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    'Natural Gut Wholesale' Review (Stringing and Play)

    Physically, those strings do look much better than the earlier versions, which look kinda like crudely twisted twine. Curious to know how they play
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    Least Powerful Gut

    I'd say it's quite a bit more resistant than Babolat VS Touch 16 and Wilson NG 16 (new version). I'm not a string breaker and after ~12h with SPPP in the cross, fraying is minimal. Babolat and Wilson would have been a mess by then, especially the new Wilson.
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    Federer Strings @ Wimbledon

    I've always been curious why he uses ALU rough as the cross instead of the smooth version, which should give more spin from snapback
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    Anyone using any electronic sensors? Zepp, Sony etc and thoughts?

    I was thinking of buying the sony sensor only to know it's been discontinued. Zepp 2 seems to be the best currently but I read that it doesn't do very well with displaying shot-by-shot stats. Has the app been updated to include this? The Head version seems to have been updated to introduce this...
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    Deflated natural gut packaging

    Kind of a trivial question. All the natural gut that I've purchased so far came in inflated packages (just like potato chips), I believe to keep the freshness and protect them. I just received one that appears barely inflated. I'm not sure if there's a puncture. Has anyone received deflated...
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97 I've earlier briefly compared DR98 vs Pro97 (link above). It would help to know where you placed your weight. My DR98 was weighted up to 366g but it swung lighter than stock Pro97 because only...
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    oops, double post
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    Tour G330 is one hellava stable racquet with great plow through. But it was too much for me, so I went to DR98. Great racquet too but I was never in tune with it. Pro97 came out and I went back to Tour G330 out of curiosity just to recap the feel. It was a great second honeymoon. The heft was...
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    Best natural gut currently

    Strange that they feel similar but Wilson has much worse durability
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    Best natural gut currently

    Has anyone tried the new Wilson gut? I bought it along with the Luxilon gut out of curiosity. Luxilon lasted soooo long (crossed with SPPP) that it's been almost a year before I could string the Wilson last month. Although they are supposedly both made by Luxilon, the Wilson seemed much less...
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97 Same as DR98
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    I've used DR98 previously and Tour G330 before that. I've always used heavier racquets (but G330 is a bit too heavy...very nice and stable though) so I added 2x3.5g to 3/9 position of the DR98 (SW~328, static weight 366g due to grip/butt mod). I was happy with the setup but always felt something...
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    That does seem really off. How did you check the version of your racquet? Does Pro 97 indicate explicitly 310 or 330 on the racquet these days? I skipped the Duel G but for Tour G, the specs on the throat indicate the weights for both the 310 and 330 versions (i.e. G:310g;HG:330g). The only...
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    Would someone who has played with Tour G330, Duel G330 and Pro 330 compare their maneuverability? It seems like the consensus is that Pro 330 is the most maneuverable. So on a scale of 10, with Pro 330 being 10, where do Tour G and Duel G stand? Thanks!
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    Yonex VCore 95D

    95D is really nowhere near what I'll consider demanding. Mine was 362g strung (and a few minor customisation) with a SW of 315. I always fear overhitting with it.
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    Wow, this version is getting great review. I recently took out my Tour G300 after over a year with the DR98 and it was my best hitting session in quite a while...for 30 minutes. It wasn't long before I was reminded why I switched over to DR98. Though my Tour G330 and DR98 are only 4g apart, the...
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    16x19 in Yonex is usually denser than Babolat and Wilson. When I changed from Tour G 97 to DR98, I was surprised that 16x19 in DR98 was boardier (not that it's boardy) than I expected. Therefore I doubt the change in string pattern from 16x20 to 16x19 will dramatically change the...
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    'Natural Gut Wholesale' Review (Stringing and Play)

    Are V2 and V3 more durable than V1? I bought 2 sets of V1 abt 1 year ago and used half a set each time. Each half set lasted shorter than the previous. First half set lasted abt 3mths, not bad. Second set maybe abt a month, then it broke in my bag. Third half set was used once, then it broke in...
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    Wise 2086 power supply

    I'm in Singapore and just got it last month through their Hong Kong distributor. He was very responsive initially and told me they'd replace it but no action was taken and emails were not replied, only told me before the communication stopped to earth the machine by connecting a wire from the...
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    Wise 2086 power supply

    Regardless, I'll probably get it from their overseas distributor's website because they're selling at about the same price including shipping. At least with their terms and conditions, I won't have to pay USD38 again if the power supply turns out wonky. And also, it's hard to trust theirs any...
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    Wise 2086 power supply

    Has anyone tried third party power supply on the Wise 2086? My machine came with a power supply that leaks current (I got an electric shock) and the replacement will cost USD38 to ship. I found one on the bay with the same plug tip, and output voltage and amperage but Tenni$head told me their...
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    Tennis shops in Singapore?

    Queensway shopping centre is where the cheap sports goods are, not just tennis but sports gears in general. Tennis wise, Transworld sports at level 2 is very popular and cheap though the service standard might vary depending on the person on duty (the wife is friendly and the husband is at times...
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    help with stringing gut main/poly cross setup

    Thank you all for the wonderful advice! I guess I need to have more faith in the strength of natural gut. Just measured the tension on racquettune after 1 day and it's only 46.9lb when the reference was 56lb :( Trying another racquet later this week. Wish me luck!
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    help with stringing gut main/poly cross setup

    I've just strung up my racquet with gut main/poly cross only to realise a few issues I didn't foresee. I hope to get some help resolving them for my next string job 1. Starting gut main Is there a proper way to start tensioning the natural gut main to minimise damage, since there is so much...
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    Help identify this string

    Gosen has a few rectangular strings. Polymaster, powermaster, compositemaster but I'm not sure if they come in that color.
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    Yonex Ezone DR CLUB!!!!~~~!!!

    My experience is very similar to yours. I moved from Tour G 330 to DR98 because my fitness doesn't allow me to use the former anymore. I had a honeymoon period with DR98 but then I just felt something was lacking and you described exactly what I want to say. I like the easy power with the DR98...
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    Mini-review: Qlipp Tennis Sensor

    Is it intermittent or continuous? You might want to try moving your phone to the back of your court. I get intermittent blinking too and I'm guessing there's a lost of connection and it's trying to reconnect.
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    Best GPS tennis app?

    I'm guessing the miles ran in the stats were calculated using Hawkeye. There probably won't be an app that would work well with tennis because the size of the court is too small relative to the accuracy limits of GPS.
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    Brian Baker comeback trail

    Still lacking confidence and a bit rusty even after his doubles win last week. Hope he bounces back soon. He's not getting any younger.
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    scotus' review of QLIPP Tennis Sensor

    There seems to be a bug in the video mode on android. I tried two video sessions today and both times the data stopped recording after 10-11min although the videos were 14+min. I'll try again with another device.