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  1. tennytive

    Mighty Sensor Tensioner Assembly or How I Almost Made a Boat Anchor (for the boat I do not have)

    I would have rather seen the movie, but yours was an elegant rendition.
  2. tennytive

    Playing singles against former Top-300 dude this afternoon

    Great stuff. I'm impressed by your ability to recall what shots you hit in what games and how they affected the outcome. I can do that in chess, but not tennis where I've practiced to concentrate on one point at a time so much that I often lose track of the score. Then again, I'm old, so there's...
  3. tennytive

    Shoes are so good now.

    When I learned to play we all wore our "gym" shoes, most likely PF Flyers or Converse All Stars. Later Jack Purcells were the end all. Head came out with some actual tennis shoes in the early 70s, I had two pair at the same time which nobody did back then. After that I wore Tretorns everywhere...
  4. tennytive

    Anyone pre-weave the WHOLE racquet before pulling tension?

    Pulling two strings at a time. He's pretty good grabbing those ends and tying off with those Mickey Mouse gloves on I have to say.
  5. tennytive

    My first goodwill haul!

    I had both of these back in college. First the T 2000, but when I saw the AA Comp I was mesmerized. It was the coolest racket I had ever seen. I couldn't afford a new one, ($70) if I remember right, so I bought the only used one in WI from a floor mate who had come to school for one year from...
  6. tennytive

    Which type of player is the worst to play with?

    An argumentative 3.5 who thinks it's okay to post here starting and belaboring multiple threads that question and/or bad mouth her partner(s).
  7. tennytive

    Am I Wrong About Switching?

    Actually, in her very first sentence she tells us all she "needs" to be told she's wrong. No good deed goes unpunished.
  8. tennytive

    Pickleball is spreading

    Anna Leigh Waters and William Sobek won the Mixed Doubles 5.0 19-49 Gold medal match at the 2019 US Open Pickleball Championships. She's 12, he's 14 and been playing for 10 years.
  9. tennytive

    How Many Racquets Do You Bring To A Match And Are They Identical?

    4, 3 very similar and the 4th with the lead tape at 10 and 2 instead of 3, 6 and 12.
  10. tennytive

    what do u drive

    1998 Corolla LE. Mine has a spoiler. 91k miles and counting. My other car is a bicycle.
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    A.I. and the "4th Industrial Revolution"

    None taken. The thread is about AI, another poster brought insects into the equation. Insects for the most part are interested in other insects, not humans. I suggested they might barely know we exist which leaves the possibility that they do. I can't prove whether or not they are conscious of...
  12. tennytive

    A.I. and the "4th Industrial Revolution"

    Plants also make products you and I need to eat as well, that's not the point. They both do these things from eons of evolution, not their own thought processes. I didn't say neither can make food, I said they can't beat me in chess. A computer doesn't have to know it exists to provide...
  13. tennytive

    A.I. and the "4th Industrial Revolution"

    My computer can beat me in chess. An insect, any insect you choose, can't even move the pieces much less know how, and even much much less beat me. So there.
  14. tennytive

    What happens around 60?

    I could play competitive basketball til I was 62, then my knees couldn't take the pounding anymore and I switched over to tennis which seemed like a vacation. I was pretty good for my age and could hang with the youngsters. 7 years later I've slowed down to the point my game now resembles how...
  15. tennytive

    A.I. and the "4th Industrial Revolution"

    Adding to what Gary Duane mentioned, I was a commercial photographer using 8 x 10 film all the way down to 35mm and developed black and white film and made custom black and white enlargements by hand. The digital photography AI was so advanced it forced me to switch over and sell all my...
  16. tennytive

    A.I. and the "4th Industrial Revolution"

    Yes, you're right. Even tho I prefaced my comment as a fantasy, I shouldn't be commenting on something I know virtually nothing about. Point taken.
  17. tennytive

    Iconic Movie Face-Offs

    Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach in The Good, Bad, and the Ugly. It lasts almost as long as Nadal between serves, or Novak bouncing the ball before he serves.
  18. tennytive

    A.I. and the "4th Industrial Revolution"

    Just fantasy, but if AI could manage investments that would guarantee significant returns, perhaps those profits could be distributed in such a way as to provide a base income for many of the displaced. But that would mean owners of the AI would have to approve of that scenario over keeping all...
  19. tennytive

    Did the 'Like' Button disappear from posts?

    I like what I like, when I like if I like. But I also "manage" to never use the word "like" to begin or punctuate or otherwise overpopulate what I say when I say if I say.
  20. tennytive

    What's Your Favorite and Least Favorite Racquets To String?

    My favorite is my own. My least favorite is someone else's.
  21. tennytive

    Dumb scoring methods

    A long long time ago we knew it as a "Pro Set". First to win 10 games and no ad scoring.
  22. tennytive

    Difference of 4.5 and a Pro (video)

    This is a tennis lesson. Anyone with eyes can see how easily the pro is handling balls hit to him and basically feeding Rob the next ball almost to the exact same spot, in his hitting zone so that Rob barely has to move for his next shot. That's harder than he makes it look. Notice the technique...
  23. tennytive

    Indian Moon Mission led by women!

    @r2473 Me too. I've never seen anyone other than a man descend into the hole to do the maintenance. Until I see a woman doing the same work I will continue to think it's more PC policing than real logic.
  24. tennytive

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Airplane! First time when it originally released, lmao. Now, it seemed just plain silly. And I am serious, and don't call me Shirley.
  25. tennytive

    Very confused by Stringing specs for this new racket

    When I read this line I couldn't help but think about how often the OP has been around for many many irritations.
  26. tennytive

    Have you ever lost a point due to body contact outside the court?

    That must be a "really big shoe" as Ed Sullivan might have said. :)
  27. tennytive

    Almost got Scammed by

    I was luckier than you. I sold two rackets to a member in Santiago Chile who asked that I send them to Miami FL when I told him I could not ship internationally. CONUS only was the terms of my sale. I did as he asked and had no troubles whatsoever. This was in 2013 so maybe things are somewhat...
  28. tennytive

    Leave planet earth?

    Not at all, I was thinking how happy the animals, insects, fish, birds, mammals, plants and trees and Earth itself would all be if one day there were no more humans to ruin it all for them.
  29. tennytive

    Earthquake 7.1 Strength Occurs in Southern California

    Memory not so good but I think it was Nova that had a series on how Japanese and Chinese temples were built to withstand earthquakes. It was fascinating to see centuries old architecture designed with interlocking pieces that fit like a jig saw puzzle to hold the frames together. No fasteners...
  30. tennytive

    Did you watch the Womens Soccer World Cup?

    I would rather watch reruns of Gilligan's Island. All this constant whining about equal pay for the women's team who think they're not only the best women's team, but the best team period? Dream on. If you want real respect and equal pay, then play the men on equal terms or shut up.