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  1. MathieuR

    Grommetset for old Head extreme pro

    Someone came with the first version of the extreme pro (microgel). Looked still pretty good, but the bumperguard was badly damaged (not the grommets). Would "any" extreme-pro set fit this dinosaur?
  2. MathieuR

    Dunlop force98, srX and isisX

    Just bought 2 frames 2nd hand. Same look, same spec (98/27"/16*19/300g-unstrung) But looking closer they had different grommetstrips (exact same "inside frame pattern), slightly different orange color, and one said on the site: isisX impact shock isolation system, the other srX shock reduction...
  3. MathieuR

    Fast and "slow" stringing, same settings, different results

    I have raised this question/item in the thread "different pulling speed Wise", but I think this deserves a "dedicated" thread. I think "fast" stringing gives a lower SBS, a softer stringbed, compared to when you give the tensioned string the time to "creep" before clamping. Quote my last...
  4. MathieuR

    unorthedox stringing patterns

    I acquired a racquet from the long disappeared Dutch brand "Life sport". This one is strung with the "varioflex technology", the same 3-string pattern as the MadRaq's (with my glidebar-clamps I will not be able to string this!). Now I wondered: would it be possible to do this pattern (or...
  5. MathieuR

    Which syn.gut doesn't notch ( that easy)

    For many recreational players I use a syn.gut using "moderate" reference tensions (depending on string-pattern and head-size); aiming on a DT right after stringing of 35-36 kg/cm. Works fine, only one drawback: the string notches even without playing. Is there a syn.gut less prone to notching...
  6. MathieuR

    hybrid stringing: always have the cross-string's hardness higher as the mains?

    When you have a poly in the mains, syn.gut in the crosses, the crosses will develop notches almost without playing. These notches block string-movement, and therefore reduce spin. Question: do you avoid hybrids with a soft(er) cross-string?
  7. MathieuR

    headlight 105sq.inch and up frames

    I looked at the racquetfinder, and given my criteria, at least 105sq.inch, at least 6pnts headlight, there are only 3 frames. Most of the "bigger" head sizes are even balanced or head-heavy. So for my wive, a "recreational match-player", I tuned some older Volkl Quantum energy-frames, by...
  8. MathieuR

    String-savers; who uses these, and why

    I am starting to use a hybrid of natural gut in the mains, poly in the crosses. I was advised to use string-savers, to avoid excessive wear at the crossings of the strings. I tried Wilson's, but these completely block all string-movement. Babolat elastocross is advertised that these would...
  9. MathieuR

    what is the correct "timing" to clamp the tensioned string on a (e)CP

    On a lock-out, timing is "simple". The variables are cranking speed and reference-tension, and as soon the LO "locks" its done. You can clamp a split second later, or wait 10 seconds, the final result on the string-tension is the same. On a drop-weight it is bit more complicated. I learned...
  10. MathieuR

    POWER POTENTIAL: The percentage of impact speed returned by the bounce of the ball from the racquet.

    POWER POTENTIAL: The percentage of impact speed returned by the bounce of the ball from the racquet. See eg . Does anyone know how this is measured? And isn't it relevant how the frame is strung? (stringtype/tension/....)
  11. MathieuR

    machine pre-stretching on a cp lever-machine

    the only reason I could think of to switch from my Stringway constant-pull lever-machine to an "electric" was the machine pre-stretching. Pre-stretching will help to deal with strings that loose tension quickly due to "creep" and "lasting-elongation" when tensioned. ( IMHO only elastic...
  12. MathieuR

    Klip legend 17 natural gut

    As I was testing several different strings I decided to "invest" in natural gut. As such it is not that expensive, less then €30 for a 12m-set. So if you string "half-gut" it is quite affordable. Some questions: - when I opened the pack I first thought it was "the wrong string", it looked like a...
  13. MathieuR

    racquet/stringtable-deformation halfway stringing

    I knew it happened, but now I measured it: after stringing only the L-strings the frame got 4 mm shorter. After finishing the cross-strings the frame had its original dimensions again. Did anyone else measure this deformation?
  14. MathieuR

    Yonex ultimum RD Ti 42

    I am playing now for 2 years with two second hand Yonex Ultimum RD Ti42 racquets. When I asked info to Yonex-Europe, they gave me some ( but not very much ;) ): Made in China 98sq.inches 27-inch length 21/23mm min./max. racquet width Average weight: 290g Balance Point: 310mm Descriptions: The...
  15. MathieuR

    Dunlop biomimetic 400/400 tour

    it is almost history, as these are no longer for sale. But I tune racquets as a hobby, and worked with both. When you see the specs. the "only" difference ( apart from the cosmetics, which is nicer for the tour) is 20 gram, and a shift in balancepoint. I saw that in the tour-handle there was a...
  16. MathieuR

    should you see the clamp "move back"

    When tensioning "the next string" ( be it a main or a cross), should you see the clamp on the previous string "move back" to the position it had before you released the tension after clamping that previous string? I don't know how it works in a multi-thousand-dollar stringing-machine, but on...
  17. MathieuR

    String-Bed-Stiffness, how is it measured

    string-bed-stiffness (SBS): - I know the dimension of the SBS is kg/cm - it is measured in a RDC by applying a force on a measuring-disc in the center(?) of the stringbed - deflection is measured, and bingo, force/deflection --> SBS this looks straightforward, but: - everyone will realize, that...
  18. MathieuR

    racket stiffness, how is it measured

    racket-stiffness ("RA"): - I know RA has a value between 0-100. 100 = absolute-stiff, 0 = like chewing-gum - I know that it is measured by holding the frame on a RDC in a set-up, apply force on the tip, measure the deflection of the tip --> bingo, the magic number pops up. I want to know: -...
  19. MathieuR

    Should a stringer be a tennis-player

    Should a stringer be a ( more or less "decent") tennis-player himself? I think he should be, or it least, I think this helps him to be a better stringer ( to be able to "feel" the different properties of strings and tensions in real play)
  20. MathieuR

    unification/clarification of the key-characteristics of a racquet/stringbed

    If you use eg racquetfinder, you can find the characteristics of a racquet: weight/balancepoint/frame-dimensions/string-pattern/swing-weight/stiffness/length. I think we can agree that weight/length/balancepoint/stringpattern never can give interpretation-discussion. Frame-dimension should be...
  21. MathieuR

    what are the real improvements in racquets the last 15 years

    We all know racquet-industry tries to tell us that we háve to buy the "next generation" frames for the dramatic improvement the magic component XYZ gives these. But what are the real changes the last 15years, apart from cosmetics? ( and if there are, can anyone give a "percentage-improvement"...
  22. MathieuR

    how long can you use a racquet?

    If you are not a powerplayer ( I would say US rating 3.5 and lower), how long can you use "one and the same frame" before it dies on you (meaning, the playing properties are clearly gone). Of course regular renewal of grips and grommets is done. I love to tune frames, and it is very easy to...
  23. MathieuR

    prestretching strings

    Natural gut is prestretched before stringing. What is the (dis)advantage to prestretch évery string before use at say 60-80pounds?
  24. MathieuR

    Now I want to know: how cán you check the quality of your string-job

    The title says it all ;). There is a lot of discussion here to have the best knots, to have the best ATW-pattern etc., but I miss information how stringers controll the quality of the string-jobs they deliver. How do you know, if you intended to string L/W 22/19kg, that the result is what...
  25. MathieuR

    "emergency" ty-off on the outside of the frame

    I just strung a Babolat reflex team. It was strung 2-piece, and I was planning a hybrid, so, no problems to be expected. But, finishing the crosses, there was no ty-off grommet. There was one on the other side, where the last stringer had enlarged T9. But I could not do that anymore (should have...
  26. MathieuR

    a simple way to measure the "real" tension in the L-strings

    I found an easy way to measure the "real" tension in the L-strings, just before you weave the W-strings. It works best when you use it in a 2-piece string-job. pluck the first L-string whíle tensioning (presuming you have a constant pull system, so you know exactly the tension) befóre...
  27. MathieuR

    a simple way to measure the "real" tension in the L-strings

    I found an easy way to measure the "real" tension in the L-strings, just before you weave the W-strings. It works best when you use it in a 2-piece string-job. @chrisingrassia: I bet pluck the first L-string whíle tensioning (presuming you have a constant pull system, so you know exactly the...