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  1. msc886

    Nadal had the toughest competition out of any player in history

    I feel Federer has it overall the toughest. He had an easier start when dealing with his generation but he has the toughest up and comers to deal with in Nadal and Djokovic. Nadal and Djokovic had each other and a waning Federer who was still pretty good but having guys like Dimitrov and Raonic...
  2. msc886

    FEDERER’s historic age related H-H disadvantage

    Federer will always have an age disadvantage when it comes to H2H against Nadal/Djokovic. People forget that because the quality of younger players have been poor for the last 10 years and Nadal/Djokovic hasn’t had the same level of challenges Fed had to deal with.
  3. msc886

    Nadal and Djokovic fans are in great conflict of interests..

    Fed’s competition is actually pretty strong overall. He had a handful of slam winners in his generation which he had to overcome. He had the toughest up-and comers in Nadal and Djokovic who are both ATGs. Sure Nadal and Djokovic had Federer (prev gen), Murray, Wawrinka (later) and each other...
  4. msc886

    Biggest anomaly in weeks at #1?

    I think Rios. No.1 is about your performance over a year so some players like Wawrinka may not get no.1 despite winning 3 because he won 1 per year over a 3 year span. However I feel you should hold the majority of the slams to be no.1 with other touraments being the tie-breaker for multiple...
  5. msc886

    The problem with Roger Federer G.O.A.T. claims: Nadal and Djokovic rivalries

    Djokovic and Nadal are up-and coming players of Fed’s generation. In Fed’s favour, nobody else had stronger up-and-coming players to deal with.
  6. msc886

    Fed is Not Rafa's or Novak's or Murray's PEER

    Even if it works, they always want to achieve more so they will try to adapt but as I said previously, its not that easy.
  7. msc886

    Fed is Not Rafa's or Novak's or Murray's PEER

    If it was that easy, why can’t Murray have more firepower? He’s capable of it but it never comes out at the big moments.
  8. msc886

    Fed is Not Rafa's or Novak's or Murray's PEER

    He would but there’s only so much you can do. Fed can work on his fitness but he’ll never be a grinder. Nad can work on his serve and volley but he’s always gonna grind. Sampras can work on his groundstrokes but he’ll always be a serve and volleyer etc.
  9. msc886

    Fed is Not Rafa's or Novak's or Murray's PEER

    Conditions were much different in Fed’s era. The surfaces were faster, rackets were smaller and poly strings wasn’t as prolific. Thats why Ferrer (Fed’s gen) got killed by Fed’s generation but managed to do better later on when conditions slowed down. Murray at his best would be a Hewitt type...
  10. msc886

    Wilander doesn't want another Federer in tennis

    He should speak for himself. Players like Federer contribute a lot to the sport.
  11. msc886

    Maybe it’s time Roger.

    Yep just like how Pete didn’t run away, kept going and won his slams at 35/36 after a five year drought. Oh wait, thats Federer
  12. msc886

    Annacone: Kyrgios is the most talented player since Roger Federer arrived

    Not really. Sure Nick is a talneted player but he doesn’t seem much different to other aggressive, powerful and high risk players out there.
  13. msc886

    Video of Federer’s shot of the year + Kyrgios reaction

    Federer won a point he shouldn’t have won. Nadal won a point he should have won earlier with the overhead. More impressed with Federer’s point.
  14. msc886

    How many slams for Federer if he was same age as Nadalovic?

    If Nadalovic was 5 years older, I think Fed would win a few more as this is before poly strings became prolific, rackets got bigger and courts became slower taking away Nadalovic’s advantage. If Fed was 5 years younger he would probably win a few less as the conditions favoured Nadalovic’s games.
  15. msc886

    To people denying the concept of a ''big 4'', and comparing Murray to Wawrinka - here are some stats

    Hence my point about him being included with the big 3 debatable.
  16. msc886

    To people denying the concept of a ''big 4'', and comparing Murray to Wawrinka - here are some stats

    Sorry, forgot about those. Still compared to the big 3, he’s still far behind.
  17. msc886

    To people denying the concept of a ''big 4'', and comparing Murray to Wawrinka - here are some stats

    For sure Murray is better than Wawrinka but being in the same league of the big three is debatable. Sure he’s beat them a fair few times but when it really mattered, he couldn’t deliver.
  18. msc886

    Gonzalez 2007 AO vs. Murray 2012 AO

    Essentially he wins 3 slams in his best years in conditions that suit him. With faster surfaces and craftier players, he would basically be a modified Hewitt.
  19. msc886

    Someone please define "weak era"

    I like how Nadal fans point out Fed’s weak era but overlook Nadal’s entite Roland Garros run which was far less competitive than Fed’s domination on grass/hard. Basically, weak era is when a player someone doesn’t like is dominating.
  20. msc886

    Gonzalez 2007 AO vs. Murray 2012 AO

    Not necessarily. He got beaten by plenty of non-Federer guys even in his prime. His passive game always left him vulnerable. The surfaces were faster and players were craftier as well. Murray would have trouble.
  21. msc886

    Gonzalez 2007 AO vs. Murray 2012 AO

    On Plexicushion, Murray would def win as the slower surface neutralises Gonzalez weapons. On rebound-ace, it would be closer. Overall Murray is better.
  22. msc886

    Gonzalez 2007 AO vs. Murray 2012 AO

    He can barely beat an ageing Federer at slams, he’s not gonna routinely beat a young and fit Federer.
  23. msc886

    You are a pro tennis player: which backhand do you choose?

    He’s played a fair amount of serve and volleyers in his early days and knows how to deal with them. He only slices because he knows the current crop will stay back.
  24. msc886

    Greatest Aussie Open Champ - Federer or Djokovic?

    Difficult discussion with the introduction of plexi-cushion in Djokovic’s favour. Fed did quite well on the Rebound Ace. He’s probably do better if it remained that way.
  25. msc886

    Big3: What would be their slam count without the other two

    Without Nadal Fed would def win 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2011 FO. 2008 is where he could have lost to someone other than Nadal. Without Djokovic as well, he would probably have 2008 FO and definetely have won 2012 FO.
  26. msc886

    Big3: What would be their slam count without the other two

    Nadal’s stroghold is less touched by the other two so he is mainly harmed on hard and grass courts. Whereas Fed and Nole have their strongolds threatnened by the other two plus all the Roland Garros which Nadal has beaten them repeatedly.
  27. msc886

    What is better federer 8-11 in wimbledon finals or sampras 7-0?

    Of course Fed. Finals isn’t the only match of a slam. If Sampras or Fed lost before the finals it matters just as much.
  28. msc886

    Understanding Federer: The Myths and realities(2000-2004)

    If Fed’s not old/slow in 14/15, you must be trying to say Sampras was in his prime when Fed beat him.
  29. msc886

    The USO champ is this year's true #1...

    I’d laugh if someone random wins it. Would be nice if one of the young guns finally stepped it up.