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  1. Vanhalen

    The Kyrgios match is hilarious!

    OMG! Getting a patron thrown out, hitting shots one direction while looking the other way, underhanded serve after hitting 3 aces in a row. This match has everything. Can’t wait to see what happens next!
  2. Vanhalen

    Is it me or did Fed’s strokes just not look smooth last night?

    I’m talking that even when he had time, especially his forehand. Not the usual patented Fed grounded, head dead still, smooth flowing through the ball graceful stroke. Seemed short, quick, abbreviated, coarse, labored. Like he’s hitting at the ball vs. swinging through the ball. Just didn’t...
  3. Vanhalen

    With all of our technology, why have line judges?

    Why deal with so much human error? Missed calls, points played over, frustration. Help me to understand why electronic line calling is not being implemented.
  4. Vanhalen

    Kvitova having a meltdown.......

    Painful to watch.
  5. Vanhalen

    Ugh, you got beat by a guy with a man bun!

    Didn’t see that coming.
  6. Vanhalen

    Any Pro Hurricane users?

    Grabbed two of my older frames that hadn’t been used in nearly 2 years. Both strung with PH17. They felt great. Hum, perhaps I should give it a go again. I’m sure these frames lost their tension. Felt quite soft and great control.
  7. Vanhalen

    So, any pros using the over hyped super amazing Clash?

    I mean it’s supposed to be the most amazing and biggest advancement in 100 years. Making all other frames obsolete. So why aren’t all the Wilson sponsored pros using it?
  8. Vanhalen

    Just went through an end of season purge refresh and restock. Feels good!

    Went through all my gear. Pitched socks, shorts, some old worn out shirts, sweat bands, towels, shoes, and hats that definitely needed pitched. Ordered a bunch of new shirts and shorts, new socks, wrist bands, 6 hats, 4 pairs of shoes. Cleaned out my bags, found $17 in one of them. Re-gripped my...
  9. Vanhalen

    Just ordered my 7th frame

    Couldn’t resist the huge discount. It’s being discontinued soon. 5 are currently strung and in a rotation. Im 63, these should last me until the end......
  10. Vanhalen

    Anyone use the Adidas Pro Boost basketball shoes?

    With my ankle issues it seems like the night top version would be beneficial for me. Anyone?
  11. Vanhalen

    PTTD anyone?

    posterior tibial tendon dysfunction...ugh. I was in a boot for 4 weeks. Went to a brace, 5 days later...oh the pain. Back in the boot. Have not touched a racquet in 2 months. I’m going nuts. Ortho said this is a slow healing tendon as it is deep set and to be patient. Still going nuts. Anyone...
  12. Vanhalen

    I’m calling it right now ....Rafa is going to retire this match

    That look on his face it’s like he’s realizing my body is not going to make it through this match. His game depends on his legs I think he’s about done
  13. Vanhalen

    Sorry, Ivan was a waste of your money......Zverev!

    I mean, he’s so dynamic......he is like a Tony Robbins motivational
  14. Vanhalen

    Look at Roger tonight...

    Super classy classic look. Wawrinka is wearing a clown suit.
  15. Vanhalen

    What Asics shoes is Joker wearing tonight?

    Definately not GR7
  16. Vanhalen

    Halep is screaming like a water buffalo in heat.

    Man, I don’t ever recall her being this loud she sounds like a wounded animal
  17. Vanhalen

    Bring back the Nike Vapor Advantage!

    I have 2 pairs left. Great cushioning, wider toe box, solid fit. Loved them.
  18. Vanhalen

    Why is Tahoe Tennis responding to threads that needed in 2006?

    Dude, are you in a time machine or something? How do you even find these old dead threads? None of the original posters have been around since 2007!
  19. Vanhalen

    Madison Keys....duh why don’t I just keep using the same and successful strategy which is .....

    just Hit the ball harder and if that doesn’t work my second game plan is hit the ball harder and if that doesn’t work I’ll try just hitting the ball even harder. I mean come on she doesn’t construct a point she just gets mad and tries to hit as hard as she can to think she’s going to blow...
  20. Vanhalen

    Tell me all about Luxilon Element...

    Been using ALU Power 16L. Definitely my favorite poly! Element sounds interesting..just ordered a few packs to try out. What say ye?
  21. Vanhalen

    Recovery time?

    Lately I’ve been playing just about every night unless it rains. Singles. We play anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours. I’m 63. Have about 4 guys available in our group. Two guys in mid thirties, other two guys in mid 40’s. One is USTA rated 4.5, the rest are 4.0. So this isn’t patty...
  22. Vanhalen

    Huh...just a simple change, dramatic difference.

    So this afternoon my forehand left me. So after 30 or 40 minutes of frustration my hitting partner asks, “why did you change your forehand stroke?” I told him I haven changed anything and have no idea why I am so off today. He don’t have your wrist laid back today at all. I just...
  23. Vanhalen

    Made my day! And his too!

    I was hitting with my ball machine this afternoon and a guy drives up, gets out of his car after watching me for a while and asks if he could hit with me for a while. Sure...... Said he is new to the area, he is from Africa, broken English, 35 years old. “I play very well, win tournaments and...
  24. Vanhalen

    How to lose belly fat?

    I pulled a tendon in my foot last November. Doc put me in a boot for nearly 3 months. Then slow therapy. So, over the winter and holidays like an idiot...I ate everything in sight, especially sweets. Gained 13 pounds! It’s all in my waist. I’m back active again and have cut out sweets, but it’s...
  25. Vanhalen

    Can I pay it forward?

    Went through my tennis closet. Have a few things I was going to pitch but would be glad to mail to someone. One pack of Head Rip Control 16ga One pack of Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex 16ga 2 Packs of Tourna lead tape Just message me and I’ll mail it to you.
  26. Vanhalen

    Adidas Defiant like!

    I really bought them for clay courts but decided to try them last night on hardcourt. Unlike other Adidas I’ve tried these are roomy! Extremely comfortable and great ventilation. Played for over an hour right out of the box and very comfortable. So I ordered another pair for casual wear as they...
  27. Vanhalen

    Artificial sweeteners causing an increase in belly fat ......

    I just read several articles after doing research on this and it seems like what they’re saying is your body does not know how to process some of these chemicals so it stores them as belly fat. I think I am having the effects of that. I have been in a boot due to an ankle injury for eight weeks...
  28. Vanhalen

    Anyone use the new Vapor X on clay?

    If so can you give me some feedback?
  29. Vanhalen

    Anyone tried the Lux ALU Power 16l twentieth anniversary string yet?

    Big fan of the 16l blue ice. Anyone notice a difference?
  30. Vanhalen

    Cornet and Mertens wearing the exact same outfit including visors..

    and it’s hard to tell them apart.