GOAT. I will just mention 3 possibilities to get the ball rolling. 1. Federer with 2.0 BH. There is no denying that...
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    Good e-Readers (e-Ink devices)

    What is your favorite e-Ink reader? Is there anything with these features? 1. Expandable memory via micro-SD card or similar. 2. Screen size of 6.5'' diagonal or larger. 3. Can read PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and DJVU files. 4. In particular, it can read large image-based PDFs well (like scanned science...
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    Tinnitus sufferers, let your clamor be heard!

    So I got tinnitus 15 years ago or so playing with firecrackers on the 4th of July with my neighbors, and it hasn't ever gone away completely. It sort of fluctuates between barely there to unbearably bothersome. To those who don't know what this is, it is a constant sound that can take different...
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    GRE Math Subject Test

    Is anyone here preparing for this, has done the exam recently, or is familiar with it, and would like to share their approach to prepare for it? What books did you use? I would be interested to hear about books that cover the exam's topics well. I hear Calculus (including Analysis) is about 50%...
  15. Northern

    Only one person can restore order now

    Dimitrov (aka The Jerk Whisperer.) The only man on Earth to have tamed the two biggest jerks in the WTA.
  16. Northern

    Congratulations to Cakedrawvic, 2019 USO Champion

    After this QF war of attrition between Thiem and Nadal, and with DelPo looming like a menacing 7 ft wookie in the next stage, I think Djokovic can start celebrating already. His draw turned out to be a joke, but it's not his fault. You can only play the opponents at the other side of the net...
  17. Northern

    Nadal has a 18-8 slam record against two GOAT candidates

    Any other ATG with such a lopsided slam record against his top rivals? This is mindblowing stuff.
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    Anybody in/around Vancouver?

    I'm leaving to spend some vacation with relatives in a few days, and I've never been to Canada. Any advice and things to do? My cousins are half Finnish and don't talk much. :)
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    What grass legend will Federer face in the Wimbledon final this year?

    Will it be Raonic? A resurgent Berdych? The Zverpent? Will Cilic heal his foot blisters in time for another magnificent performance at Centre Court? The legend continues.
  20. Northern

    Weeks at #1 is an irrelevant record

    It had to be said, all logic points to this. Ranking changes take place at a very small number of dates, after the conclusion of tournaments. For somebody to accumulate weeks at #1 even when no play is being held is meaningless. The real metric is the number of Year End #1 trophies, as this...
  21. Northern

    Djokovic's physical conditioning

    I don't know if it is the vegetarian diet (is he still avoiding meat) or his lack of physical training. But his stamina is back to pre-2011 levels. Does he just not train enough these days, or does he need to embrace meatgetarianism again?
  22. Northern

    Worst slam final performances in the Open Era

    Based on @paranoidandroid's thread Worst slam finalist of all time? I guess it's only fair to look at an alternate approach: What is the worst slam final performance of the open era? 1. 1974 US Open: Connors def. Rosewall 6-1 6-0 6-1 2. 1977 French Open: Vilas def. Gottried 6-0 6-3 6-0 3. 2008...
  23. Northern

    You have to hand it to Novak. He could be the real GOAT.

    It's strange to see Djokovic struggling after such a long period of dominance. But it's not less strange that he had such a late break compared to Federer and especially compared to Nadal. However, what really puts things in perspective is the reason for his breakout season in 2011: his...
  24. Northern

    Is Karius the worst goalkeeper ever?

  25. Northern

    Could Federer end up with as many Wimbledon titles as Nadal's number of RG titles?

    He is not really that far, I mean. Plus he will probably be able to win until a later age.