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    stringing a vintage grommetless graphite racket

    I've never strung one before, is there anything in particular I need to be aware of? I would prefer to do a two piece job, it's currently strung with a one piece pattern. I saw another thread where the use of power pads in the throat was recommended, it doesn't have any in currently. I saw...
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    running with a racket

    I'm coaching a player who swings their racket back and forth in time with their run when moving to reach shots, and it impairs their ability to prepare for the shot. I teach players to start moving their racket back as early as possible and to time it so it's a continuous movement into their...
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    Thoughts on different brands of tennis balls?

    I like Dunlop Forts and Wilson US Opens, I just buy whichever is cheaper. I've also played a lot with Head Radicals which I think are pretty good. I've tried Slazenger Tie breaks which were awful, and also Head Team which weren't as bad as the tie breaks but I wouldn't get them again. Any other...
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    Recommendations? Ferrer Academy in Javea / Xabia

    I'm looking for recommendations for tennis holiday destinations (in Europe) for adult rec players, has anyone been to the above? Or have any other recommendations? We'd be interested in a bit of group coaching (we range from 4.0 to 5.0) but mainly having plenty of court time (would hate to...
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    used drop weight machine, missing parts

    Can anyone help me here, it looks like part of the weight is missing, anything else I should be aware of?
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    Viewing a second hand crank stringing machine

    I have never strung before. I'm looking to pick up a used drop weight machine. However I have seen a crank machine come up for sale locally. I understand that these can have mechanical problems which may be expensive to repair. Is there an easy / quick way to test the machine is in working...
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    Teaching an overarm throw

    Some players have a shot-put style throw which means their serve is limited. What are everyone's favourite methods of coaching how to develop a more powerful overarm throw?
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    being coached - what do you like what don't you like? Group and private lessons

    I'm looking to improve my tennis coaching and would like to hear opinions about people's experiences of being coached or trained, either in groups or in private sessions, as adults or as juniors. Or as coaches, where have you gone wrong in the past? What elements of the lessons did you like...
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    Jumping forehands - Dolgopolov vs Federer AUS open 2016

    I watched the highlights on youtube () and Dolgopolov seems to jump and rotate when hitting his forehand more frequently and to a more extreme extent than Federer. What do you guys favour when hitting? A mix? Do you try to stay more controlled like Federer?
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    Can you recommend courses / experiences to improve my coaching?

    I'm looking for help or suggestions for courses (or placements, coaches to shadow etc). At the moment I teach mini tennis / juniors and adult recreational players part time and am looking to expand my skills and experience. I'm about to start the LTA level 3 course but would like to do...
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    rules for touching the net in doubles

    so you run towards the net to retrieve a drop shot, you hit it and then and you're on your tip toes with both your arms up in the air desperately trying not to touch the net... Can your partner come over and grab the back of your shirt so you don't fall into the net? If so... can you stretch...