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    ESPN & Xfinity TV Coverage of the Majors?

    I watched Wimbledon and now the US Open on ESPN and Xfinity cable. ESPN broadcasts a channel on TV and half a dozen streaming channels for the US Open. When Wimbledon got to the Championship match, the TV picture was awful with what appeared to be digital hesitations of the picture. It...
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    Kinovea Application to Tennis

    Kinovea is a free, open source video analysis application that allows comparison of tennis strokes side-by-side. Kinovea has many other capabilities. If any readers are interested - In Windows 10 you can search (magnifying glass Windows...
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    Ways to Adjust Racket Height to Impact Ball for Ground Strokes

    The well know instruction to 'bend your knees for low balls' is one way to adjust the height of the racket head for low balls. It works for all ground strokes. SPECIFY GROUND STROKE or ALL GROUND STROKES and METHOD and BALL HEIGHT Add comments, pictures, videos, and any issues. Examples: ALL...
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    I have agood picture on Surround Camera view_ no replies or spoilers please

    I have a good picture on Surround Camera view believe it is live.
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    The Most Important Publication on the Tennis Serve

    In every field of study, certain publications have significantly changed understanding. This is the most important publication for the tennis serve. Long-axis rotation: The missing link in proximal-to-distal segmental sequencing (2000) Robert N. Marshall, Bruce C. Elliott...
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    The Release Paradox

    The word 'release' is used often in discussing tennis strokes. It is often used in golf also and probably many other sports. But I have not seen what it is, how it works, its timing, its purpose, the body parts involved and most of all high speed videos that show that acceleration changes...
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    Shirts & Warmups for Sun Protection

    After 40 years of playing regular tennis in short sleeve shirts without sun screen, I now have solar purpura (frequent purple bruises) on my forearms. These bruises take almost nothing to cause them. They last about 4-5 days. The dermatologist identified the skin damage as caused by the sun...
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    Your Ranges of Motion? Pronation & Internal Shoulder Rotation

    I'd like to get an idea of the ranges of motion for pronation and then for internal shoulder rotation. Then for both joint motions together. 1) PRONATION These would be by using the muscles only to move from maximum supination to maximum pronation at the other end. -Bend elbow at 90 degrees...
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    High Level Stroke? Not if You Don't ??????

    There are certain characteristics of high level tennis strokes that are almost always there. But these stroke characteristics are often missing for the average tennis players. The goal is to get the average player to question their techniques with simple observations. Specify the tennis...
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    Vertical Jump Contributions from Hips, Legs & Ankles?

    Don't try jumping in an unusual way. I did and it felt risky to the back. The part played by the jump in the serve is often discussed. The part played by the 'legs' is usually associated with the jump and often discussed on the forum. But the hips also play a less obvious and discussed part...
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    Video Tip to Tennis Channel

    There have been some ladies singles matches on this week. USTA Women's Pro Circuit Las Vegas. Today is Nov 10, 2018. I can't see the ball with the camera coverage on the side of the court as for previous days. Sun glare.....ball shadows itself....poor contrast. Switch the main camera to the...
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    Sun Protecting Shirts, Pants and Hats

    I hate gooping up with sunscreen but know that I have to do it. I'm not young. My arms now have thinner skin that tears easier than when I was younger. And I now get purple bruises easily and not from much of a bump or rub. A dermatologist called it solar purpura...
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    Overhead & Serve - Similar Internal Shoulder Rotation

    Serve Technique and Overhead Technique during same point. Watch the part of the serve and overhead that lead to impact. The racket orientations, motions and paths are similar. This phase involves the motion from the Big L position to impact. Stop action single frame on Youtube, click full...
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    FYI - US Open TV on several ESPN channels? using XR11 voice control

    I am watching the US Open. I have Comcast with a Remote XR11 If I use the voice control and ask for "Tennis" It shows 5 channels now on ESPN and one other channel. 1) ESPN 2) ESPN3 match#1 3) ESPN3 match #2 4) ESPN3 match #3 5) ESPN3 broadcast in Spanish. The ESPN3 matches are each full...
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    ECU Tendon Injuries in Tennis- Article

    I don't have this injury or know much about it. FYI
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    Certified & Uncertified Instructors - How Many?

    Have you heard of any information or estimates for the number of certified and uncertified tennis instructors? USA, your country, worldwide?
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    How Many Ways Can You Cause a Stretch Shorten Cycle?

    The stretch shorten cycle involves first lengthening and then stretching muscles and then using them like rubber bands to provide joint forces. Keep in mind that muscles have no way to provide forces to lengthen themselves. In tennis strokes, how many ways are there to stretch muscles for a...
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    Sweat Pants & Shirts - Some 'Ball Up', Some Don't - Why?

    I like thicker cotton & cotton plus other material 'sweat' clothes. 'Balling up' is the formation of small balls of fibers on the material. Some very old sweats are in my closet and have not 'balled up' with heavy use. For example, I'm looking at a sweat shirt, many years old, now used for...
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    Most Creditable Information - Posters, Researchers, Instructors or High Level Players?

    We hear a lot of information on the forum. But what or who to believe? What type of information do you think is most creditable? Why? Should the confident manner of presenting information matter for credibility? The source of the information is the important thing. The original source is...
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    Bowlegs & Knock Knees and Medial or Lateral Meniscus Injury

    I have been wondering if there is a correlation between the conditions of bowleg and knock knees and whether the medial or lateral meniscus is most often injured. ? This article for children has some interesting information on leg alignment to age 10...
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    Odd request for a Tennis Talk Forum

    When I Google searched and found this Tennis Talk thread in a Google list and clicked on it, it said that some site was requesting my user name and password. ?? I put in the "XX" to disable. On...
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    Myths and Realities in Badminton and Tennis Strokes

    FYI Early research on badminton and tennis by B. Gowitzke and D. Waddell. Can you find myths that are still the issues of threads? Note - The term "Medial Shoulder Rotation" has the same meaning as "Internal Shoulder Rotation" as...
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    Ways to lengthen and stretch muscles during strokes?

    During tennis strokes what are the ways employed to lengthen and stretch muscles?
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    Linear vs Circular Forehand - History & Current?

    This video shows and discusses two basic forehands. One forehand has more linear body motion forward and the other has more circular body motion. Look especially at 3:05. Note - upper body rotation is similar as stated in the video but overall body rotation is different. See 4:28 super...
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    Small Medicine Ball & Rebounder for Rehab or Plyometric Exercise

    Example two arms ball exercises on professional rebounder. For those interested in small medicine balls that bounce, I finally found one. This one is filled/partly filled with water. It does not bounce very high. Ledraplastic Heavymed Gymnic . Useful for one shoulder/arm rehab or light...
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    TV & Streaming Listings for Tennis

    I am having trouble finding TV and streaming tennis schedule listings. This website has some listings. If you have other sources for broadcast schedules, please post.
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    Photobucket and Posted Pictures including Toly Pictures

    On another forum I read about some issue with Photobucket, a photo hosting website. Complaints. I just went to this old post and found that Toly's pictures were no longer available...
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    Instep Pain First Time Running after Time Off for Any Injury?

    Note - I did not know that the word "Instep" has been used for 1) top of foot, 2) bottom of foot or 3) all around the foot. I used it to mean the top of the foot only. I am not young. Over the last few years I have taken off a few times for injuries. Typically I did not run for, say, 3...
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    Serve (Above View) Angle Between Hand Path and Ball Trajectory?

    The ball leaves impact in a straight line. The hand travels in roughly a circular path. Seen from above, the ball trajectory and hand's circular path appear as two lines and form an angle. This angle appears in camera views from above. Of course, camera views from directly above the server are...
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    Giles Muller Serve

    Justin Gimelstob interview of leftie Gilles Muller on his serve. His serve often appears particularly simple and direct. Why?