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  1. fgzhu88

    Gender switching Nike shoes

    I absolutely love my Nike Zoom 2k10s. But I'm cheap, and it's getting close to replacement time. This is the pair I currently have I have this in Men's size 10. If fits me perfectly, especially when I...
  2. fgzhu88

    What if..

    Nadal takes a MTO at 5-0? Could have easily turned into 3-6, 7-5, 6-3 W for Nadal. Or was Federer GOAT'ing enough to still close it out 6-3, 6-0? Methinks the latter. It's just nice to see Nadal, for once, not stick his injured foot in the way of God-mode momentum
  3. fgzhu88

    Federer should have nerf-balled 40-15

    or served underhanded. any other ******** hindsight suggestions?
  4. fgzhu88

    Federer hasn't yet tapped into

    the energy of the crowd. As his clutch ability wanes with age, he will need more than self-motivation to get through bad days or Rafa days. Most crowds are pro-Federer and would be more than willing to rally behind him at the ready. All he needs to do is beckon the crowd. Beckon like he...
  5. fgzhu88

    Nadal created the monster that is 2011 Djokovic

    in the Indian Wells final. He took his foot off the gas pedal in the 2nd set and from then on, the gods smiled upon Djokovic
  6. fgzhu88

    Eagnas logic 90? looks like a clear rip off of laserfibre Quantum TT. Has anyone had experiences with this? Or does laserfibre/stringway have a patent on that "constant-pull" making replication legally impossible? At $459, it seems...
  7. fgzhu88

    stringing O3

    I'm not sure where to obtain an O3 tool on short notice, but could I just stick my pinky in the holes to to keep the tensioning string in place?
  8. fgzhu88

    floating/flying clamp questions

    After stringing less than 20 racquets, I absolutely hate these inconvenient plastic concoctions that came with my Gamma X-2. Yet I always read testimonies of people who have strung hundreds of racquets with a dropweight who are "happy" with their setup. First off, why must they always grip two...
  9. fgzhu88

    lingering ankle problem since March

    Ever since I stepped on a ball during the middle of March, my right ankle has been chronically uncomfortable. I fear most of long-term pain is due to my stupidity. The ankle roll initially wasn't too bad (no major swelling), so I continued playing for about an hour after the sprain. That...
  10. fgzhu88

    FT: Prince Original Graphite Mid (93 sq. in, 4 stripe)

    I would like to trade for a decent midplus tweener. unfortunately I am only looking to trade with someone in the US to avoid high shipping costs (if anyone in Houston wants to trade, even better) I'm looking for a yonex RDX 500, RDS 002, something similar. Head iRadical midplus, radical...
  11. fgzhu88

    making knot-tails ride along the frame

    Would using the omnipotent parnell knot solve this issue? :) I normally use the DHH just because I can tighten each individual hitch with the tensioner. Another thing I was wondering is if there was any secret to tightening knots with just the gripper tool other than just having a very firm...
  12. fgzhu88

    tennisguyak great buyer!!

    friendly and prompt email replies. We did a smooth transaction (his money order arrived faster than my shipping ) Would definitely do business again with him :)
  13. fgzhu88

    FS: HEAD supercombi bag

    9/10 condition. Barely any wear at all because I'm not a bad boy. I treat my bags with kindness and respect. its' this one: (holds 12 racquets, 6 thermal protected. I still have the shoe pouch...
  14. fgzhu88

    Major wrist stiffness

    Every Tuesday during my lesson, my left wrist kind of tightens up and feels quite painful for the first 10 mins of backhand hitting. It hurts upon contact of the ball. And it only happens to my left wrist (non dominant hand) While it does eventually fade away each time, the feeling is...
  15. fgzhu88

    help!!!!! POG stringing emergency

    I am currently stringing the crosses of my midsize POG and I accidentally left out the first cross! For the sake of pressure balance should I also leave out the last cross so that the finished string pattern will be 14 x 16? I'm not sure what to do but I still have about 10 more crosses...
  16. fgzhu88

    Wawrinka & Nalbandian

    I noticed that their H2H record is extremely lopsided. Nalbandian won the 1st two encounters but it has been all Wawrinka from then. He even managed to beat Nalby during his invincibility run @ the end of '07. So what exactly does Stan do that troubles Nalbandian that much???
  17. fgzhu88

    Djokovic to win EVERY tourney!

    Yep that's right you heard it here first! He is going to win every event; even the ones he doesn't go to. And forget GOAT! He is going to be the SheepLord™ of tennis oh and P.S. Federer and Nadal should retire.
  18. fgzhu88

    quick question about thin strings

    any tips about string 18/19 gauge (poly) strings(1.15-1.22mm)? Is there anything different I have to do on a dropweight? I am ordering big ace micro, SPPP, topspin cf all in superthin gauges and it's the first time I'm string poly also. (first job was syn gut) Thanks
  19. fgzhu88

    Head SuperCombi Tour Bag F/T

    I am trading a very good 9/10 condition Head Tour Supercombi 06 (read black white version) bag for: -Babolat Aero 6 or 12 pack -Technifibre Odyssey 6 or 9 pack -Head 07 Supercombi (Tour) Please email me if interested
  20. fgzhu88

    Pro Paint-Job Ideas

    wouldn't it be sweet to to make our own pJ racquets???? For example you could paint a Ksixone 90 as an exact replica of Federer's PS tour 90 or nsixtour90 - paint a Tfight 18X20 gloss black as Blakes racquet - aerodrive --> nadal's fake cortex - Head protour 280 or pc600 --> radicals or...
  21. fgzhu88

    kaiotic is a really excellent trader!!

    really good communication, reliable. very fast shipping, sent out the racquet on saturday and I received it on monday!!! and it's in excellent condition I would trade again with kaiotic anytime:)
  22. fgzhu88

    Good poly for traditional strokes???

    Hi, I've decided that nylon/"synthetic gut" has absolutely no control and switching to poly I have a traditional style forehand: low to high swingpath, huge backswing, bodyweight transfer foward, eastern/semi-western fh grip. I was wondering what is a good recomendation for this style of...
  23. fgzhu88

    FS or FT: wilson Prostaff Tour 90, 4 1/2 grip

    I am looking to sell or trade (preferably trade) my ps tour 90 which is: 8-8.5/10 condition strung recently with technifibre x one biphase 16 (haven't hit with it that much since switching to POG) minor paint chips but no cracks whatsoever tourna grip over black pacific calfskin leather...
  24. fgzhu88

    FS: Pro kennex ceramic 90 midsize- 4 3/8

    A pretty good condition pro kennex ceramic 90 which has been barely used (pics below>>>>) - 4 3/8 grip, yonex supergrap wrapped over the original leather - strung pretty recently with synthentic gut - i'd say probably 9/10 condition or better (all if any damage is on the bumper as you can...
  25. fgzhu88

    specs of different POG models??

    I currently have the single stripe version (the actual "original") I was wondering what the the specs (weight, balance, stiffness) of 4 stripes version and the one I have compare? Thanks
  26. fgzhu88

    coachrick great seller!!!!

    He was very polite and shipped racquets very fast. it was shipped on wednesday and I receive on friday of same week!!! Plus racquet was in very good condition just like pics! would do business again with him anytime:)
  27. fgzhu88

    wanted badly!!: any POG mid

    I'm desperate to the point where I'lltake any pog model as long as it's in -4 3/8 or 4 1/2 grip (L3 or L4) -midsize (no oversize or longbody) -fairly good condition just make a good offer, I can pay immediately! via paypal thanks,
  28. fgzhu88

    WOW, anyone watching Blake/Ferrero match??

    wow, I have only seen ferrero play after his "prime" (that FO win) and MAN ,he is whooping on blake! (down one set 3-6, came back 6-3 now at 4-1) his precision is amazing!!! makes me want to get that POG asap!
  29. fgzhu88

    wanted: ps85, POG90, others

    in either 4 1/4 or 4 3/8, I'm looking for -ps85 (don't care where it's made) -POG 90 (single or four stripes) -PC600 -Prince spectrum comp 90 I could trade a 8.5/10 ps90 (4 1/2) for one of them if interested.
  30. fgzhu88

    does anyone have a joost beta??

    joost is the new tv-on-your-computer program. Does anyone have the beta version so that they can invite me? apparently the only way to get it is to either be invited or be on their waiting list which is suposed to be long