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    ultra tour

    did wilson discontinue the ultra tour 97?
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    gravity pro stock?

    couple questions regarding the gravity pro. first is zverev actually using that model just in pro stock? also was this a pro stock racquet before its released to the public similar to the H19/ultra tour.. thanks
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    Wimbledon Picks who ya got

    Post your favorites to win wimby this year! Add the reason for your pick, and debate if you disagree, GO!! My Pick: RF
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    Head's retail best racquets

    So the club I work at is sponsored by head, and they're trying to get me to switch from the blade to a head frame for promotion, which makes sense, any recommendations to demo head sticks?
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    Nick Kyrgios underrated backhand

    As I watch Nick's first round match against the Italian Matteo Berrettini in the first round of the Stuttgart 250, I'm more and more impressed with Kyrgios' backhand. Its so simple it looks like a push but the placement and underpin/sidespin that he can generate is nasty, especially on the...
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    Nike Line 2019

    What have you thought of Nike's 2019 so far, they're steering very far from the norm. New FO kit is awful if you ask me and the new vapors with the sleeve on the outside sucks too, they appear to be making tennis appeal as their basketball and lifestyle line
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    New Head Racquet

    Anyone see the picture of a bunch of head players? Ive heard about a new head racquet called gravity. anyone know anything else?
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    2019 blade

    Anyone have a picture or specs of the new 2019 blade? i talked to a wilson rep and they said that one will be released later this year, i imagine before the US Open. any news?
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    Mackenzie McDonald racquet

    Does anyone know what string and tension mackie is using?
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    Dominic Thiem Racquet/ Specs

    Does anyone know what racquet he’s using? It seems like the original pure strike, with a new pj. Strings?
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    Tommy Paul Racquet

    Anyone know tommy paul's racquet specs/ string and tension?
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    Nike release dates

    When will Nike release the Wimbledon line, and does anyone know the other release dates, or and pictures of clothing to come?