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  1. DarthFed

    Hmmm intteresting thing i noticed about Fed and Nadals RR group

    You guys probably noticed it but... Fed has DP on his side...the man who dethroned him as 5 time USO champ. Nadal has the Sod...who stopped him from being the first to win 5 Straight FO's. Is karma here to punish Sod and Del Po? Adds a bit of drama for the up coming matches..
  2. DarthFed

    Gulbis VS Djokovic RG 08 video/highlights?

    On my ps3 i have a good amount of Tennis matches..(Fed Rod USO 07, Fed Djoko USO 09, Nadal Djoko Madrid 09, Nishikori Blake Del Ray 08, Gulbis Nadal Wim 08). This match has eluded me..i can't find it..and when i've "found" it, no one wants to share it. I've settled for HQ highlights but...
  3. DarthFed

    Federer and Roddick part of the top 49 most infulential men of 09. Roger was #8, Roddick was #35 Sorry if it's old, don't think i saw it on the first page and i haven't been here in weeks.:)
  4. DarthFed

    What A Year!!!

    If some one told you Nadal would win the AO, Fed woul win the French, Soderling would take out Nadal at the french, Clijsters would win her first slam back and Del Potro would take feds crown would you have believed them? Both Clijsters and Del Po deserve it. It's been a pretty good year all...
  5. DarthFed

    Has your opinion of player changed this year?

    I've found that Murray is off my top 10 list..Roddick usurped Djoker as number 2. As for people i disliked...Del Potro, Soderling, and Isner are people i thought i would never liked but these guys have made me fans this year..especially Soderling and Del Po. what about you guys? Fed of course...
  6. DarthFed

    Federer's biggest serve?

    So im on Federers Wiki page and in the little section called playing says first serve speed is normally 190 k/h (118 MPH) but he can hit in the 220's (137+). I can't remember him ever hitting a serve that big...every slam i usually check the stats and feds biggest is usually 131...
  7. DarthFed

    Will Murray follow Djoker today?

    As you all know Djoker had chances to usurp the #2 position from BOTH Federer and Nadal quite a few times so it's obvious that he's had chances over the course of almost a year. Today is Murray's first think he'll blow it?
  8. DarthFed

    August = Greatness?

    During the Roddick match today i think pmac mentioned today was Gilberts birthday...Then someone mentioned that it was also Lavers birthday.. Then i realized yesterdays was feds, and Sampras birthday is the 12th.... So that's 3 of the greatest ever...born in August. So...Leo = GOAT...
  9. DarthFed

    Caption this

    I'll go first Fed-I'd appreciate if you'd gtfo my trophy Sampras-Come on roger don't be so cold i haven't touched it in 9 years Borg-You think thats bad? i haven't held this since 1980 Laver-Well i don't need to touch the trophy i have two calender slams Fed-.... Borg-.... Sampras-....
  10. DarthFed

    How are the british feeling about Murray now?

    I figured they'd tear him to shreds if he lost..have they yet? or are they being reasonable?
  11. DarthFed

    The real reason why Roger Federer is amazing

    Is it his 4 years of dominance? nu uh Masters series wins? not quite Is it his 14 GS? no His career slam? nope but close It's his ability to attract people and cause peace...people who don't even watch Federer matches are in his threads, any and all threads generally become about him...
  12. DarthFed

    Are you actually excited for Wimbledon?

    Despite being my favorite tournament...ever and my favorite surface to watch... Im not excited this year...i wanted Fed Vs Nadal SW19 part IV...but it's not going to happen and Im not in slam i made plans this week and i haven't put my life on hold.. I'd be glad if fed won but i wont...
  13. DarthFed

    Has a player ever played a (near) Flawless match?

    I'm talking 2-3 golden bagels and (90) 100% first serve? I know there have been golden bagels but i'd love in my lifetime to see a flawless match
  14. DarthFed

    Would you recognize your favorite players in the streets?

    On the courts they are unmistakeably unique (most of the time) but outside of it...they look like everyone else..i can honestly say that i wouldn't really notice these guys in a crowd. On that note..Nadal has nice fashion sense.
  15. DarthFed

    Out of are you feeling post final?

    After it was over...and i cleared up the thing that was in my eye (ie :cry:)...i watched the two tiebreakers and some of the 5th set of wimbledon that they re-aired after the match. Then i played some video games...realized that i had no energy..starting watching Courier VS Wilander outback...
  16. DarthFed

    The Rankings have been updated -Gulbis dropped to ****ing 69...:( -Lol Gasquet GAINED a rank -Haas in the top 50 -Maximo Gonzalez is at a career high:) -Poor Monfils :(
  17. DarthFed

    Lol not much has changed has it?

    The world number 2 won the FO again for the 4 straight year :) What a year its been.... Fed cant beat any of the top 4..Murray, Djoker and Nadal making him look like number 4....cursing the HC season..racket smashing..Nadal winning the AO open... Next thing you know..Fed wins...
  18. DarthFed

    Let me see if i got this straight...

    From what i've noticed these past few days... Apparently Beating Nadal in a slam final = Earning a slam Not playing Nadal = Slam worthless? Is that what I'm to believe?
  19. DarthFed

    Sampras was having fun at E3..

    Just found it interesting, no video yet because i assume i was watching it live. E3 (electronic entertainment expo) started today and EA was showing off their tennis game, two developers were playing as Sampras and McEnroe to show off the game to the crowd..the pete player is sucking..who walks...
  20. DarthFed

    Is the tennis channel always available? or is this only for slams

    It came to my attention literally 5 minutes ago that i have the tennis channel/tennis channel HD and i know for a fact that for the longest time it wasn't part of my cable this for slams only or is in permanent? that means my tv would actually have some use now..
  21. DarthFed

    I still can't get used to Murray as Number 3...

    Better yet Djoker at number still calling him the World No 3 w/o realizing just feels so..unnatural It was cool that the top 3 players were slam it just...ugh wtf happened? he had no less than 3 chances to overtake Fed and now he dropped down? i know this is old...
  22. DarthFed

    Why can't we Fedfans have this?

    I mean come everyone is saying the match doesn't mean anything :roll: (we all know Nadal doesn't tank) Weeks upon weeks Nadal has been wtfpwning everyone and everything winning an assload of clay court titles, a HC masters his first AO...Fed wins one tourney and gets no credit...and...
  23. DarthFed

    Was Nadal really that tired after getting a walkover?

    I know that whats going around is "lulz 4 hour semi Djoker is the champ, blah blah" but Nadal played one less match than fed, its like the AO everyone was saying he was tired during the semi when he practically coasted through the AO I don't think he was really tired, Feds gone almost as far as...
  24. DarthFed

    How Big does Nole Serve? Fed won and this forum is going to the 9th level of hell in a few seconds so my last few posts are serious Yesterday during the match..when the camera was nice enough to show the gun...Nole hit a serve at 216 KM/h and 226 KM/H when did he started serving that big? then there was the...
  25. DarthFed

    Anyone know what Nishikori is doing with himself?

    Last i checked he was 50 something...lost the points from Del Ray (scheduling changes should never screw player over) And now he's out of the top 100..what was the last event he played i don't think he's been in any of the clay events as far as i know
  26. DarthFed

    Top 5 most difficult aspects of being a Fedfan

    Top 5 most difficult aspects of being a current Fedfan 5- His interviews...sometime he says things that can be used against him and you just have to say "Roger....why", the rules of life state that you can only say whatever you want when you WIN 4-His attitude..i can't have more passion than...
  27. DarthFed

    Favorite service motions (both old and new)

    not really "rules" per say...more like guidelines 1-No flaming a person because your favorite player who's not known for his serve isn't on their list 2-No era wars...if you like the motion just include the player 3-5 new players, 5 old players..if you'd like to add more be my guest...
  28. DarthFed

    How long do you think Nadal can stay number one before.....

    ....Everyone starts to loath him take shots and him, and wish death to him and his offspring? it's going to one like anyone winning too much.... I can see it now.... "Murray is number 2 but he'll take the ranking from overrated Nadal" "Nadal isn't that good, he played in...
  29. DarthFed

    Short S&V points or Long Grinding Baseline rallies?

    Watching points like this Make me realize why i can like Nadal, those freakish retrieval skills make points like this possible
  30. DarthFed

    Tsonga playing as....Tsonga I found it a little funny, he's playing as himself in EA's upcoming tennis game, i bet he was playing a CPU controlled Nadal