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  1. Jaitock1991

    Federer is now 1-9 against #1 at Slams

    And ironically he does not seem to realize that even though he's deliberately fabricating stats more or less exclusively to subtly detract Fed and kill his GOAThood, the more he is actually enforcing the opposite. With all the fans loving you there is also going to be a vaste group of people...
  2. Jaitock1991

    Goffin is Greater than Hewitt

    Had he been 3 or 4 inches taller, he would not be moving nor playing like Hewitt did. So impossible to know.
  3. Jaitock1991

    Goffin spots difference: "Against Novak you never feel comfortable, against Roger you feel like recieving winners"

    A pusher that takes the ball early, hits deep and changes direction a lot, plays fast and makes you run all over the place? That's quite a pusher.
  4. Jaitock1991

    2020 grand slam predictions. Join in guys almost time to think of 2020.

    If big 3 end up splitting the slams next year as well I genuinely think I'll quit watching tennis.
  5. Jaitock1991

    What is the point of the way tennis is structured as a whole today, if Rafa can win two slams not facing his two main rivals (who beat him in two

    Desperate screams of weak era, yet at the same time too strong for the big 3 to reach each other. Make up your minds, trolls.
  6. Jaitock1991

    Roger Federer felt back and neck pain in US Open loss

    What's special however is that he NEVER retired from an ATP match. Never. Come on. Even a guy like you have to credit that ;)
  7. Jaitock1991

    Kobe Bryant’s tennis addiction

    Who is this girl? Know her name?
  8. Jaitock1991

    Danil Medvedev : Federer is the most talented, no one like him while Djokovic plays like a machine

    One could also wonder about your own level of happiness, given the frequency of which you express yourself in this kind of way towards others.
  9. Jaitock1991

    Davydenko vs Dimitrov: Greater Career?

    Apart from their looks, Davy beats Dimi in pretty much every metric. Must be the best player ever not to reach a slam final imo, iirc.
  10. Jaitock1991

    There is a "Big 4", and anyone who denies this is quite simply a Murray HATER.

    He's definitely a great of the game. Amazing player, amazing career. What he did for British tennis should never be forgotten. However. 20-18-16....... - 3? As good as he is, it's simply too big of a margin to put him in the same tier.
  11. Jaitock1991

    This dude is a LEGEND

    Nick has to be the most polarized character on tour for sure. Seems NOBODY has a neutral opinion of him.
  12. Jaitock1991

    IF (devoted to Federer's Wimbledon 2019 run)

    Just out of curiousity: sure you didn't feel "that depressed" after the match? ;)
  13. Jaitock1991

    If your favorite tennis player was a football player, what would their position be?

    Fed would definitely be the attacking midfield creative genius playmaker à la Zidane/Bergkamp/Ronaldinho/Kaka. Leaving no foot prints in the snow, as they described Bergkamp iirc.
  14. Jaitock1991

    Infamous Sampras hater Rusedski: Federers's serve is in the category as Sampras

    I guess much in the same way as how we endlessly discuss this in the "best returner" threads(return as a shot vs return game as a whole), we also here have to seperate the serve as an isolated shot rather than the hold game as a whole. Fed's serve itself is great, but no better than top 30 as...
  15. Jaitock1991

    Who has a better service action Federer or Isner?

    It's quite extraordinary how far Dr. Ivo has come in his career in today's physical baseline oriented game when actually having a close look at his game. No drive backhand(literally), his forehand nowhere near pro level standard, terrible mover. Decent slice and okay netgame largely due to his...
  16. Jaitock1991

    Ljubicic's coaching a mixed bag for Federer

    Exactly. And this could also be said when he was with Edberg. Some of the losses against Djoker were matches he would have won had he played the big points better. Also. I doubt Fed would be likely to hire a coach with the sole purpose of beating one guy anyway. His issue and focus at the time...
  17. Jaitock1991

    If Djokovic wins this year's US Open, whose 3 Years of 3 Slams is more impressive - his or Federer's?

    Both of these guys could play really well at their best though. Davy was completely unplayable at times when he was really zoning. But get your point.
  18. Jaitock1991

    If Djokovic wins this year's US Open, whose 3 Years of 3 Slams is more impressive - his or Federer's?

    Agree. So it's actually a question about what people individually value more: Concentrated domination or longevity? For me personally talking only about the slams it's the first, but I have no problem seeing how people would also go with the second.
  19. Jaitock1991

    Nishikori and his Laser Beam Backhand

    Good point. As much **** as we give/gave Rafa for not doing well on grass, a similar argument could be made for Roger's failures at the USO. Going from a 5-time defending champ, to then losing in the final, to then only making one final in the next 10 years is weird, given how well he has been...
  20. Jaitock1991

    Why are people so high on Sampras?

    What we have to respect is that tennis and everything around it was very different back then. When Sampras won his 14th major, this was an unprecedented number that at the time seemed highly unlikely to ever be surpassed. To expect Pete to stay motivated despite this fact(he openly admited in...
  21. Jaitock1991

    Federers 2 nd cp point aporoach wim19?

    Similar strategy, but nowhere near as good execution. That AO approach was heavy and sharp, the one this year was loose and passive(most likely due to nerves).
  22. Jaitock1991

    Nadal not good enough to meet Federer outside of clay from 2004-2008

    Peak Fed was simply better on clay than Rafa was off it during these years. If not the H2H would likely look different, all though there is no guarantee for this either. Rafa was a terrible matchup for peak Fed on any surface, just watch Dubai 2006 if you don't believe me.
  23. Jaitock1991

    Rafa's Level This Wimbledon

    He played really great, much better than I ever thought I'd see him play again on grass(slow or fast). Especially his hold game looked amazing. Not quite as well during the semis against grandpa though, but it's hard to tell wether this was due to a drop in performance from himself or simply...
  24. Jaitock1991

    Mcenroe doesn't even think Djokovic is top 4 all time!

    For once the king himself of recency bias plays his role badly.
  25. Jaitock1991

    Fed's Tiebreak Record in Finals

    How do you define choking?
  26. Jaitock1991

    What does topspin actually do to the bounce?

    I wonder if this is the reason why Fed usually put a lot of sidespin on the ball rather than backspin on his short slices back in the day.