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  1. dr325i

    Head pt57a

    Mid to upper 50s
  2. dr325i

    Head pt57a

    If you get them and don't like them, let me know!
  3. dr325i

    Head pt57a

    There is no Player printed name on the PT57A except Murray. The LM had no code printed in the throat, FXP was the first one showing "PT57A" in the throat, it ended mid cycle of Youtek in 2010/11 This is definitely not the LM Radical frame and the mold looks like the PT57A. I say it is safe to go...
  4. dr325i

    Head pt57a

    Looks real. Make sure there are no cracks as the price is well below the market one
  5. dr325i

    Head pt57a

    Yes and well worth them money. The going rate now is more than $300 per racket. So, it sounds too good to be true...
  6. dr325i

    UNIQLO - Worst brand ever

    What is their revenue? Profits? Before Federer / today? Would $30M/yr. make a slightest dent on their overall number? Is the investment paying off? are they what you say they are?
  7. dr325i

    Anyone else using old racquets

    kblade 98
  8. dr325i

    Players custom molded handles

  9. dr325i

    Djokovic is...

    It actually shows that being on top you don't get to meet as much of the new stars (yet) than being #2 or #3...
  10. dr325i

    BLX Blade - New Blades

    You are a lefty so everything is odd about you Will play you for $100, with my setup and give you 15:0 headstart in every game!
  11. dr325i

    BLX Blade - New Blades

    I am not sure, however, 10 or so that I have are matched with the silicone in the handle and some have lead on the hoop to match. I made them 5-6 points HL, 335g string with OG, 335SW. love that setup. I tried the V7, nice feel however, went back to my KB98
  12. dr325i

    BLX Blade - New Blades

    IMO, the best blade ever made is the kBlade. Have them in various paint jobs, including unique Speed Pro 360, Blade CV, and original kBlade
  13. dr325i


    1) Yes, you can pull money from your 401k at the age of 37 2) If your touch your behind or/and your front, you must wash your hands (all within 25 sec current rule).
  14. dr325i

    who would ever thought marin cilic gonna win 14 uso ?

    not as shocking as Kei getting to the final
  15. dr325i

    What are ex-Barricade users using?

    FF2 is ASICS...
  16. dr325i

    Mexico is a joke state

    or in the middle east (for that other drug reasons...)
  17. dr325i

    NEW Prestige MP 360

    To me, the RA measurement is not painting the whole picture. For example, the PT113B at 61 measured flex feels more like the mid 50's flex. Feels so much better/more comfortable than the Gravity line for example. The kBlade at 65 flex still feels comfortable. It is how and where it flexes that...
  18. dr325i

    What are ex-Barricade users using?

    You can still get the 2018 Barricades at competitor's sites and still get a 6-month sole warranty on them
  19. dr325i

    What are ex-Barricade users using?

    2018 Barricades Boost were the best shoes ever made, followed by the 2017 model All of my issues started when I switched to others (SoleCourt Boost, FF2...)
  20. dr325i

    Your RA

    kBlades measured 63/64 on the Bab RDC
  21. dr325i

    Federer's signature shot

  22. dr325i

    Daniil Medvedev dismisses Roger Federer

    Orangutan (no disrespect to monkeys)
  23. dr325i

    Demo Yonex VCORE Pro 97HD 18x20

    1-2 months after the release and initial craze...? That ship has sailed...
  24. dr325i

    Desperately Seeking Comfort, Precision, Power and Stability

    Next prestige! Ah, wait...
  25. dr325i

    Djokovic's signature shot

    Anticipation of whats to come in 2020... Scary...
  26. dr325i

    Best 18x20 Racquets of 2019 (& Some Oldies Too).

    From what I heard the future of the Presrige is...bleak I agree that he’s not competing and his feedback is always appreciated for the racket reviews, etc.
  27. dr325i

    Federer Shanghai Uniqlo 2019

    That was not my point...
  28. dr325i

    Federer Shanghai Uniqlo 2019

    I bought one of Federer outfits and the fit is totally different from Novaks (slim and perfect close to body fit)
  29. dr325i

    Best 18x20 Racquets of 2019 (& Some Oldies Too).

    Where is the Prestige? Ah, yes, head killed it. also, Troy is a horrible (“Ahm, ahm, ahm...”) speaker...