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  1. raph6

    Medvedev will be a threat at Wim2020

    I know he didn’t went further than R3 for the moment at Wimbledon but believe me, this player is gonna be a tough opponent on grass in the years to come. Excellent serve, flat and low bouncy shots, amazing return, good movement. Actually he himself says that grass is his favorite surface and it...
  2. raph6

    We want new faces but not these faces

    Almost everyone asks for change in tennis and I agree. But I don’t think most of the players (not talking of Rafa since he is part of the Big3) that still are in contention for the US Open are good for the future of tennis. Dimitrov is 28, Monfils is 34, Schwartzman is 27. Only Medvedev and...
  3. raph6

    US Open 2019 Fair Draw

    Before the draw comes out, give a projected draw that you think would be fair and balanced. My projected draw for R3 : 1. Djokovic VS 27. Kyrgios 19. Schwartzman VS 16. Basilashvili 10. Fognini VS 21. Cilic 32. Gasquet VS 8. Tsitsipas 6. Zverev VS 31. Verdasco 24. Pouille VS 9 Khachanov 14...
  4. raph6

    Top 5 matchs of the season so far

    According to the logic of the ATP, 2 quarters of the season have been played after this Wimbledon. 2 remains. We are « at the middle » of the season. In my opinion, 2019 has been a good season so far, essentially due to the competition induced by the lack of form of Rafa during the clay season...
  5. raph6

    Nishikori in Federer Quarter

    Since Wimbledon 2018, the player who has beaten Kei Nishikori in a Grand Slam has always won the title. Djokovic defeated him at Wimbledon 2018 QF, US Open 2018 SF, Australian Open 2019 QF and Nadal beated him at RG 2019 QF. Federer fans, you know what that means :sneaky:
  6. raph6

    Pre Wimbledon State of Art

    This year grass court season has potential to be epic. Why ? Because a lot of great grass courters have fallen in the rankings ! Let's see who outside the top 10 could cause damages in the draw : 1. Isner (ranked 11) 2. Del Potro (ranked 12) 3. Medvedev (ranked 13) 4. Cilic (ranked 15) 5...
  7. raph6

    Even Zverev is ABZ This Instragam account posted this joke about Zverev and Mr Golden Chains liked himself the post. Even Zverev is Anyone But Zverev. That explains everything !
  8. raph6

    2014, 2015 or 2016 : which season was better ?

    Hi mates. I was watching some matches of the last seasons this week and I was wondering which season have fans appreciated the most. For me, these 3 seasons have a lot in common, marking the end of the prime of the Big 4. Here is what I think are the highlights of each season, for you to...
  9. raph6

    Nadal will win all clay tournaments this year

    Considering the terrible form of all the supposed contenders on clay, it's likely that Nadal will win for the 1st time in his career all the clay tournaments this year (the important ones, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome and Roland Garros). Djokovic level and confidence are too low to beat...
  10. raph6

    ATP Finals back in Tokyo in 2021

    As you all know, the ATP has decided to change the venue of the ATP World Tour Finals for 2021 and beyond as it has been held in London for a decade already. 4 cities were in the final discussion for this event : Turin, Manchester, Singapore and Tokyo. According to former players on the...
  11. raph6

    Khachanov, Medvedev, Rublev = Tsonga, Monfils, Gasquet ?

    Khachanov, Medvedev and Rublev are all promising young players. It reminds me of the French 10 years ago when Tsonga, Monfils and Gasquet were also full of promises. Unfortunately, these guys never won Grand Slams. Do you think the Russians will follow the same way ? My opinion is that they...
  12. raph6

    Masters 2018 Line-up

    With DelPotro out for injury and Nadal probably out too (I don't see him taking risks for 2 tournaments he never won and he isn't likely to win), this is probably gonna be the 8 players of the Masters this year. 1. Djokovic 2. Federer 3. Zverev 4. Cilic 5. Anderson 6. Thiem 7. Nishikori 8...
  13. raph6

    What's wrong in Zverev's game ?

    I just watched the highlights of his match against Kohlschreiber and I don't understand why his game is not working. The guy has a monster backhand, an irregular but heavy forehand, a good serve etc... His game could be like Cilic's but him doesn't work. Do you have serious explanations ? I...
  14. raph6

    USO 2018 semi finals

    Nadal VS Wawrinka and Federer VS Zverev will be the 2 semifinals this year. You heard it first. (Stan defeats Del Potro in a 5 set thriller before)
  15. raph6

    Breakthroughs of past champions

    Remembering Shapovalov's breakthrough at Montreal last year, I was wondering, when did it happen for Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and others ? When did the world noticed that Novak was going to be a champion for example ?
  16. raph6

    Where can I have proper highlights of Nadal/DelPotro ?

    I couldn't watch the match yesterday and thought I would find highlights of 15/20 minutes on YouTube as usual. But I can only find the highlights made by the Wimbledon account which last 3minutes for a match of 5 hour... It's a shame. So do you know where can I find the entire match or better...