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  1. dadozen

    String similar to Alu Power but cheaper?

    I've been playing with Kirschbaum Max Power for almost one year and although it's not an exact copy, it performs 80% close to ALU at a much cheaper cost. ALU has a very unique pop, but Kirschbaum MP's durability it at least 3x better. I've been stringing the 1.25 version myself at 47 lbs on my...
  2. dadozen

    Changing grommet frequency?

    The only time I replaced the grommets was when I played the IGPMP and wanted them to have the black CAP grommets. Other than that, I never needed to replace them, but I have one Ai100 that has a chip on the bumper guard due to hitting the racquet accidentaly on a nail playing on a clay court. If...
  3. dadozen

    Yonex grip size

    Wilson Feather Thin worked very well for me with the Yonex, but I thought it took away too much of the feel. Using 3 overgrips without overlapping the first two makes the handle thinner than the stock grip + overgrip, besides enhancing the overall feel of the racquet. I've been using this way...
  4. dadozen

    Yonex players - what are you using?

    @TripleB the Ai100s are just too powerful for me, and it is killing my confidence. Two things that I couldn't dial in with the Ai100s were the touch shots and the slice.
  5. dadozen

    Yonex players - what are you using?

    I've been playing the Ai100 for a couple years and it might be the one for you TripleB. The DR100 feels a bit faster through the air. I'm making the exact opposite change, going to the Pure Strike 16x19.
  6. dadozen

    Babolat QC - has it improved?

    Hello all, I'm considering switching to the old Pure Strikes, but I've been away from Babolat for a huge amount of time. The last time I used Babolat racquets was around 2009, when I bought a pair of the orange Pure Storm MP, and they played totally different. As I usually buy at least two or...
  7. dadozen

    Kirschbaum Max Power - anyone?

    I was taking a look at the TW string database, and noticed that almost all gauges of Kirschbaum Max Power are listed very high for tension maintenance (low tension loss), among polyester strings, fast swing speed and medium tension reference (51lbs). Has anyone tried it and post comments? I've...
  8. dadozen

    Head Graphene Touch Speed MP QC or fake head racquets ?

    Weight and balance differences can be considered within tolerance. Buttcap is in right position, the trap door was placed upside down - easily fixed as already explained. The difference in paint finish is not very clear from the pics.
  9. dadozen

    Low tension poly recommendation.

    When I first tried low tensions with poly, I was used to string at 52 to 55 lbs. I decided to ask for 39 and 43 lbs on 2 different racquets at the same time, so i could play both side by side. I've been playing with such tensions since then, around 43 on BM200, IGPMP, Yonex 89T, and just went a...
  10. dadozen

    Best stringing machine under 500$

    I've been using the Gamma X6-FC for 6 years, and I think it's one of the best dropweight machines there is. I'm not sure if you can get a new one, but it's within your budget (the top limit though). There are some other cheaper options from Gamma, but I decided to get this one as I wanted the...
  11. dadozen

    Removing pallets...

    I've always used the hair dryer method and have been very successful. The only pallets I broke were the ones I rushed to remove. If patient, you can get a success rate of almost 100% - the ones that break are usually the ones that already have some cracks. I also used a screwdriver instead of...
  12. dadozen

    Measuring Swingweight

    I've been using the SwingTool app with success. I also use chop sticks, and don't forget to avoid mains touching the chop sticks.
  13. dadozen

    Ai100 and Pure Strikes

    @erroljr, thanks again! Your comparison helped a lot and it was actually what I was expecting given the specs. It seems that you have played with the new PO7 as well, but didn't notice major differences besides increased stiffness. Did you feel that the PO7 is more powerful keeping the string...
  14. dadozen

    Ai100 and Pure Strikes

    @erroljr thanks for the info! I actually played 1 year or so with the IG Radical MP, before switching to the Tour G 310. I really enjoyed playing with the IG iteration and I catch myself looking for an used one frequently, but I felt it was a bit unstable for me. How would you compare the Pure...
  15. dadozen

    Ai100 and Pure Strikes

    It's been a while since I was really interested in switching racquets (over 2 years), but I just noticed the great price on the old Pure Strikes (black/red PJ, not the ProjectOne7s), that I decided to take a better look on them. When I switched to the Ai100s, I came from the VCore tour G 310...
  16. dadozen

    Favourite MSV string & gauge?

    I've been using Focus Hex 1.10 for a couple years on a variety of racquets, usually restringing them at least once a month, and never had any problems with the grommet holes.
  17. dadozen

    Favourite MSV string & gauge?

    The lowest I've used was around 39-41 lbs but on a Prestige MP. Now that I'm using Ai100s, I've been testing from 45 to 53bls, but I'm settling at 47/49 (mains/crosses).
  18. dadozen

    Favourite MSV string & gauge?

    I've been using Focus Hex 1.10 as this is the gauge that offers me the most feel. 1.18 is also very nice, holds tension very well. 1.23 is the most popular gauge, I believe.
  19. dadozen

    Back to the 300G --AGAIN!

    AG/4D100 was a great platform for customization as well. I remembering having 7g distributed on the head, some more along the handle plus silicon inside it. Total weight was around 355g and around 9 pts HL. BM200 didn't need much extra weight, but the feel was awesome indeed. One of the best...
  20. dadozen

    Yonex Ezone DR CLUB!!!!~~~!!!

    I've been using the Ai100 for the past couple years, after giving up on the Tour G 310 (orange version) because I was getting too tired for a 3 set game, although I loved the control and feel. At first I was really enjoying the extra power and I could play consistently throughout the entire...
  21. dadozen

    VCORE Duel G 97 (310g) vs. VCORE Duel G 100

    Just tried the Ai100 with some modifications side by side with the DR100 this past weekend. First I added 6g on the handle, just like the other 6g I had added when I got the racquet. I placed them along the handle, but the racquet felt heavy (total of 332g strung with FOcus Hex 1.10 and with a...
  22. dadozen

    VCORE Duel G 97 (310g) vs. VCORE Duel G 100

    I was able to hit with a friend yesterday and he had the following racquets for me to test: Duel G 100, Ai98, DR100 and the Tour G 310 (which I had already played with). My first interest was in the Duel G100, but the racquet is nowhere near the level of performance of the 310 Tour G I have...
  23. dadozen

    VCORE Duel G 97 (310g) vs. VCORE Duel G 100

    cdub95, what's your opinion comparing the DG97 directly to the old orange Tour G 310? Is the difference in maneuverability really significant or just a subtle change? Any noticeable changes in power and control? Thanks!
  24. dadozen

    VCORE Duel G 97 (310g) vs. VCORE Duel G 100

    I've tested a friend's Ai98 and thought it was a bit sluggish for my taste, not sure if the DR98 is better in that aspect - but I'm leaning towards something between 300 and 305g unstrung. Actually, the specs from the SV98 also look very appealing to me, but I'm guessing that the DG100 would...
  25. dadozen

    VCORE Duel G 97 (310g) vs. VCORE Duel G 100

    Thanks cdub95! Any experience with the DG 100? I'm not considering the DG310 because the specs are very similar with the Tour G310, which was making me tired before the end of the first set.
  26. dadozen

    VCORE Duel G 97 (310g) vs. VCORE Duel G 100

    I've been playing the Ai100 for the last 2 years and although I really enjoy the extra power, I'm finding it uncontrollable at times and I wish it had a better manuverability. I came from a Tour G 310 mostly because I needed this extra power, but I loved the feel and control it provided. I'm...
  27. dadozen

    Suggest a good arm friendly alternatives to Babolat APD

    I've been using the Ai100 for the past couple years, and it feels like a much softer version of the APD, and the power seems to be much more controllable as well. According to TW reviews, the DR100 feels a little crispier but plays very similarly, but I've never tested one.
  28. dadozen

    Your Racquet Timeline

    Here we go again Dunlop junior 26" Yonex RQ-190 Yonex RQ-380 Wilson PSC 6.1 Dunlop Revelation Classic Pro Yonex RD-10 Babolat Pure Control 5 years tennis hiatus Babolat Pure Storm Dunlop AG 4D 300 Tour Dunlop AG100 Dunlop 4D100 Dunlop BM200 Head YT Prestige MP Head IG Prestige MP Yonex VCore...
  29. dadozen

    HELP :) Yonex ezone ai100 used

    Did you check under the replacement grip? Easiest way to check customization without further work( buying new grommets or removing Yonex buttcap which is needs staples for reinstall )
  30. dadozen

    Ordering racquets from TWE

    I'm from Brazil, sorry for not mentioning that earlier.