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  1. 7zero

    Vintage racquet stringing help!

    Hello fellaz, I got very string job pleasant order today: to string vintage Snauwaert Lady Caravelle racquet. It is supposed to be the wedding day present for one top 30 WTA player who is abut to get married. It looks like 18x19 pattern, but I am not sure as outside crosses does not seem to be...
  2. 7zero

    anyone knows Prince Shark Team 98T?

    I got information it is pro stock racquet for Japan or Asian markets, very similar with Tour 1OO team (16x18, weight, flex.. etc). Does any of you guys any experience with it, gossip or can you confirm it is really pro stock racket? I am after TX263P (pro stock version of Tour 100T) and I am...
  3. 7zero

    fake Luxilon or not?

    my friend gave me reel of Luxilon BB rough saying it is useless because it is snaping during stringing. I have not tried it yet - just wanted to ask you if you think it is genuine or fake?
  4. 7zero

    pain in shoulder during throwing motion

    I tried to work hard on my serve last days and maybe I did something wrong (maybe not enough of warmp up?), when trying to do kick serve and tossing more to left pain in shoulder was there. Now I can do normal hitting just serving and smash is limited - it is not cruel pain just feeling I have...
  5. 7zero

    do you ever tie-off cross on cross anchor?

    I just strung Wilson prostaff 95 16x19 with 4 knots pattern and when I finished crosses waving I end up with no wide grommet for tie off. I tried to push it through all normal grommets to tie off on any main anchors but no success. So I finished it on main with wide grommet (where I tied-off...
  6. 7zero

    how to punish weak BH slice?

    in my last match when I pushed my oponent to his BH side with deep ball he just sliced BH back crosscourt and not very deep. I was always late to this low ball and missed or framed 5 of these shots which should have been winners I think. I played slice too. What would you play in this...
  7. 7zero

    what is causing high launch angle?

    I searched it all here but could not find any thread about it. situation: I played gut/4G setup (6 moth old) first time on clay today, and it was unpossible for me to get it into court - I was overshooting almost everything when I tried to play my normal deep forehand. I am usually quite short...
  8. 7zero

    most durable natural gut on clay

    I admit I am adicted to natural gut/poly hybrid and clay season is here. I know what it will do to durability of my strings. TWE has three natural gut strings in my price range on offer: Babolat Tonic, KLIP and Pacific classic. Anyone knows what is difference in their coating regarding...
  9. 7zero

    playing trainings with wrist weights?

    I struggle with one mistake - not getting through the ball after impact for power and deepness in shots and rather making quick windshield wiper induced by wrist closing too eary and erratic way and not letting it going full circle. I got an idea (and do not laugh) to use wrist fitness weights...
  10. 7zero

    what string for Prince Warrior 100 pro

    for wrist sore prone player. As warrior is on the way I started to think about what to put on it - it is harder stick than my Tour 100T. I usually play Volkl psycho as my reference string, but I think maybe nat gut/poly could be the way?
  11. 7zero

    string for 9yrs old girl

    Playing with Babolat PD 25. I know poly is not an option, so syn gut or multi? What tension? Is syn gut prone to going dead and arm unfriendly as fast as poly or does it stays similary playable longer time? I mean how often to restring for her - she is no big hitter.
  12. 7zero

    where next from Prince tour 100T?

    I am quite OK playing my Prince tour 100T with O-ports. I am able to swing it at it is quite light. However I struggle a bit against heavy hitters, on both return and baseline response - my shots are not deep enough if under rush. Same when running to catch some wide FH. I know it is all about...
  13. 7zero

    what cheap shaped poly to buy at TWE?

    I have cheap round poly in reel for people who does not care about strings too much, but I found out they are used to pro's pro orange shaped poly. TWE does not have pro's pro strings at all so my question is what budget solution you recomend for this kind of customers who just want shaped poly?
  14. 7zero

    when to restring stickers

    I found stickers in my Wilson string reel with "when to restring" reminder. I am thinking about starting to put in on other people's rackets strung by myself - so I wonder what time you put on it fellow stringers? Do you differentiate between various types of strings? Any tips?
  15. 7zero

    WC dual reality tension

    I am gonna try this string and producer recomends 3kg higher tension for multi(?) cross than mains - something like 23/26kg for 100 headsize. Anyone tried it? would you recomend this tension differential or something else? I am after comfortable setup (due wrist) with control and spin -...
  16. 7zero

    tournament advice

    saturday I shall play tournament, and any good advice how to get into state of mind of beeing patient with endless pushing, moonballing and junkballing is welcome from you :) I already see myself trying to hit winners and jerking the shots and double faulting.. any simple psycho skill pack?
  17. 7zero

    is backhand jump shot usefull stroke?

    just wondering if backhand jump shot (Rios, Nalbandian, Safin) is really usefull shot worth learning/playing or just showmanship available for those pros with excellent timing and coordination? Do you play it/teach it pals?
  18. 7zero

    Karolina Pliskova wear

    Just in case any of you gear freaks want to know what is Karolina wearing off duty, here you go: nike trainers and Superdry hoodie! Today at court No.10 at RG
  19. 7zero

    TF black code dead?

    After having it strung for aprox. 20 hrs I started to overshoot with it. I have problem to keep groundies in court. Is it just my technique as I am often said, or is black code dying this way - in racket launching mode?
  20. 7zero

    where to look after shot?

    I noticed this watching Nalbandian videos: after the hit he keep his head unmoved watching the point of hit not turning head into ball direction for a while. Is this only his technique or is it general rule how to do it? In golf it is general...
  21. 7zero

    Prince tour 100 Team 16x18 good for me?

    I play two rackets in my signature bellow both same weight and aprox. same balance. Basically I made from my Radical S 100 headsized Radical MP to get bigger sweetspot for my often off centre shots. I like them, but my wrist is tired of it. It is not like I could not play or it hurts but I feel...
  22. 7zero

    head of racket position 2HBH

    my coach tell me I should never drop head of the racket down before hitting 2HBH - something like this: and look what I found! so who is right...
  23. 7zero

    What tension for Solinco tour bite soft 17?

    I am gonna try Solinco tour bite soft 17 so would like to ask you about at what tension you think is reasonable for this string. My recent set up was Tecnifibre black code at 22kg and it was just fine for me. Same or to adjust up or down?
  24. 7zero

    synthetic replacement grip like leather one?

    I replaced hydrosorb base grip on my Radical with leather grip due balance reasons and I was suprised how bevels are sharp now. I like it this way because my standard hydrosorb synthetic grip made hande pretty oval shape like. Now I would like to get same shape on my second racket but I do not...
  25. 7zero

    Moya new Nadal coach

    I ve heard rumours. Anyone can confirm that?
  26. 7zero

    special balls for clay - does it makes sense?

    Picking balls for outdoor (clay) season now and wondering which balls to buy. I am not asking about brands because people have own preferences, but my question is: Does it makes sense to buy clay version/line of balls instead of just all court version? Do you feel it has really better playing...
  27. 7zero

    Ashaway Monogut ZX

    When I could order this string at TWE?
  28. 7zero

    Hybrid set (gut/poly) string length problem

    I bought packed pre-cut Babolat set of VS and Pro Hurricane tour for my hybrid set up. As I read on these pages people prefer mains with natural gut and crosses with PHT so I decided for this version. But stringer told me in the package natural gut was just 5,5m long and PHT cca 6,5m long. So...
  29. 7zero

    upgrade Radical S from IG to Graphene?

    recently I play IG rad S. I like it, it is demanding for me - when I hit off sweetspot or having lazy footwork I struggle to get deep groundstrokes. I try to grow up to it potential instead of change it for some baseline hammer. Control, touch and manouverability is fine. Question is: with...