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    Round poly with long playability duration

    Looking for a round or shaped poly with great playability duration and feel... please provide recommendations.... Anything superior to Max Power?
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    Phantom Pro 100 (18x20) v Phantom 93p

    If anyone has played with both frames please provide a direct comparison. Also, best tension/poly to string the two frames?
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    Head Pro Tour or Radical Tour 630

    Looking for either Head Pro Tour or Radical Tour 630 in great condition, good price, and preferably 4 3/8 grip size
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    Angell V3 Custom TC95 for sale

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Angell V3 TC95 Pro Unstrung Specs: RA 63 320 gm 10pt HL balance Grip: 4 3/8 (Black Leather) Head Size: 95 Quantity:3 Condition: 9/10 few minor scratches. Used for about 2 weeks. Price: $120 USD each, or $350 USD for all three. Shipping: Depends on country...
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    Prince Tour 95 NEED ASAP

    I’m in need of 3+ Prince Tour 95’s grip size 4 3/8
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    Head Youtek IG Radical Pro

    Looking for 3 of these frames. grip size 4 3/8
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    Angell Custom TC 95 V3 for sale

    Brand: Angell Model: Custom TC 95 (63 RA V3) Grip Size: L3 (4 3/8) Grip Shape: ‘C’ Weight: 320gram, 10pt hl balance Quantity: 3 Condition: 9.5/10 Specific Time Used: 2 hours each General Description: scratches on each bumper from general play. All strung with Alu Power @44lbs Price: $250...
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    Phantom 93p v Yonex VCORE Pro 97 (330g)

    Hey all, Which would be the better all round frame and why? Side note, anyone have arm issues with the Yonex given its 65 RA?
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    Best mid/midplus players frame

    Hey all, In your opinion, what is the best mid/midplus (93 - 98 sq inch) players frame currently available for purchase and the reasons why? Cheers
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    V3 TC95 Stability Issues

    Hey all, I recently took the plunge and purchased 3 TC95's, all with the following spec; 18x20, 320gram, 63RA, 10pt Hl balance, leather grip. Strung them up with ALU Power @ 44lbs. I'm coming from using the Prince Tour 95, which according to TWU has a twisweight of around 14.5. I usually...
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    Angell TC 95

    Hey all, I was curious if anyone here knows some specific TC 95 (either 320 or 330 unstrung, 16 x 19) specs such as; Twistweight Sweet zone size Swingweight Power level Cheers
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    For Chris

    Hey Chris, First I'd like to say I appreciate the knowledge you provide us in your videos. My question; I'm a 5.5+ player and have been playing with the Prince Tour 95 for a couple of years. Prior to that I played with the Rebel 95 (bright yellow). Unfortunately, the tour 95 is no longer for...
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    Hitting Partner

    Hey all, If you're located in Melbourne and looking for either coaching or a hitting partner level 5.5 + private message me. Cheers
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    Prince Tour 95 / New forum member

    Hey Tennis-warehouse members, This is my first post on this forum. I have been scrolling through various threads over the last couple of months and definitely appreciate the knowledge on this forum, I've learned a lot. Bit of background. I'm from Australia,won many tournaments here in...