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    3.5-4.0 scrub in Jersey City for a month

    If you don't know yet..Just ask anyone where Lincoln Park is..There are 25 courts and lots of pick up players
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    Artificial Grass with Sand Surface...

    Just 5 months ago I played on this surface at at Dreams Resort in Cabo San Lucas Mexico..I really liked it...Played medium fast and decent bounce with great comfort
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    Battistone Freestyle two-handled racket (aka the Natural)

    I have wrist injuries and looking to buy one if anyone has it
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    Two-handed forehand?

    does anybody have some knowledge about this? re: the larger head/extended length racket
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    Two-handed forehand?

    i need to switch to a 2 handed forehand due to nerve damage in my wrist...I noticed a lot of 2 handed forehand players use a larger head/extended length racket...Do any of you find this??
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    And so it begins...

    PITA=Flat bread of Mediterranean origin
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    Everyone is fat from the winter. In this thread, we do hill sprints.
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    He broke it....I had it strung with Regular Ashaway Kevlar/Zx 16g...He usually breaks poly around 10-12 hours..He said other players were making fun of the funny looking fraying and he still got an extra 4-5 hours after the fraying starting..i also reused the 16g ZX in the new stringing
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    I just restrung my friend's Blade after he got 30 hours from a 90/40 KEV/ZX setup..He's strong 4.5-5.0 USTA tournament league player..6'4" hard hitter string breaker..He told me has has never played so well with control and zero arm shoulder pain..I did it as an experiment for him and now he is...
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    1 shocking article re. suffering in wonder mil&mil te/ge out there:?)))

    If the Spanish system is so good: Why haven't they developed any top players in the last 10 years?
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    (2)Angell Custom TC100 (67 R/A)

    reduced to $220 for both $115 each
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    PT for lower back problems

    There is another theory that back pain is caused by depression..Read some of Dr John Sarno's stuff on the subject
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    Advocating for clay: not only due to less injuries but also it brings a heightened fluidity to tennis, and unites the game’s art with its physicality

    My preference is a good newly surfaced hardcourt/ Deco Turf cushioned ie US Open.. I used to play in a Red Clay club.. It was ok but lots of down time whenever it rained tons of maintanence dirty: clay gets into your sneakers, car, house unsteady footwork if you are not good at sliding: easy to...
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    (2)Angell Custom TC100 (67 R/A)

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Angell TC100 Grip Size / Size: 4/ 1/4 Quantity: 2 Head Size: 100 sq inches Condition (x out of 10): 9.5 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 10 hours each *General Description: one racket is red/ racket is...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    I've used the regular Clash increased to 322 grams now for about 5 practice matches ..My nerve damaged wrist is able to play longer and more often than usual..Playing well getting good power and spin ;control is decent with Lux NG/ZX 58-55..I can figure out the rest to make it work better
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    NYTA tribute thread

    I have a real good idea for the reason he left
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    Cabo San Lucas March 19-26

    I met a great tennis pro named Cristo at Dreams resort in Cabo....I had 2 great sessions at extremely reasonable prices...If you're ever in Cabo..PM me for his contact info
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    Need help reaching the highest level possible in tennis

    What sports did you play? At what level?
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    Tennis camp Central NJ

    I'm 50/50 on group lessons..I am teaching my 8 year old grandson for 4 years now and he was on track with topspin forehand/one handed backhand volleys all the professional way..He then lost interest and didn't listen to me as much...Now he's taking a group lesson with some decent kids and it's...
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    The rules of the bothering the opponent on purpose

    i used to play a guy that practiced his toss at least 5-6 times..Then patty cake serve..Heaven forbid if he faulted..Then the process started again...Another one i can't stand is stalling (sitting for 3-5 minutes instead of the allotted 90 seconds..Another is the guy who has to clear the your...
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    THE CLASH equals TRASH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes definitely try it, it checks all the boxes for me a senior 4.5 tournament player..Easy power, spin, but most of all comfort on my nerve damaged wrist which allows me to play longer...Even my control is decent..I string it with Luxilon 17g natural gut/Ashaway Zx pro 17g 58-55
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    A comprehensive earlier review of the Clash
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    Agree, many players here love the Kev ZX set up for comfort, control and durability..The 5.0 player i strung it for is going on 6 months and loving it..
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    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    I'm not surprised C ...i know getting injured was really a downer for you and the road back was long..Spring will be here soon and those 12 year olds better not underestimate you
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    Official short frame users unite!

    Hey Trav, what effect does omitting the last mains or crosses have? power??
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    Cabo San Lucas March 19-26

    I'll be in Cabo March 19-26 if any 4.0-4.5 tt players are looking to hit
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    Thanks Fuzzy, I actually only put 1 gram at the tip and changed the grip to a Wilson Shock Shield...The Luxilon NG/ZX adds some weight plus a vibration dampener/head tape..So the Clash is 11oz stock (strung)..Mine is 11.35 oz....It just seemed a little light in stock form..sometimes if it's too...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    Leaded up to 322 grams..I previously hit on a racketball court 2X but finally got on court for a practice match in the cold easily winning 6-1,6-1..My opponent is a doubles player with a bad knee...It was a good start to see how the Clash felt in a match..I had lots of set up forehands and was...
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    Does playing ping pong help or hurt tennis

    For ping pong i hit a sideways to the net forehand ala Jimmy Connors and get comments that i have an ugly stroke