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    Federer and Dimitrov look nothing alike style-wise

    I do see some similarities, mainly the serve and one handed backhands. Federer's forehand has slighty better technique.
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    Did Djoko tank to avoid Fed???

    No way. The bad publicity that he's getting from this is not worth it. Really bad for his rep and gives some validity to the whole villian character.
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    Djokovic fans: who would you rather win US19?

    Nadal. I find Fed arrogant, I used to be a Fed fan, but I find that Djokovic has become more likeable in recent years. So I switched my allegiance. 20 is still and achievable target for Rafa, and even Djoko should have another good 2-3 years, if all goes well.
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    Novak should be ashamed

    I'm a Djokovic fan, and I have to say, it's not a good look. Perhaps he was trying to preserve the H2H. However, it's not fair for the crowd to boo him.
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    Are you pleased Djokovic lost?

    Same, I like both Stan & Nole, but feel that his injury wasn't as bad as he made it out to be and was perhaps trying to protect the H2H with Stan.
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    What does Venus have to do in order to beat Elina Svitolina (in a projected R2 match at the US Open)

    Venus fought so hard against Elina, but in the end, she made way too many errors and her serve wasn't strong enough.
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    The US Open draw is really opening up for Kyrgios

    Kyrgios is so unpredictable than anything is possible really.
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    LWOT ('Last Word on Tennis') website demonstrating strong bias towards Federer I woke up this morning to see yet another pro Fed article on the LWOT website which publishes news and analysis/predictions of both ATP & WTA matches. This has come a couple days after they published an article...
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    Greatest Athlete of All Time? The Case for Roger Federer The above article presents the argument of why Roger is the true GOAT of the Big 3. Although I agree that his longevity is a major strength in this argument, and definetly, puts him ahead of Nole & Rafa. However, I...
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    What does 'inspired tennis' actually mean?

    Thankyou, that all I needed. Its a shame some people have to be so rude about it. It was just an idea, I wanted to confirm haha.
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    What Does Maria Sharapova Have To Do To Beat Serena Williams At The US Open?

    At this point in both of there careers, I feel there is nothing that Maria can really do to beat Serena, as her movement has never been the best. Traditionally, players like Kerber and Halep, who move well and are able to move Serena (rather than outhitting her have been able to beat her). She...
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    What does Venus have to do in order to beat Elina Svitolina (in a projected R2 match at the US Open)

    Venus Williams will face Saisai Zheng in the first round, which could be a tricky opening round given Saisai's variety and ability to counterpunch. If she does make it through, she is projected to face Svitolina in R2, who beat her in R1 of the French Open this year. Svitolina is also able to...
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    What does 'inspired tennis' actually mean?

    I've read a countless number of articles which have mentioned that a player was 'inspired'. Does inspired just mean that a lower ranked player, was determined to beat a higher ranked player, and therefore caused an upset. In what circumstances can this term be correctly used. Could it be said...
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    Novak is the Ultimate Percentage Player but has the Least Flair Amongst Big 4.

    Well I think he has more flair than Murray yes. But you needs flair anyway, as long as he gets the job done I'm happy. Monfils has alot of flair, but how many GS's has he won. (no hate).
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    PETITION: Bring back the LIKE button!

    We need the like button back! Users need multiple ways to express our support of a thread/post, instead of having to comment.
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    Medvedev's Playing Style

    I know, his backhand looks like hes shovelling dirt or something lol.
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    Nadal's US Open 2019 outfit unveild

    Ahh ok, I must have missed that. Apologies.
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    Nadal's US Open 2019 outfit unveild Rafa's outfit for this years US Open has just been confirmed (see above link), and Nike has designed a black sleeveless shirt and shorts (night time) and purple one (day time) with white shorts. I actually really...
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    Federer's US Open outfit unveiled. The outfit that Fed will wear at this years US Open has just been revealed. I really like the simple black and white design. In my opinion, its probably the best looking outfit since he joined UNIQLO and definitely for a...
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    Zverev will end up like Dimitrov

    Poor movement? I think he's movement is pretty decent, he's got a good mix of offense and defense.
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    Rigged draw or just bad luck? Dimitrov v Wawrinka to play eachother in the 1R for the 4th time in a year.

    So Rigged, I feel sorry for Dimitrov, constantly being drawn against Stan really isn't helping his downward spiral.
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    Venus debuts new service motion at Rogers Cup

    In her first round loss to Suarez Navarro, Venus Williams displayed a slightly different service motion, to her usual one and is also rumored to be using a new, lighter racket. I wonder if this change in motion is a last ditch attempt, to alter her game and try and gain more consistency in terms...
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    High number of DF's in WTA Rogers Cup matches.

    Looking at the stats for the first/second round matches it appears that players are serving quite a high number of double faults so far, with usually good servers such as Pliskova having 9 and still managing to win the match. Also, players such as Bencic, Azarenka, Gorges and Yastremska all...
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    How the heck did Venus get direct entry into the Canadian open.

    No, pretty sure she beat Ostapenko in the QF and Konta in the semi, to reach the final.
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    Will Camila Giorgi ever win a grand slam?

    Haha, I know, she the one of the sorest losers on the WTA.