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    Favorite Top 3 SOFT Copolys

    What may be the Price Beast? Does that refer to something really expensive or really inexpensive?
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    Favorite Top 3 SOFT Copolys

    SPPP 17L: Fantastic all-around copoly. This is my preferred poly. It is not as soft as some others, but not harsh by any means. Balls also don't start floating after a few hours of use Cyber Blue: Soft and powerful. Balls will start to float a bit as the tension goes down, but if you are...
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    full poly suggestions for a Prestige Mid?

    Well PP, I strung up some SPPP at 48lbs in my ti80. I must say it played much better than expected. Soft for full poly, great spin, but the ball trajectory had a lot more arc than normal. Most shots still went in, but I wasn't ready for the increase in net clearance. So, not to highjack...
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    full poly suggestions for a Prestige Mid?

    Thanks for the link! The spring analagy makes sense to me from a physics standpoint. Combine that with other articles that have been popping up about stringing poly at lower tensions and we might have something new here. I tried a hybrid at 40lbs and it was aweful, but I have yet to try...
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    full poly suggestions for a Prestige Mid?

    PP, I strung it up at my normal tension of 55-57. What are the facts behind not stringing polys above 52? I've tried tensions all over the place going as low as 40lbs, but anything below 50 was just unplayable for me. Also, where did you pick up Mosquito Bite? This string sounds...
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    full poly suggestions for a Prestige Mid?

    Update on the Outlast: This Copoly is impressing me more and more. I'm at about the 10hr mark and it just doesn't seem to go dead and also hasn't gained that major trampoline effect. The crack of the string is quite loud, always enjoyable right! Yes, I'm attempting to encourage you to hit it...
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    full poly suggestions for a Prestige Mid?

    PP, Another cheap option that might be worth trying is Solinco Outlast. I finally strung it up(in a hybrid). It's not as thin as you seem to want, but it does feel fairly soft without being mushy. Pop is decent, and the best part, IT'S RED! It would look very clean in a Prestige. I'm not...
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    NEW Pro Supex synthetic gut strings "FT Ruff"

    Well if you like it, 3 bucks is real good. Genesis has a tourny nylon that I'm tempted to try. I think it's like 20 bucks a real. Wonder if that is decent. As for Pro Supex, I really enjoy their Syngut w/spiral flex. In real form it's about the same price.
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    NEW Pro Supex synthetic gut strings "FT Ruff"

    eG, This thread has been dead for almost 2years. Generally it's not worth reviving the dead stuff. I'm a fan of playing Necromancers in RPG's though. P
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    The Holy Grail String

    Hahahahaha nice! Or a bunch of whiskers braided together. I kid. There is not a Holy Grail. Try out some strings, stick with what you like or you will end up on these boards forever bathing in "what if's" and marginial changes when you could be improving your game. I lose to a 4.5 rated...
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    Your top 3 poly's...

    I no specific order: SPPP 17L Cyber Blue Typhoon I so enjoyed Barbwire!!! Amazing, really amazing, but for about 2hrs. Then it felt like a totally different string. I can't use it if it basically goes to crap in one session.
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    Polyfibre's Corona (orange peel) surface.

    Bud, I've hit a few polyfibre strings. Black Venom and Hightec Premium. Black Venom was decent. It didn't do anything great, so for the price, that makes it crap IMO. Hightec Premium is also just decent. The top quality was the softness. So for the price, it's a good buy...
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    GSOAT? Vote now: Ballistec vs Barricade vs Propulse vs ...

    Hope to see some more love for Asics. I didn't wear the original, but I'm on my second pair of Gel Res2's. Durability is not fantastic, but the comfort and cushioning is better than anything I've worn. Recently got the Gel Challanger 8's. Quite nice so far with better durability.
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    Extremely YELLOW strings

    I assume you are wanting to hybrid with a multi or synthec, but incase you are looking full poly then Prince EXP is yellow/lime color and Prosupex Big Ace has a yellow/lime color. I don't think they will be the exact color of the RDS001 though. Other's called out PSGD with is very yellow.
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    PV Audio's Playtest Thread

    Not cool man, I feel your pain there. I was down for 4 days after Thanks Giving. Get well and test some SpinX :twisted:
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    Luxilon Alu Power Fluoro 17 elbow pain?

    I hit with Fluoro in the past. I felt this string would go completely dead in a short time. Whether you believe poly loses it's resiliency or not, this string feels to me like it loses all resiliency. Big Ace Micro and a softer poly that plays decent longer than Fluoro. There are many...
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    PV Audio's Playtest Thread

    Test out a hybrid with SpinX(red) mains please. Very interested to hear your thoughts there. You have said good things about Typhoon and that is in my fav list.
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    Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125 Review

    Thanks for the review. You make the string sound just okay, so I probably won't try it. You strung it on the Gamma X-ST. :)
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    Poly string myths... feel free to add and dispute.

    ha. Bummer, maybe you should steal office supplies!
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    Which of these strings is the Ultimate

    None, sorry. I would have to quit the game if I was stuck the same string forever.
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    Poly string myths... feel free to add and dispute.

    Myth: Polys taste good Fact: I've almost puntured my eye ball while stringing them up Fact: I have actually punctured my skin while string them up Fact: Can work as a good cat toy Myth: "The string that gives you the spin" Fact: Donut fridays at work cause me to lose my mind... :)
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    Set Ups for Yonex RD Ti 80

    I agree that for most people this stick doesn't need lead. There will always be the dudes that must swing 13oz+ sticks, but for the average player it should be good. I've tried lots of setups with this stick. Full syngut, syngut/multi, full poly, multi/ploy hybrid etc. I've done multi...
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    My feedback/assessment of Pro Supex Blue Gear Ultra 17 !

    Are you saying there is not pop/crack sound when you hit the ball with Pro Supex gear? I will assume you mean Blue Gear and not that you are hitting tennis balls with a random piece of tennis gear from your bag. And, what will they replay? Did you send them vids of you playing tennis?
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    Maxim Touch so tough to string

    I string on a Gamma X-ST as well, and though I rarely have clamp slippage, when I do it's with Maxim Touch. However, it's my fault for not cleaning the clamps enough. As soon as I clean the clamps they stop slipping. I now clean clamps once a month, which is about right since I do maybe...
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    Soft Poly Suggestions?

    Airman- would you mind providing some examples of the last two you said here, soft playing but stiff and soft but play stiff. I've hit a couple that raised this thought from me, but I figured it was unfounded on my part.
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    Signum Pro Poly Plasma, Substitute?

    I would say there isn't another string out there, spppp aside, that plays like sppp. It's such a good all around poly that doesn't really shine anywhere beyond tension maintenance, but doesn't really fall short anywhere either. This is what makes it so good. Jack of all trades poly.
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    First time using co-poly strings

    I would also recommend starting out with a softer copoly. Ease your way into poly strings as they are harder on your body. A couple soft copolyes that I really like are Topspin Cyber Blue and Pro Supex Big Ace Micro. SPPP is a good all around one, but not quite as forgiving os the other...
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    Strings: Polyester, Synthetic blend.. Questions from a Former Pro..

    What you describe there is what happens to all polys. They lose tension and playability quickly. Generally after 6-12 hrs of play a poly is done and needs to be restung. This range is subjective and you will here different concepts, but the point is all polys go dead quickly. I basically...
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    Strings: Polyester, Synthetic blend.. Questions from a Former Pro..

    I think it's preference man. From what I have read, Cyberflash is a forum favorite. I don't use it as I like soft polys. I would ask you, what about your string do you not like? Or, what characterics do you like but think could be even better with another string? The grass...
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    Good speed?

    MW, I'm not sure how much longer a drop weight can take over a crank or electric, but I will share my time improvements. First up, I use a crank, the Gamma X-st with the Gamma stand. My first string job took over 3hrs... an utter nightmare. After about the next 10, I was down to...