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    BATTLE OF THE BEAUTIES: Sharapova VS Ivanovic

    who will win between these 2 hotties?! :)
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    Is this the hottest final 4 women in any Grand Slam semis?

    minus Jankovic. Sharapova, Ivanovic, and Hantuchova are all smoking hot! it would've been greater if it weren't Jankovic, but someone hot like Vaidisova or Kirilenko. or even Chalkvetadze.. she's cute. Sharapova will win the whole tournament. and she'll probably have to play against...
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    Jana Novotna looking hot now

    they showed a little bit of her on that Chris Evert celebrity tennis thing on ESPN the other night. Jana Novotna looked frickin' hot. nice slimmed down, sexy body. she looks real cute. she looks better now than she did back in the day. she was never hot back in the day, but now she's hot...
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    When did the Bryan Bros switch to Prince?

    they used to use Wilson racquets, did they not? well anyway, i notice they're using Prince racquets at the Davis Cup right now.
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    Do you like Beach Tennis?

    personally i think beach tennis sucks! i saw it on the Tennis Channel, and i couldn't bare watching 2 seconds of it. it's such a stupid concept. it's a disgrace to the sport of tennis. i can't believe the tennis channel even airs this b.s.
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    What's Agassi's most incredible achievement?

    Winning Wimbledon in 1992. or Winning the French Open in 1999.
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    Does anyone know if and when there will be a Kblade?

    i'm referring to the upgrade of the Wilson Ncode Nblade. for the K-Factor line. will it happen? if so, when?
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    Could Federer beat Steffi Graff's record?

    22 Grand Slam singles titles. the most of any man or woman in history. Federer recently said he's planning to play for about another 10 more years. With his 12 titles already, he could probably break Sampras record by next year(if he wins the Australian, Wimbledon, and US Open again)...
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    Nike man-bags.

    would you men out there purchase those big Nike bags that Federer and Nadal carry out onto the court with them? it looks like a big purse my mom carries around. i would never buy such a thing. would you?
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    Will Federer's legacy be tainted by a lack of competition?

    Federer comes in at a time where there's really no true competition to challenge him. the only person to challenge him is Nadal on clay. and a little bit on grass now. but other than that, there's nobody good enough to compete with him. to me, it's a weak field of players compared to the...
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    Anyone know when the new affordable Serena racquet comes out?

    not the gold-encrusted $500 ltd edition one.