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  1. KineticChain

    a little brain twister for you guys

    did this work for anyone else?
  2. KineticChain

    i want to be the very best

    like no one ever was. to catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause. i will travel across the land, searching far and wide, teach pokemon to understand, that their sole purpose is to enter physical combat to quench my ego. pokemon, got to catch them all. it's you and me, I know it's...
  3. KineticChain

    who's cutting onions

    there's just a draft in the air and my allergies are acting up and a bug flew in my eye
  4. KineticChain

    Who would win in a tennis match?

    Roger vs Federer. Who u got?
  5. KineticChain

    The Official™ 2018 Say "Merry Christmas" Thread

    Alotta cheap imitators this year. This is the only genuine 2018 Christmas thread where your "Merry Christmas" well wishes are fully approved by the relevant Christmas Cheers regulating bodies and properly distributed. Merry Christmas
  6. KineticChain

    who took down the youtubes

  7. KineticChain

    where am i

    how can his slams be real if nadal isnt real. thanks.
  8. KineticChain

    coach severin looking based af with pasta hat

    where can i get a barilla hat like that? when will TW stock it? i want people to know the sauce i put on my spaghettis #TWpleasestockthishat
  9. KineticChain

    the secret to ferrer's longevity?

    the bandana around ears, constricting their mobility. most players wear it not around the ears and the ears are free to move. thanks
  10. KineticChain

    The Official™ 2017 Say "Merry Christmas" Thread

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays, friends. As you can tell by the trademark, this thread is the real deal. Keep away from other fake counterfeit threads this holiday season, your well wishes don't count there.
  11. KineticChain

    if anderson didnt loose his arm sock..

    the mallorcan grunter would have been CRUSHH. think about it.. thank for reading
  12. KineticChain

    Loose fitting athletic shirts that don't hug your fat rolls?

    Gonna admit, haven't been playing as much as I used to. Kinda outta shape, kinda probably a few pounds heavier. Trying to get back into it, bought a few new athletic shirts.. all from different places, made by different companies. All of them conform to my fat rolls and make me feel bad. It...
  13. KineticChain

    will roger federer

    star in Space Slam, 2018's sequel to 1996's classic Space Jam, featuring michael jordan? thanks
  14. KineticChain

    Will Rodger go down as the GGOATOAT?

    chumps and mortals speak of GOATs. any moonballer can be GOAT. legends and time travelers speaketh of Greatest GOAT Of All Time. can it be... are we existing in the same spacetime continuum as the GGOATOAT? please be serious, this is not a sh*tpost.
  15. KineticChain

    Roger Federer

  16. KineticChain

    rafael kills fan

    look how he laffs after he kills his victum. this is unbuhleebubble. reported rafaeral to the TT mods.
  17. KineticChain

    Merry Christmas!

    here's another merry christmas thread. this one is better than the other 3 because it has a stock photo santa in it. stock photo santa will give you a lump of coal if u dont post in this thread in 2.55 seconds
  18. KineticChain

    rafael nadals

    pls vote in the poll
  19. KineticChain

    TT, can we be serious for a second?

    NFL forums have their own rickroll image - manning face. Let me demonstrate if u are unfamiliar: Now, I know what you're going to ask... "hey, why don't we have a rickroll image on TT" - you ask. Well now we do, I present to you the new forced meme, radek face you make a spoiler...
  20. KineticChain

    if djokovic wins the 2016 US Open...

    he will have won the 2016 US Open. u heard it hear first. please like, subscribe, and share.
  21. KineticChain

    kyrgios is going to be the best, the best no one ever was

    nick haters don't have any response to this. results speak for themselves.
  22. KineticChain

    your favorite quantum mechanics interpretation

    many theoretical physicists toil over how to interpret the math behind experimental results obtained by probing the quantum world. they taking too long and are not solving it quick enough for my tastes. so i need the brilliant minds at TT to tell me which of the interpretations is correct. if...
  23. KineticChain

    does djokovic plays REAL tennis? (agree or disagree?)

    anyone agree with this? i think in this new era it very important that we have players play tennis. dont know if nadal plays tennis, havent seen him play in a while. please keep the debates civil
  24. KineticChain

    Angels speak softly of Bearderer's return (The Official Federer 2016 Olympics thread)

    Judges 16:17 So he told her all that was in his heart and said to her, "A razor has never come on my beard, for I have been a Nazirite to God from my mother's womb. If I am shaved, then my strength will leave me and I will become weak and be like any other man." Thought I'd give an early...
  25. KineticChain

    happy april 20th everyone

  26. KineticChain

    can be sherapova meldonium GOAT doping drugs,

    sharepover should be stripped of hir medals, tropherers and clothes. EVRYTHING STRIPPED. the new rules is she can still play be she has to play stripped. im relaying this info to WTA headquarters as we speak. dont see fedr eating meldonium sandwiches. vote in the poll for the official word on...
  27. KineticChain

    Is Djokovic injured?

    Can be beat peak Nadal win the 2016 Australian Open again? Can Nadal injured?
  28. KineticChain

    Admit it. You're currently browsing threads on TTW forums.

    C'mon, let's get the confessions