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  1. mugener

    Pro Staff Classic 6.1 25th Anniv vs. Six One (Current)

    My local AD has a used but very good condition 6.1 and this is very hard to come along. But the price difference is not that much compare to the current six one (white/red). I haven't tried the current six one before and wondering if they are very similar racquet or completely different animal.
  2. mugener

    Pro Staff BLX 95 16x18 (2012) or RF97 2016

    HI guys, I came across very good condition of these 2 rackets. I used to play with Kfactor 95 16x18 and I moved to Ultra 100 or a lighter frame. But I really missed hitting with a solid/ heavy/ plow thorough frame. If you guys are in my shoes, which one would you pick.
  3. mugener

    Quality PJ of RF97-2nd Gen

    Before this got launched, a lot of us were speculating that the rubbery velvet finished would be as good/bad as the Head iPrestige's. I think I haven't heard a lot of discussions or feedbacks in regards to this. How's it been holding thus far?
  4. mugener

    Not a Happy Camper

    I strung mine with Gosen OGS 17g @ 60lbs (moving from x1 biphase16g), what a night and day. The Gosen felt like a cheap prestrung racket from Walmart. Given the price similarity with Prince Syn gut, oh my, Prince is way much better. The most frustrated part is the "ping" noise coming from it...
  5. mugener

    Yonex 2017

    Any news on new Yonexes coming this year. Pretty quiet here.
  6. mugener

    String for Ultra 100

    I am currently using the X1 Biphase 16g at 53lbs as recommended due to my golfers elbow. It's a very soft, muted, moderate power string for this frame. I am thinking of trying out other strings as well. I am thinking of Wilson Natural gut (might be too powerful for this frame) and Champions...
  7. mugener

    Radical Graphene XT MPA vs Ultra 100

    I am looking into a lighter more powerful racquet and narrow down to these 2. I did a search for the rad mpa, but didn't find feedbacks. I thought this suppose to be one of the best sellers wonder why isn't it popular in this forum. Any experience with these?
  8. mugener

    Change for better for my forehand?

    I have posted a string suggestion over at the string forum, but I would also would like to get some input for my FH technique as well. A liitle bit of my background, I was rated 4.0 and have been playing for 20+ yrs and I am into my 40. I always have a old school long loopy swing (like...
  9. mugener

    Arm Friendly String

    I developed a tennis elbow last year and this year unfortunate enough i have a golfers elbow. I am currently using Kfactor Six one 95 with Alpha Viper Mxt 17g at 54lbs. I am not sure if it's my technique or gear. My GE has gotten worst. I have been playing for 20 more years now and never had...
  10. mugener

    Vintage Prince CTS Thunderstick

    Just give you guys a little bit of my background in tennis I have playing since 20ish years ago and back then I always wanted a CTS Thunderstick or Storm. But I have always been playing with players frame such as Pro Staffs. I will be turning 40 pretty soon and find that I no longer can handle...
  11. mugener

    Best Leather Grip?

    How do the Babolat VS Balmforth Leather Grip (from England) compare to the current ones in the market? Is this the same as fairway?
  12. mugener

    Ai98 vs Blade 18x20 (2015)

    Specs are similar, wondering if anybody can give any input on these 2. I was able to demo the ai 98, unimpressed with it. To me it has too much power, control is mediocre and so so stability.
  13. mugener

    Natural Gut for AI98

    Hi TW, I have read your review for this frame and suggested for a firmer poly. Wondering what do you think about a full natural gut and any suggestion for tension? Thanks.
  14. mugener

    Missing Pro Staff 7.1 Zone

    Hi guys, I have always been in love with this frame and wanted to find something identical or similar. For me, the weight is just right for me and its maneuverability allow me to hit various shots at ease. Need your expertise. Thanks.
  15. mugener

    KFactor SixOne to a Babolat

    Hi All, Haven't been in the forum for years now. Stopped playing tennis for quite sometime until recently decided to make a comeback to the sport. Anyhow, I have a KSix One 16x19 and feeling it quite hefty for me (causing me arm pain) and thinking of switching to a lighter, more flexible...