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  1. jasonbourne

    Best Multifilament?

    Juice, full bed of 16g Klipper Zyex is the most durable multi I found and very comfortable on the arm. Not cheap like other multis mentioned above. I've used it since the late 90s, tried different hybrids with co-poly for durability, but decided to pay and stay with the Zyex for overall...
  2. jasonbourne

    Does anyone still believe Nadal will catch Federer in slams?
  3. jasonbourne

    When should a junior transition to an adult-sized racquet?

    A family friend has a daughter who experienced the same as your daughter. Same rackets as you described. She's 11 now and went back to 26" and remained. She's more comfortable with the 26" racket she's been playing with since she was 7yo. Today it serves her well enough to win jr tournaments in...
  4. jasonbourne

    Federer's String setup?

    Fuji, this is encouraging to read your post of 42lbs on the KPS and you're enjoying it. Last night I strung my KPS with poly(M)/syngut(C) @ 40/44lbs. I hope I enjoy it. :-|
  5. jasonbourne

    Shoes with wide Toe Box

    Thanks Robby C. Unfortunately, TW don't sell it or are sold out.
  6. jasonbourne

    Shoes with wide Toe Box

    Robby C, thanks for the suggestion of the Viper V. It looks like what I'm looking for, something similar to the Yonex 304s. I just hope it is not too wide. I also wished Prince offered a low version. I don't need the extra weight and material in a mid version.
  7. jasonbourne

    Softest Synthetic Gut for Crosses

    For me, Titan is softer, more comfortable than Spiral Flex.
  8. jasonbourne

    Terra Plana shoes for tennis?

    Capt. Willie, why don't you play tennis with them? They were uncomfortable? Your movement was negatively impacted?
  9. jasonbourne

    Shoes with wide Toe Box

    WildVolley, thanks for suggesting the Prince 22. I am also a fan of the Yonex 304s. Do you have experience with any of the current Yonex models? If so, how is the toe box room?
  10. jasonbourne

    Terra Plana shoes for tennis?

    Lazarakis, do you wear tennis socks with the Aquas?
  11. jasonbourne

    How many ppl have switched from 1HBH to 2HBH?

    svlin, good luck with you new 2hbh. Either way, 1h or 2h, your results may be the same ultimately. Since you don't experience elbow pain with your 1h, you likely have the correct technique, just need to improve your timing and hitting on the rise. Here's some inspiration for you...
  12. jasonbourne

    I've tried but I can't use anything but a POG

    workhurts, Have you tried KPS88? It is solid, like your POG.
  13. jasonbourne

    LOW POWERED, soft multi?

    Pro Supex Maxim Touch is lower in power and softer than Head Rip Control, IMO. Last long too, especially compared to Alpha Gut 2K.
  14. jasonbourne

    klipper strings

    Kevo, it's on sale now.
  15. jasonbourne

    is the k90 (much) more demanding than the MG Mid?

    aphex, I think the K90 is more demanding than the MGPM because it is slightly heftier, less smooth swing feel compared to the MGPM due to its balance and the open string pattern *could* lead to less control for you, again compared to the MGPM.
  16. jasonbourne

    Federer Footwork Training
  17. jasonbourne

    Need More Durable Pro Supex Titan Alternative

    Heavy Ball, PS Spiral Flex 16g is more durable than Titan 16g. However, it won't feel as soft.
  18. jasonbourne

    Pro Supex Synthetic Gut Strings

    Have you read Titan to be *not good* in a full job? For me, Titan served as an inexpensive string to use as a cross in hybrid setup compared to using multis.
  19. jasonbourne

    Pro Supex Synthetic Gut Strings

    Yes - you got it right.
  20. jasonbourne

    Pro Supex Synthetic Gut Strings

    dantesinferno18, og micro full job is similar to psg with more comfort.
  21. jasonbourne

    Pro Supex Synthetic Gut Strings

    jturpin4, multis and synguts may give you same game/play results, but they don't feel the same. Playability is usually higher with multis and they're more comfortable. Titan feels softer to me than OG Micro. Both are great strings. You should try 16g and 17g to see feel you prefer, since...
  22. jasonbourne

    N90 & K90 balance & weight

    n90 felt more stable as expected with the extra weight. As long as you had the racket head properly positioned, the volley was effortless.
  23. jasonbourne

    N90 & K90 balance & weight

    I added lead towards to the top of the long handle of the n90 above my hand. On a separate racket I added lead tape to the head of the racket at 10 and 2 positions. Both methods provided a heavier ball and more stable feel than without the extra weight. n90 was my primary racket between...
  24. jasonbourne

    Why oh why is the POG mid unpopular??

    DjordjeRosic, I agree with you that the POG mid is flexible and comfortable. However, I am used to the Wilson Tour 90s and PS, which are stiffer in comparison. Perhaps some reasons why some feel it is harsh is the raw feel it provides or consistently missing the sweet spot. From the description...
  25. jasonbourne

    Thoughts on POG Mid...MG Prestige?

    K90 and POG mid have different feel. The feel is more raw with the POG mid compared to K90. POG, like the MGPM has a better balance compared the K90. It feels better to swing. However, you can realize a faster swing speed with the K90. K90 clearly has more stability and plow than the POG mid...
  26. jasonbourne

    Difference Between K90 and N90

    My experience has been similar to xHBvi3tbOix's comments. I would like to add I found a faster swing speed w/ the K90. Combined with a more open string spacing you can generate more spin compared to the n90. Since the n90 had a tighter string spacing I found there was more control. OTOH, the...
  27. jasonbourne

    wilson k-factor k six one tour 90 or k prostaff 88

    K90 could be easier on your sensitive elbow because it is less stiff. OTOH, you can use a soft string setup on either racket to help alleviate elbow pain.
  28. jasonbourne

    Match DVDs

    http://t e n n i s d v d
  29. jasonbourne

    Match DVDs

    Tia, I have consistently been happy with http://*********
  30. jasonbourne

    I don't hear about the k90 that much anymore =/

    Similar in you can produce similar shots, but also different where you can add more shot variety to your game with PS88. The PS88 is heftier than the USK90 with improved balance and feel IMO. These improvements allowed me to increase the variety of shots I can produce.