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  1. USCfan

    Babolat Pure Drive Roddick + LR 1

    Hardly used. 9.5/10. Unstrung. LR 1 gripsize. Pics available upon request. 120 shipped.
  2. USCfan

    Fantasy Football, Anyone?

    league name: BushLeague25 (ID# 98939) password: BushLeague25
  3. USCfan

    FS: 2 Babolat Pure Drive Roddick +'s

    Have two extended length Roddick models in LR 1 gripsize. I've used these racquets lightly, and both are in pristine condition, with only minor paint damage to one (a couple paint flecks at the top of the racquet head) and light scuff marks on the headguards. I would rate the first a...
  4. USCfan

    New Pure Drive + Swingweight

    I was wondering about the new PD +... It's static weight is almost the same as the older pure drive + (which is to be expected considering it's the heir apparent to the PD+), but it's listed swingweight (338) is closer to that of the Pure Drive Roddick +. Can someone tell me if this racquet...
  5. USCfan

    FS: 2 APD +'s 4 1/4

    Used both these racquets for a year, both are still in very good condition, 8.5/10. One is currently unstrung and hasn't been used for a few months. The other is strung with Babolat Pro Hurricane and Wilson synthetic gut. 95 shipped for either racquet. 180 shipped for both. email me...
  6. USCfan

    New Babolat AeroPro

    Does anyone know if Babolat is going to release a newer version of the AeroPro Drive? Just as they have released new Pure Drives
  7. USCfan

    Babolat PDR+

    For sale - 1 pdr+ in 9.5 out of 10 condition. Strung with Babolat Pro Hurricane and Babolat Excel. Lightly used, maybe four times. No scratches or chips on the body. Two or three light scuffs on the head guard. Email - Make you're best offer.
  8. USCfan

    FS: Babolat AeroPro Drive +'s

    I have two in 4 1/4 that I'd like to sell. Both are lightly used, some minor scuffs and scrapes on the bumper guards. Asking 105 shipped for each, or 200 shipped for both.
  9. USCfan

    Catapult 10

    I'm looking for the Volkl Catapult 10 in 4 1/4 or 4 1/8. have two APD +'s in 4 1/4 to possibly trade.
  10. USCfan

    CajunTennis- Great Buyer!

    Always quick to respond to emails, very prompt payment, overall a pleasure to deal with. Thanks, Bryant. Mo
  11. USCfan

    FS: Pure Drive Team Standard

    Lightly used, 4 1/4 grip size asking 95 shipped. SOLD!!
  12. USCfan

    FS: Volkl Tour 10 VE MP

    4 3/8 Superb condition. Strung w/ Luxilon Big Banger and Babolat VS Touch. $75 shipped. SOLD!!
  13. USCfan

    FS: Babolat Pure Drive Std, Aeropro Drive+

    Both racquets are in excellent, used condition. 4 1/4 grip size. Asking 100 shipped for either, or 190 shipped for both. Email me if you have any questions.
  14. USCfan

    Pure Drive Roddick + 4 1/4

    Have the following to trade: Bab. Pure Drive Std. 4 1/4 Bab. Aeropro Drive + 4 1/4 Volkl Tour 10 v-Engine MP 4 3/8 couple sets of Bab. Pro Hurricane
  15. USCfan

    FS/FT: Babolat Pure Drive Standard, more...

    All three racquets are in excellent, used condition: Babolat Pure Drive Team Std. 4 1/4 Asking 105 shipped Babolat Aeropro Drive + 4 1/4, also asking 105 shipped. Volkl Tour 10 V-Engine strung with natural gut (Bab.VS Touch)and Luxilon Big Banger (this racquet is in the best condition...
  16. USCfan

    Help- Which Shoe?

    Want to see what everyone here thinks... Which looks/ is better? 1. Breathe Free III blue 2. Barricade IV white and black 3. Barricade IV white and blue
  17. USCfan

    FS: Babolat Pure Drive Std.1/4

    Used only a few hours. 9/10 condition. Strung once, needs restringing. 115 shipped or best offer. Check my refs on TW...
  18. USCfan


    FS/FT: Babolat Pure Drive Std. 4 1/4 excellent condition Volkl Tour 10 v-engine 4 3/8 excellent condition strung with VS Touch in mains. Make me an offer...will trade either ONLY for an Aeropro Drive + 4 1/4 in equal condition.
  19. USCfan

    Pure Drive Std

    For sale. 4 1/4 grip size. minor scuffs, original strings. email if interested.
  20. USCfan


    Are you guys going to be getting the black shoes Gaudio wore at the season ending Championship? Any ETA if so? Thanks.
  21. USCfan

    Mark1- very dependable

    Very trustworthy. Prompt shipment and always quick to respond- a pleasure to deal with.
  22. USCfan

    Simon Chow- very trustworthy

    We had some bad fortune with stuff getting lost in the mail (stolen?), but we were able to work everything out. I highly recommend Simon. He is excellent.
  23. USCfan

    FT/FS Volkl tour 10 v-engine mid

    4 3/8 grip. Excellent condition, hardly used. Would trade for any of the following, in similar condition: Babolat PD MP 4 1/4 Babolat Pure Drive + 4 1/4 Wilson nsurge 4 3/8 or 1/4 Prince Shark MP 4 3/8 or 1/4 (standard or extended version)
  24. USCfan

    154Ace- very trustworthy

    Prompt shipping, racquet was as described. Always quick to answer emails. Pleasure dealing with you, 154Ace.
  25. USCfan

    TI 83 Plus/Ti 84 Plus

    Looking for one of these calculators in good condition. Email me your price, and pics, if possible.
  26. USCfan

    AP Drive + vs. PD or PD +

    I currently am using the AP Drive +. Does Has anyone used an APD+ and either a PD or PD +. Could you compare them?
  27. USCfan

    Fantasy Basketball

    Anyone interested? Yahoo league # 13301 password 1234
  28. USCfan

    Sent my pumps back

    I sent them back one day before the warranty expired...I have yet to learn if they will be replaced. I was told it could take up to six weeks...anyway, I'll be sure to let you guys know, in case you're interested.
  29. USCfan

    Simon Chow?

    everything is cleared up... SIMON CHOW IS GREAT!
  30. USCfan

    Simon Chow- Where Are You?

    I've been trying to email you for awhile...I know you went on vacation- I wasn't sure if you've gotten back yet or not. Please email me.