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  1. innoVAShaun

    New forum for Junior League, Tournament, Instruction, Gear...etc?

    Good morning TW. Would it be possible to created a new forum for those of us who would like to share and learn information about Junior tennis? Thank you.
  2. innoVAShaun

    Tennis in Anne Arundel County, Maryland

    This is a thread for people to post about any tennis events happening in and around the Anne Arundel Countly area of Maryland. Anne Arundel County, MD is made up of (but not only limited to) the following cities: Annapolis Glen Burnie Severna Park Pasadena Crofton Odenton Severn Edgewater...
  3. innoVAShaun

    USTA Net Generation Shirts

    My family and I were very fortunate to receive USTA Net Generation t-shirts at the US Open. I must say they're pretty decent quality polyester. The brand is Augusta Sportswear and their technology is called Moisture Management. Saw online that they sell that apparel at Sears and Walmart. Not...
  4. innoVAShaun

    Nike Boy's Fall Legend Top Colors Listed/Stock #'s Mismatch

    Good afternoon TW, The stock numbers' color codes (and picture) do not match the colors that are listed in the product details. Could you please correct the page to let us know what is actually available? Thank you. Here is the link...
  5. innoVAShaun

    Nike Mens Legend Tee Colors Listed/Stock #'s Mismatch

    Good afternoon TW, The stock numbers' color codes do not match the colors that are listed in the product details. Could you please correct the page to let us know what is actually available? Thank you. Here is the link...
  6. innoVAShaun

    Military Discount?

    I was playing tennis with a group of military Veterans the other day and they all directed me to a tennis retailor that offers a discount for Active Duty Military and Veterans. Does Tennis Warehouse offer any discount like this?
  7. innoVAShaun

    Tennis around Fort Meade, Maryland

    I'm looking for tennis around the Ft Meade, Maryland area. I've found a few players on base and the pickup doubles at Sawmill Creek Park in Glen Burnie. Just seeing if there are any other places nearby for some pickup doubles, tournaments, leagues, etc. Also, are there any (public) Har-Tru...
  8. innoVAShaun

    HELP: Did TW Sell Me A Fake BAPD??

    I bought both of these Babolat Aeropro Drive racquets from Tennis Warehouse's used racquet section. The first one I bought back in August while I was on deployment for 9 months. The other I bought back in February. It wasn't until recent that I started playing again and noticed a difference...
  9. innoVAShaun

    Fit of Nike Advantage Premier Sleeveless

    Does anyone know the fit of the Nike Men's Fall Advantage Premier Sleeveless Crew? Does anyone have pics or can compare it to any of the past Nike Tennis sleeveless tops?
  10. innoVAShaun

    Nike Air Courtballistec 4.3 CLAY Wh/Bk

    TW, Can we please get some photos of the Nike Air Courtballistec 4.3 CLAY Wh/Bk? All you have up is the hard court version. Thanks.
  11. innoVAShaun

    Nike CourtBallistec 4.3 Clay now up on TW

    Check them out: (click the pics)
  12. innoVAShaun

    Javier Marti Racquet

    I was flipping through the Sky Sport channels and saw Javier Marti playing Youzhny in Madrid. He's using a yellow Babolat. Anyone know which one it is or have pics?
  13. innoVAShaun

    (Indoor) Tennis in Groton, Connecticut

    I might be going to Groton, CT sometime this winter. Is anyone looking to play? Are there any good indoor courts around there or maybe a place to find some pickup-tennis.
  14. innoVAShaun

    ETA on Nike CourtBallistec 4.3 Clay

    TWE, I've already seen them up on other EU tennis sites. When will TWE be selling them? TIA.
  15. innoVAShaun

    Nike Winter 2011

    I know the previous two threads were deleted. But I know we can talk about the line now that is already released.
  16. innoVAShaun

    What's With these FeatherLight Hats?

    I ran across these Nike FeatherLight Hats on the BAS. I'm not a fan of the Nike Swoosh being relocated to the side of the cap. I hope this isn't the new norm.
  17. innoVAShaun

    JOB OFFER: Italian Web Editor for the TW Europe Website

    JOB OFFER: Italian Web Editor for the TW Europe Website Tennis Warehouse is the #1 online tennis retailer in the world. Due to the steady growth of Tennis Warehouse Europe, we are looking for an Italian Web Editor with excellent English proficiency to work in our office in Schutterwald...
  18. innoVAShaun

    Serena Williams practicing in her pink cat suit

    Just thought I'd share and get everyone's thoughts: (From Yahoo! Sports:;_ylt=A2KIRza4QaVNcjYAUwA4v7YF?urn=ten-wp392)
  19. innoVAShaun

    Saying Tennis Game Score in Italian

    Correct me if I'm wrong but is this the proper way to say the game score and how do you say "Advantage In and Advantage Out?" 15-0 = quindici zero 15-15 = quindici paio? 15-30 = quindici trenta 15-40 = quindici quaranta 30-30 = trenta paio? 40-40 = quaranta paio? Advantage In = ...
  20. innoVAShaun

    Gael Monfils Breakdancing

    Does anyone have video of Gael Monfils bboying? I know it was after France beat Argentina in Davis Cup 2010. Here's a few pics I found:
  21. innoVAShaun

    TW Is Selling Their APDC Demos!!!

    Just wanted to share with my fellow TWers that TW is selling their Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex demos in the used racquet section for cheap. Get them while their hot!
  22. innoVAShaun

    Rafa Armada Shoe Design Contest

    Saw this on the Nike Tennis FB Page: RAFA WANTS YOU TO DESIGN THE OFFICIAL RAFA ARMADA SHOE! Are you up for the challenge? Here's how the contest works: * Submit your design by 5PM PST, SUNDAY, JANUARY 10. * MONDAY, JANUARY 11, we'll post an album of the designs on our wall. * Find...
  23. innoVAShaun

    The Ultimate Nike Color Codes Thread

    Post all of your Nike Color Codes and Nike Color Code questions here. I've accumulated a few Nike color codes between me and my wife's tennis clothing from 2005-2009. 001-Mist Grey 002-Soft Grey: Spring 08 006-Medium Grey Heather 009-Stealth 010-Black 011-Black 011-Neutral Grey...
  24. innoVAShaun

    TWE Staff: Could we please have a TV Schedule posted?

    Is is possible to get a TV Schedule posted for tennis events on each channel similar to the TV Schedule on TW USA's site?
  25. innoVAShaun

    Tennis Shoes & Apparel Gifts Received

    What tennis shoes and apparel did you receive as gifts for the holidays? So far I have a Nike Giftcard to use on some gear.
  26. innoVAShaun

    macs971 is an Excellent Customer x 2!!!

    No hesitation with his payment. I appreciate your patience. Thanks for another successful transaction. Enjoy the shirts!
  27. innoVAShaun

    Music Video with Cameos from Djokovic and Monfils

    I saw this video on TV and found the post in Odds and Ends. I just wanted to share it also:
  28. innoVAShaun

    Babolat AeroPro Drive Grommets Swappable?

    I recently just purchased two banged up OG AeroPro Drives and everything on them needs replacing including the grommets, grips, and buttcaps. What I want to know, is it possible to replace the factory APD black grommets with white grommets from the AeroPro Lite? I ran a search and...
  29. innoVAShaun

    NOOOO!!!....Not my Black/Cyber 2.3s!!!!!

    I've been wearing my Black/Cyber CourtBallistec 2.3s for casual since I got them. I've only worn them twice to play tennis. Anyways, my right shoe has developed a squeek whenever I'm taking a step in them. I suspect that it's the Max Air bubble that has gone to crap. I definitely do a lot...
  30. innoVAShaun

    Good Center Net Strap To Last The Heat

    What is a good brand of center net strap that can last through the 14 hours of dry heat in the sun? Something that won't dry out break too easily.