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    Move Up, Split Up Rule (Nationals)

    Seeing if someone can clarify, is it any team that plays Nationals? or Do you have to win your Sectional Qualifier? Interesting result at Southern MXD, where Winning Team is ineligible to advance due to lack of players (bump ups off an ESL Team), so 2nd Place Team can go. Would the move up...
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    Shipping and Order Time

    Can there be a note left at checkout when an order is going to be delayed due to stringing of a racket, thought at one point during holidays was noted. Frustrating to order on a Monday with 2 day shipping and then find order won't ship until Friday due to string jobs and not arrive until the...
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    Charlotte, NC May 1-4

    Will be in town for conference Sunday-Wednesday Lunchtime. Looking for a hit SUN-TUES Evenings. Closest Courts appear to be York Park. Looking 4.0 up if anyone is available
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    Singles Draw Posted

    Men's D1 Singles Bracket Wow Scholtz/Alvarez 1st Round Rubin/Fawcett TSK/G. Austin Stillman/Hess-Olesen Montgomery/Harris (I would expect Harris to w/draw)
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    Denver Tennis 6/21-6/26

    Will be in town for a conference these dates but not free until after 6 PM, are there any good tennis spots close to downtown? Also anyone in the area that might be free to hit some, looking 4.0+
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    Ag100 or 4d 100

    Looking for a couple of AG100's or 4D 100's in decent shape 7/10+ Prefer package of 2 cheap in 1/2 or 5/8 grip (5/8 preferred) Anyone looking at getting rid of might be interested in helping.
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    Ag100 or 4d 100

    ------ SORRY Wrong area MODS Please Delete
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    Traveling to KC (4/26-4/30)

    In town, staying in the downtown area, debating to bring rackets or not. Anyone interested would love to play if time and transport permits. Looking 4.0+ players. Rated 4.5 via USTA if anyone wants to check. Reply or Private Message.
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    New Low in Self-Rate Cheating

    Playing 4.0 League in Houston, an absolute joke!!!
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    Tennis in St Louis 11/3-11/6

    Anyone in the STL Area have tips for any pick up matches or hitting. Looking for 3.5 to 5.0 level. In town 11/3-11/6 staying near Union Station, travel limited to metro.
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    San Diego, CA 7/6-7/11

    Will be in town then and looking for anyone in the area interested in hitting. Last time in town hit some at Balboa Park. Looking for 4.0+ players. I am rated 5.0, but closer to a low end 4.5 currently PM me if interested. Staying near Convention Center.
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    Dunlop 4D 100's

    Dunlop 4D 100 -- are they still available? Showing again on website but no grip sizes appear in drop down.
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    What's up with Pakistan/NZ Davis Cup Match

    1-0 Pakistan, then in 2nd rubber shows NZ win 3-0 default and then Pakistan defaults remaining 3 ties. Played at neutral site. Anyone?? Well found article play was abandoned due to unplayable court?? In Myanmar
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    Used Racket Purchase

    Must say kudos to TW, bought two Bio 300's used and expected a couple beatup frames with the grade I purchased and instead got two nice looking frames, obviously used but look well above my expectations and IMO the grade. Well done Thanks
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    Sudden Death League -- Hamburg

  16. J

    Thank You!!

    Received order and found 4 small pieces missing, called this morning and spoke with Sammy (6:30 AM CA time). Great help and order with replacements already sent out in less than 30 min. Thanks for the great service.
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    A Great Seller -- Hominator

    Thanks for a quick and easy transaction. Hominator should be on the A List. Frames are as rated if not better.
  18. J

    Removing Replacement Grip w/ Overgrips

    I am slowly getting down in grip size and I am in between 3/8 and 5/8. 1/2 does not feel good on my Prince EXO3 Graphites, but went back to old Aerogel 100's (5/8 grip), but removed replacement grip and added 2-3 overgrips (Volkl). and feels very good, assume it is somewhere between 3/8 and...
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    Official Ruling on a Let Call at Orange Bowl

    Taking snippets but Collette is a well trusted blogger\reporter: Regarding the Let call, I have never seen where a "chair" umpire calls a let the point is not replayed. Assuming what is written is true, just...
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    Fedace need Help with San Diego Tennis

    Believe you live in the area if not sorry for miscommunication, outside of Balboa are there any other public courts close to downtown area? I see San Diego HS but not sure if they are open to public or not.
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    LR National 14s Event

    Congrats to Usue Arconada for winning the Girls 14s and Cameron Andry on winning the Boys 14s. Arconada defeated Oulett-Pizer 4-6, 6-3, 6-3 very entertaining match to watch and chair, included a 150 ball rally. Cameron defeated Michal Kuznerko 2-6, 6-3, 6-3 entertaining match as well...
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    San Diego, CA July 11-15

    Will be in town for a conference and hoping to hit some while in town. If anyone is available or interested shoot me a PM or reply. Looking anywhere from 4.0-5.0. I am a computer 5.0, but do not consider myself that good for obvious reasons. Staying in the area near I-5 and Cabrillo Hwy. I...
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    Great Transaction with Jeff (LooseGroove)

    May have wrong Forum Name, but Jeff in CT was a great buyer, quick payment and contacted once racket was rec;d. Thanks
  24. J

    Prince Rackets for Sale

    Prince Ignite - 5/8" w/ Heat Shrink that can be removed, 7/10 few scratches, little use, one nick from clipping string while stringing. $50 Prince EXO3 100 - 5/8" w/ Heat Shrink, 8/10 few scratches again light use, just never got the feel expected. $60 Prince Ozone Tour MP - 1/2" (Demo)...
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    DukeLit Great Seller

    Quick communication, quick shipment and rackets were better than described.
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    Thank You Ryan

    Just wanted to say Thank to Ryan Kirkpatrick for a prompt response on a late Sunday on an e-mail I sent regarding some demo racket string jobs. Very impressive and reason why I buy almost exclusively from TW. Thanks
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    FS/FT: Prince Ignite 5/8 8.5/10

    Barely used Prince Ignite, less than 2 hrs of play. Strung but can cut out strings if wanted. 4 5/8 original grip, but added heat sleeve and 1/4" lead tape that can be removed. Chip from stringing at Tie-off hole, few scrapes and that is it. Looking at $60 shipped in US or trade for a...
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    15pt HL Ignite

    So after finally getting my grip to my liking, 4 5/8 w/ heat sleeve and 2 overgrips (3/4+) come to find out the racket is now 15 pts HL. Anyone have an idea how to lower the HL without adding weight? Not sure much can be done other than order the hard grommets.
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    Southern Sectionals 4.0 +

    Who all will be attending Southern 4.0 + in about 2 weeks. I'll have my 5.0 AR WC team there for the first time since I have lived in Southern. Should be fun time in the sun.
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    Fischer Rackets for Sale

    Have a lot of 4 Fischer Rackets 2 Pro #1 FT (295g) 4 1/2 grips, currently have a replacement grip on top of grip Both in the 6 to 6.5/10 chips and scrapes and one bumper guard. Both strung with a hybrid (poly/syn gut) in the 53lb range. 1 M Pro #1 105" 4 5/8, 320g 8/10, strung but unused...